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Sofia Dmitriyeva of Ryazan was born on an unknown date .

Sofya Dmitrievna (c. 1372-1427) is the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke of Moscow, Dmitri Donskoy, from a marriage with Evdokia Dmitrievna , Grand Duke of Nizhny Novgorod.

Biography Born approximately between 1367 and 1373 years (probably in 1369 or 1372). In 1386 or 1387 was married to Fyodor Olgovich , the Grand Duke of Ryazan. The marriage was concluded for political reasons. Dmitry Donskoy at that time had an enemy who wanted to overthrow Dmitry from the throne of the throne - Oleg Ivanovich Ryazan . He then helped Moscow in wars with Olgerd of Lithuania , then went with the army to Moscow, opposing the policy of one-man management, conducted by Dmitry. In December 1371, the Muscovites beat Ryazan, but Oleg again established himself on the throne. Oleg resisted making peace with the Moscow principality. Helped in establishing a truce Sergius of Radonezh. He skillfully set up and dissuaded Oleg Ryazansky from the war with Moscow. Subsequently, Ryazan and Moscow made peace, and Oleg Ryazansky agreed to the marriage of his son Feodor Olegovich with Dmitry Donskoy's daughter - Sofya Dmitrievna.

Children Vasily (about 1390-1406 or 1407) Ivan (about 1392-died 1456), sat down on the reign of Ryazan after his father's death in 1409. Vasilisa (about 1387 / 1388-?), In the spring of 1401 was married in Moscow with Ivan Vladimirovich , the prince Serpukhov.




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