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Seating Capacity

How many seats does the car have?

Seating Capacity Guide

With the variety of models today, getting the right one for you can be slightly complicated, especially if you are looking at the seating capacity. With all the diversity on the market, the range goes from a single seating model to over ten seats. The vehicle seating capacity depends on the size of it, so you shouldn’t expect a small hatchback to accommodate more than five people.

The most common seating capacity in cars is five deepening on the size and configuration of the car. Hatchbacks and sedans are the most commonly sold cars, so that is the reason why cars are mostly considered five seaters.

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Car Model

Towing Capacity

Ford F-350

21 000 lbs

RAM 3500

17 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 3500

16 350 lbs

GMC Sierra 2500HD

15 900 lbs

Ford F-250

15 000 lbs

Dodge Ram 2500

14 150 lbs

GMC Sierra 1500

12 000 lbs

How to choose how many seats my car should have?

Making the right choice is not simple, and there are other factors that you should keep in mind. The obvious thing you should look into is how many people you will need your car to take.

Most families are fine with a five-seater, but bigger families will struggle. The next thing to look into is the cargo space. Some models may sacrifice the trunk capacity to add several seats back there, so you are getting a car that can carry more than five people, but with a small trunk.

Finally, think about the size. Cars that hold more people are bigger, so if your garage space is limited, you will need to rethink things over.

What cars have 8 passenger seats?

If you need a car that can hold more passengers, for example, 8, you will need to look at SUVs. Their size and construction allow the manufacturer to add more seats in the car. Models like the Honda Pilot, Subaru Ascent, Cadillac Escalade or Lexus LX 570 are only a few of the models that can hold eight people.

What vehicles can seat nine passengers?

Nine people in a car, while still keeping the SUV form is not impossible. These family-style models will not only enable you to carry nine people, but you will also have more than enough space to carry your cargo. In this category, you have SUVs like GMC Yukon XL, Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe, and the Ford Expedition EL that can comfortably fit nine people.

If you are looking for something bigger than an SUV, there are also a few options for vans with more seating options, which we will talk about in the next section.

What vehicles can seat ten passengers?

10-seater cars, due to the number of seats, it is impossible to find one in the form of an SUV. In this category, you will need to be looking at vans. Models like the Nissan NV, Chevrolet Express, or Ford Transit can easily carry ten people to their destination.

An interesting thing about this category is that none of these are designed for ten people. Instead, the manufacturers offer you to customize the van based on your needs, but the maximum number of seats that you can add is not 10. In other words, these models are vans that can hold even more than ten people, depending on your needs.