'Something Borrowed' sequel spoilers: 'Something Blue' teased by author Emily Giffin

Something Borrowed movie posterWarner Bros. Pictures

"Something Borrowed,' the 2011 film based on the Emily Giffin novel of the same name, ended on a cliffhanger indicating that a sequel would follow-up to conclude the story. Five years later and "Something Blue" has yet to release but Giffin continues to tease fans with her latest posts on social media.

On Valentine's Day, Giffin posted a photo via Facebook showcasing the characters Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Dex (Colin Egglesfield) kissing. Giffin also added the caption "Rachel and Dex forever." A few months back she also posted a photo of the two and confirmed that after five years since the first movie, the duo are still together.

As reported by Movie Pilot early last year, the only official word on "Something Blue" came from Giffin's Facebook page when she posted a photo stating that the producers were currently working on refining the script, confirming that "Something Blue" was still moving forward.

Fans have asked for updates regarding "Something Blue" on each of Giffin's posts but to no avail. The author has yet to respond with an official release date for the film, script update or any news regarding the movie's casting. One aspect that is expected is the return of Kate Hudson and John Krasinski.

Other than the photo posts, Giffin's only activities have been in relation to her other books being published such as 2014's "The One and Only."

"Something Borrowed" ended with the main character Darcy (Hudson) heading over to London where she once again encounters Ethan (Krasinski). Ethan walks away, however, and the film ends with a fade to black and text leading to "Something Blue."

The sequel's plot, or at least in the novel, will follow Darcy's time in London as she tries to win over Ethan's love and attention while also dealing with the fact that her former fiance Dexter is now with Rachel.