HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 (2007) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Zac Efron | Vanessa Hudgens - INBELLA
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HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 (2007) MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Zac Efron | Vanessa Hudgens

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Troy, Gabriella, & The East High Gang Take A Summer Vacation in High School Musical 2 Reaction & Review as Greg Alba & Tara Erickson continue their journey for the first time with the High School Musical 2 Songs / Soundtracks such as “Bet On It’ “Gotta Go My Own Way” “What Time Is It” Chad, Ryan “I Dont Dance”, “You Are The Music In Me”, “Everyday”, Sharpay, Ryan “Fabulous”, “Work This Out” & MORE! The High School Musical Cast features Troy Bolton – Zac Efron, Gabriella Montez – Vanessa Hudgens, Sharpay Evans – Ashley Tisdale, Ryan Evans – Lucas Grabeel, Chad Danforth – Corbin Bleu, Taylor McKessie – Monique Coleman. Ms. Darbus – Alyson Reed, Coach Bolton – Bart Johnson, & Mrs. Montez – Socorro Herrera. Here’s hoping High School Musical 3, & High School Musical the Series on Disney Plus is just as good!
NOTE FOR YOUTUBE: All Footage Featured From “High School Musical” Is From A FICTIONAL Disney Movie. Any & All References To “Mature Content” Is NOT Real
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  1. Lol Greg being shocked at the quality forcthe Disney channel. This franchise made Disney $1.5billion.

  2. So just so we're clear, This is the 2nd "High School Musical" movie, and we've not seen a high school musical yet

  3. I’m the same age as the cast. That’s imp to say before I comment but Baybee when this movie came out I was SPRUNG on Corbin Bleu 😭 still am! Hope to see him on Broadway one day!

  4. Shoutout to Kenny Ortega for choreographing all these! I remember the Disney specials when they taught the choreography and when I say 8-10 year old me and my friends were living our theater dreams, they shaped us so much 🥺😂 15 years later still my favorite musicals (outside of Hamilton that came later). Love watching people react to them for the first time!

  5. Bet on it and Work this out are the best songs from HSM (also "Scream" but that's from HSM 3 so you don't know it yet)

  6. 38:05 it would be nice for 2 “highschool kids” to fall in love for a Disney kid movie? Smh This lady is what’s wrong with the USA. Promoting LGBTQAi++=*

  7. I won a free DVD one time because I answered that Sharpay was my favorite Disney villain! I love Sharpay. She’s my favorite character these movies.

  8. I'm pretty sure Kelsey stole the necklace from Troy 😂😂😂. And yeah I'm agree, the last CGI was awful haha but I guess we can blame the TV budget and the early 2000s CGI.

    I loved your reaction to this movie and yours excitement over Bet on me, its definitely the best song of the movie, however I actually love more I don't dance, its a great song with great choreographies.

  9. The reaction i didn't know i needed to see brings good memories though of me and my kids watching these and seeing young zac efron and vanessa Hudgens when they were dating don't know how that ended

  10. HSM3 was the first movie i ever saw in theatres and it changed my life. truly a fantastic end to the trilogy, everything is bigger and better, and i still listen to the music to this day

  11. If you think the choreography for this movie was good, the third one is freaking INSANE!!!!!!! They go really hard on that one.

  12. So they actually asked fans to vote on who they wanted to cameo at the end of HSM 2 and fans voted on Miley Cyrus that’s why she shows up!

  13. Hey Greg just wanted to let you know I just got my Deadpool and Wolverine shirt l.Cant wait to wear it for the Deadpool and Wolverine premiere

  14. I love Bet on it and I can’t dance in this movie! Zach Efron just frolicking in the golf course had me gone when I watched it the first time. Can’t wait for you guys to watch the third film, the songs go hard!

  15. I completely geeked out with how fast you two watched & put out the 2nd film!!! 😂😊

    These first two films were Disney Channel Original Movies… only premiered on Disney.
    But, High School Musical 3 was actually released in theaters! 😂

    I still remember going to see it, first showing on opening day… like a complete loser. 😂😂😂😂

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