Dorothea Sibylle of Brandenburg

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Dorothea Sibylle von Brandenburg, Duchess of Brieg
Dorothea Sibylla (age 6 years)
painting Andreas Riehl d. J. 1596

Dorothea Sibylle von Brandenburg , also (Duchess) Dorothea Sibylla von Liegnitz and Brieg, born. Margravine of Brandenburg (born October 19, 1590 in Berlin ; † March 9, 1625 in Brieg ) was a princess of Brandenburg and by marriage Duchess of Brieg .


Dorothea Sibylle was a daughter of the Brandenburg Elector Johann Georg (1525–1598) from his third marriage to Elisabeth (1563–1607), daughter of Prince Joachim Ernst von Anhalt . After the death of her father, she was in Crossen said, jointure brought her mother.

On December 12, 1610, she married Duke Johann Christian (1591–1639) in Berlin . Many children emerged from the 15-year marriage. Dorothea Sibylle, who was considered affable and pious, had a major influence on her husband's conversion to the Reformed faith. In 1619 she intended to found the first Bible Society for poor farmers in Brieg.

The work Memories from the Life of Duchess Dorothea Sibylla von Liegnitz und Brieg: née Margravine von Brandenburg and her lifebeam Margaretha Fuss , published in 1830 . Literally from the Rothgerber Valentin Gierth's house and diary with a foreword by Syndicus Koch (Falch, 1830), a few years later the historian Heinrich Wuttke pointed out as the author's invention.


Dorothea Sibylle had the following children from their marriage:

⚭ 1. 1638 Princess Sophia Katharina von Münsterberg-Oels (1601–1659)
⚭ 2. 1660 Countess Palatine Elisabeth Maria Karolina von Simmern (1638–1664)
  • Joachim (1612-1613)
  • Heinrich (* / † 1614)
  • Ernst (* / † 1614)
  • Anna Elisabeth (1615-1616)
  • Ludwig IV. (1616–1663), Duke of Liegnitz
⚭ 1649 Princess Anna Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow (1628–1666)
  • Rudolf (1617–1633)
  • Christian (1618–1672), Duke of Brieg
⚭ 1648 Princess Luise of Anhalt-Dessau (1631–1680)
⚭ 1637 Count Gerhard von Dönhoff († 1648)
⚭ 1642 Duke Karl Friedrich I of Münsterberg-Oels (1593–1647)


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