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The Song
Season 2, Episode 4
The Song
Air date February 26th, 2013
Written by Bathsheba Doran
Directed by Michael Morris
Featured Music I Got Love

Chest of Broken Hearts
I'm Not Lost
Everybody Loves You Now
I Got Love (Redux)
I Can't Let Go

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The Song is the fourth episode of Smash's second season and nineteenth overall. It premiered on February 26th, 2013.


The episode begins with everyone heading for work. Veronica is heard singing in the background. Derek says this song of hers isn’t going to help her change her image like she is hoping. Veronica’s mother turns up and she debates with Derek. She feels Derek shouldn’t interfere and should let Veronica do her thing. Derek isn’t too happy with Veronica’s mother’s interference. Julia informs Tom that she has been invited by Peter the dramaturge to speak to his acting class. Julia is apparently happy about this. Kyle is in search of a venue that would be ready to host a concert for a couple of composers. Jimmy isn’t at all happy about the fact that Derek hasn’t done anything to help them out. 

Kyle on his part is confident Karen and Derek won’t let them down and reasons with Jimmy that musicals could take “years to develop”. Eileen is being deposed because of Bombshell‘s money drama. Jerry, Eileen’s ex, has apparently arranged it so she’ll have a lawyer who will go easy on her. Eileen insists she doesn’t want to play the victim. Nick, her boyfriend who gave her the money is still missing so as Jerry points out he luckily can’t corroborate or refute anything Eileen says. Julia arrives at Peter’s class and is horrified when she discovers that she has only been called to the class because his students are doing a reading of the book of Bombshell but with the names changed. Ivy turns up for Veronica’s rehearsal. Turns out, Tom has called her because an extra dancer is required and also because Ivy knows Veronica. 

Karen has on her part has invited Kyle and Jimmy for the rehearsals. She invited them because she heard some new material is required for the concert. Derek informs the team that Bravo shall be filming the concert and they only have 48 hours to get their act together. Tom gets Jimmy to play him some of his compositions. Tom isn’t really impressed with any of them and asks Jimmy to write something fresh within the next 24 hours. In Peter’s class, his students comment on and critique Bombshell. Julia listens to them and then lets it slip who the main character of Bombshell is. Jimmy on the other hand isn’t really able to come up with new material. He seems really frustrated by this fact. Kyle on his part gives him his space. Karen arrives and gives Jimmy a few suggestions of her own. 

Kyle sees from a distance how well Jimmy and Karen are getting along and he apparently doesn’t seem too happy about it. Julia isn’t happy about the fact that her work was heavily critiqued by Peter and her students. She buys the one play that Peter has written so she can tear it apart just like he is currently tearing her work apart. Eileen returns home and see Nick waiting there for her. Veronica and Ivy are having lunch together. They discuss about Derek and Veronica asks Ivy why she dated him. Ivy says Derek is a genius and she concedes she has always been attracted to guys like Derek. Ivy suggests to Veronica that she take any advice Derek gives her even if she doesn’t like them because Derek knows what he is talking about. 

Later, during the rehearsal Derek says the revamped version of Veronica’s song has to be more sexual and feminine. Veronica apparently doesn’t seem to be taking the rehearsal too seriously and this irritates Derek who severely criticizes her and runs her down. Veronica’s mother doesn’t like Derek being so harsh on her and asks him to cut it out. In her apartment, Nick tells Eileen he doesn’t want to keep running all his life. But, he doesn’t want to hurt Eileen either. Eileen asks him not to worry about that right now and says they will eventually sort things out. She asks him to stay instead of taking off. At the rehearsals, Derek tells Jimmy they don’t need a new song anymore. Jimmy isn’t very happy to hear this and makes his displeasure known. Derek snaps at him saying “You wait your turn and you earn it”. 

Next day, Karen talks to Kyle and asks for Jimmy. Kyle says Jimmy is missing. He says Jimmy has a trigger and when it gets pushed, he disappears. Julia on the other hand tells Peter that his play is pretty bad. Peter agrees. He then tells Julia that she is always too busy talking and therefore never has the time to listen to anyone. Julia gives this a thought and agrees with Peter’s assessment. She wants Bombshell to be really amazing but doesn’t really know how to go about the whole thing. Veronica is readying herself for the concert. Her mom arrives and again begins advising her on how to do things. She even tells her who she should go out with after the concert. Veronica apparently has had enough of her interference and voices her displeasure.

Tom has a chat with Derek. Tom tells Derek he should have given Jimmy and his song a chance. Tom feels Jimmy is really talented and he tells Derek that in no uncertain terms. Kyle is searching for Jimmy all over the neighborhood. Jimmy meets Karen. Karen sees that he is drunk. Jimmy is really dejected about the fact that he has disappointed her and Derek and even Kyle. He is worried whether she is mad with him about the way he behaved with Derek earlier. She assures him she is not. Karen tells Jimmy to come for the concert because it will prove to everyone that he is man enough to face rejection. Jimmy feels that in his present condition it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to come. He then kisses her. Peter and Julia are drinking and discussing about Bombshell. 

Julia says she is better at writing the male characters than the female ones. She concludes she should write Bombshell from a male character’s perspective instead of Marilyn’s. Veronica’s mother sees Veronica wearing a white dress for the concert and the dress is rather skimpy. She concludes this is Derek’s doing. Veronica makes it clear that the decision to wear this dress was completely hers. Jimmy and Kyle are in the audience waiting for Veronica to arrive onstage. Jimmy apologizes to Kyle for his behavior. Kyle forgives him and mentions how it doesn’t matter anyway because Veronica isn’t going to sing their song. But, much to their surprise, she sings their song and after her performance she even brings them onstage. Eileen gives Julia a call and summons her to her office. 

She gives Julia the good news that Bombshell can continue to Broadway, but she shall no longer be the producer. Jerry her ex-husband shall be the new producer. Tom and Julia aren’t too happy with this news. At his office, Jerry is shown talking to someone on the phone and it’s revealed that he is the one who ratted out Julia to the FBI. Jerry it turns out is speaking to Ellis who has been working as Jerry’s mole. Jerry has apparently paid Ellis for his services and asks Ellis never to contact him again. The episode ends at this point.



Main Cast

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Recurring CastEdit

  • Daniel Sunjata as Peter Guillman
  • Michael Christofer as Jerry Rand
  • Thorsten Kaye as Nick



  • Veronica Moore and the Cast of Smash


Smash 2x04 Promo "The Song" (HD)

Smash 2x04 Promo "The Song" (HD)


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