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Shadow Dawn

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Shadow Dawn
First edition
AuthorChris Claremont, George Lucas
Cover artistCiruelo Cabral
CountryUnited States
SeriesChronicles of the Shadow War
GenreFantasy literature
Published1996 (Bantam Spectra)
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded byShadow Moon 
Followed byShadow Star 

Shadow Dawn is a fantasy novel written by Chris Claremont from story by George Lucas.[1] Published in 1996, it was the second book in the continuation of events from the 1988 motion picture Willow. Preceded by Shadow Moon in 1995, and followed by Shadow Star. This is the second book in the Chronicles of the Shadow War trilogy.


Three years after he consumed the soul of Castellan Mohdri, The Deceiver is conquering the realms with his army of Maizan riders, who are under orders to capture Thorn Drumheller and Elora Danan. The latter is in hiding with a clan of Rock Nelywns underground. Torquil Ufgood, Thorn's cousin, monitors her magical abilities, soon recognising that Fire Realm magic has no effect on her. His Nelywn clan soon learns that the Maizan has conquered Testaverde, and deduces their next target to be Sandeni, a state impervious to the effects of magic.

That night, a firedrake transports Elora to a mountain elsewhere. There, she finds a pool of its kind being held by another Nelywyn clan to build a world gate that can provide access to other realms. While attempting to free the firedrakes, Elora has a bizarre vision - an idealized version of herself, followed by a dark figure's formation and approach. She flees the mountain, only to be found by Rool and Bastian. Wishing to reunite with Thorn, who she feels is the closest she has to family, Elora persuades Rool to ride with her on Bastian to Sandeni, where he is currently hiding. En route, the trio discovers a village sieged by Elves and Goblins.