Sibylle of Brandenburg

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Sibylle von Brandenburg (born May 31, 1467 in Ansbach , † July 9, 1524 in Kaster ) was Princess of Brandenburg and by marriage Duchess of Jülich and Duchess of Berg .


Sibylle was a daughter of the Brandenburg Elector Albrecht Achilles (1414–1486) from his second marriage to Anna (1436–1512), daughter of Elector Friedrich II of Saxony .

She married Duke Wilhelm von Jülich and Berg (1455–1511) in Cologne on July 25, 1481 . The wedding was celebrated very lavishly. In addition to numerous archbishops, bishops and prelates, the Archduke of Austria, the Duke of Burgundy, the Elector of Brandenburg, the Margrave of Baden, more than 50 counts and countless nobles were invited. Because of the great crowd, the marriage was concluded in the open in front of Cologne's Severinstor by Archbishop Hermann IV of Cologne .

Wilhelm wrote to his brothers-in-law several times, concerned and in writing, about his wife's bride and groom . After ten years the only child in the marriage was born, a girl. Jülich and Berg therefore fell to his son-in-law after Wilhelm's death. Sibylle outlived her husband by 13 years.

Sibylle is buried in Altenberg Cathedral .


Sibylle had a daughter from their marriage:

⚭ 1510 Duke Johann III. von Kleve (1490–1539)


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