When Rolling Stone ran a story about Sasha Grey in 2009, they included the headline that called her "The Dirtiest Girl In The World," and after you read this list, you'll find it hard to argue with that.

While Grey has been retired from bedroom bumping for a few years now, she remains one of the most talked about adult performers of all-time.

Below we pull back the covers, literally, as we delve into the adult entertainment career of Grey. Using quotes from Grey throughout the list, you'll find out in her own words why she chose to enter and leave the industry and little tidbits like how her first day of work (with 6 guys!) went or how she felt about getting intimate with a woman for the first time in her life, in front of a camera crew.

With over 200 films to her name, Grey also has no shortage of captivating stories like the woman who went #2 on-set, or awards to her name.

Love her? Get ready to see a whole new side of her. Hate her? Get ready to learn just why she doesn't give a f**k!

We hold nothing back as we explore 15 shocking facts from the work life of Sasha Grey!

15 Why She Joined

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Sasha Grey knew from a younger age (she said around 15) that she knew she wanted to move into the adult industry. When talking about why she chose to enter, and enter at the young age of 18, Grey said,

"I had recently just become sexually active and shed myself of many insecurities and shame I had about my own sexuality. I started watching [adult entertainment] as a result, and the more I watched, I realized I enjoyed it physically but I felt there was something missing. I wanted to change this dynamic and also inspire people to not be ashamed of their sexuality."

Grey has also admitted in other past interviews that she had grown bored with her own sex life and wanted to push her boundaries further and saw the industry as a way to accomplish this.

14 She Doesn't Care If You Judge Her

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Naturally, anyone that chooses to go into the adult industry has the moment of panic when they realize that people they know (including family) is probably going to figure out what they do for a living.

Even though Sasha Grey is one of the most confident and outspoken (now former) stars, she too had that fear, even if it was only momentary.

"I thought maybe I could wear wigs and then no one would notice me," she said in a past interview.

However, as she went on to say "After the second month of research I thought, 'if I am going to do something, I am going to be proud of what I am doing'. I don't care if anyone judges me. This is my decision and if you don't like it or you don't support my decision, then I really don't need you."

She definitely would not have had the same impact on the industry if she carried a less confident attitude.

13 Her First Girl Experience Was In The Movies

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As we delve throughout this list you'll not only learn about Sasha Grey's first experience on a movie set, but you also get to learn that her first ever experience with a woman also came in front of the camera.

"I never had any experience with girls outside the business. It was always something I wanted to do and I was curious about. There was really nobody that I could explore that with. There was no one in my life that I felt comfortable enough or I felt attracted to enough to do that," said Grey in a past interview.

Grey's first opportunity came with famed performer Belladonna, an experience that Grey has nothing but praise for,

"My first opportunity was with a person who I really look up to and respect as a performer and as a director. It was a great experience. You couldn't ask for any better training in f-----g girls that it coming from Belladonna."

She has since identified as bisexual in her personal life.

12 She Needs Dirty Talk To Enjoy Herself 

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This may be a little bit graphic, but when we get into a list about an adult performer you can expect there to be at least a little side of raunch dressing! When Grey was asked about the extreme levels of verbal abuse that she typically would receive during a film, she was quick to defend it,

"Verbal stimulation is very important to my work. I can’t [truly hit my peak sexually] unless there is s--t-talking involved. I don’t want to hear sexy moans, I want to hear degradation, grunting, hyperventilating. It stimulates your psyche as well as your libido, allowing for a more intense scene."

You can only imagine if this is a trait that she also requires at home!

11 The Guy Doesn't Have To Be Good Looking

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If we're being completely honest, there are some truly hideous-looking men in the adult film industry. I mean for crying out loud, one of the top male performers that came to your mind was probably Ron Jeremy!

But that was something that Sasha was well prepared for, in fact, she doesn't even care if the guy is good looking!

"I put tons or energy into all of my performances. I prepare mentally and physically. If the guy isn't really all that attractive to me, his [private part] is still there. That's what works for me. He doesn't have to have a cute face for me to [get to my sexual peak]. That's what makes a scene work; [his genitals, my genitals] and my performance," she said.

We suppose when you consider the fact that she has been with hundreds of guys, there has to be at least a solid percentage that she had to use this technique for!

10 First Day Of Work Was With 6 Guys

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Sasha Grey made an impact on the film industry and appeared in over 200 productions, but we're going to dial you all the way back to her first one ever for this entry. Grey had recently been signed by an agency and was offered the part of being one girl, in a 6 guy production for the sequel to the adult movie Fashionistas.

"I had never seen the movie but I had heard of the show that is playing out in Las Vegas. I was told they needed an extra girl because one of the girls couldn't make it. It was either a yes or no situation and I said yes right away," said Grey in a past interview.

While you can imagine this would be an intimidating first day of work, that was definitely not the lasting impression for Grey.

"It was amazing; I never imagined that I would be a part of a major project like this so early in my career. It was such a great honor to be able to work with John Stagliano and all of the performers. It was wonderful to stand aside professionals who love what they do and take it seriously," said Grey.

9 She Loves Older Men

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While Sasha Grey has been with what we are guessing is most types of gentleman lovers, it's only natural for somebody to have a preference and for Grey that most definitely was knocking boots with men that were significantly older.

"I've always been attracted to older guys. I never really dated anyone my exact age. I know when older guys [get intimate in movies] they are thinking, 'oh yeah, [she's so much younger]'. But I am thinking about it the same way when I am [with an] older guy. It's wrong. I [enjoy it] just as much," she said in a past interview.

Grey also admitted that when she entered the industry some of the biggest names she wanted to work with were Ron Jeremy, Peter North and Brian Surewood (pictured above) all of whom were significantly older.

8 What She Misses About The Industry

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It can be understandable when Sasha Grey was as active in the film industry as she was, that she would have certain things that she would miss after she decided to retire. When she was asked about it by GQ, Grey responded,

"I miss the consistency. I know that sounds incredibly strange. But I'm glad to have my normal sex life back,"

You can imagine that it must have been quite the transition from spending a week getting up close and personal with 10+ guys, versus however her sex life worked itself out when she stopped performing.

7 What She Wants To Do (But Can't)

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You can imagine that when an actor or professional athlete steps away from their chosen profession that they may always look back at their time in the sun and say "man, I wish I had accomplished that!"

While you may not think of adult performing that way, Grey definitely felt that way at least at one point in her career saying in a past interview,

"There’s plenty of stuff I haven’t done that I’d like to do. But there are a lot of things I won’t do because I don’t want to go to f--king jail. It wouldn’t be worth it."

When she was asked to elaborate further, she said she'll leave it up to our imagination. While we'll also leave it up to your imagination, we can guess that getting arrested is not the kind of cuffs that Sasha likes being in!

6 Why She Places No Limits On Herself

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You don't get long into looking through Sasha Grey's video catalog before realizing that she has done some of the more extreme things to occur on a film. While that may instantly make you fear for her safety, Grey has been incredibly outspoken about the level of comfort she feels on-set and just why she decided to push herself,

"I really don't have any limits placed on myself that I am not willing to explore. I am always willing to try anything. As long as I am in control and I know I am not being manipulated into doing something I don't want to do I am fine with anything,"

She went on to say in another interview, "I will try anything, because if something is too much it can be stopped with the snap of a finger. I love being scared, feeling unsafe, but subconsciously I know I am in control."

It's great to know that even if there are some scenes where she clearly seems out of control, that she still always felt safe.

5 She Saw Someone Go #2 On Set


When Sasha Grey was asked about the most embarrassing thing that she had ever seen on set, you may be surprised to hear that she had a story from someone that wasn't her. But when you hear the story, you can understand why it was easily her go to answer,

"I don’t know if this is funny, but I saw a girl [take a #2] on a couch by accident when she was filming. She wasn’t even doing [a backdoor] scene. I felt pretty bad for her." When Grey was asked how the gentleman lover responded, she said "It was kind of second nature to the guy. I guess that had happened to him before. He wasn’t grossed out, but he didn’t help, either. He just walked off-camera."

At least the guy didn't react in a super negative way, but you can imagine that's a pretty quick way to end your filming for the day!

4 Her Numerous Awards

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You aren't exactly going to be taking home an academy award if you're an adult performer, but they still host their own award shows and you better believe Sasha Grey was well-decorated for her time in the industry.

In 2007, she took home an award for "Best Three-Way Sex Scene," and "Best Group Scene". The following year she took home the top prize of "Female Performer of the Year", making her the youngest winner as well as "Best [Gentleman Loving] Scene."

While not an "award", Grey also stripped it all off for Playboy on two occasions. The magazine Genesis, which is also adult natured in theme also ranked her as the #1 adult film star in 2009.

No wonder she left a mark on the industry!

3 Where Her Name Came From

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If you were going to enter into the adult industry, one of the more fun parts of your journey may be deciding on what you want your stage name to be. Shockingly, (sorry fellas) Sasha Grey is not her real name but she does have an interesting reason behind why she did pick it,

"'Sasha' is the name of one of the singers of the band KMFDM (who we have pictured above). And 'Grey' is based on Dr. Kinsey's scale of sexuality. It's basically saying everybody, man or woman, is all the way straight or all the way gay or somewhere in between. And that's the grey scale," said Grey in a past interview.

Rock on, Grey!

2 Her Take On The Tyra Banks Show

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Sasha Grey became one of the most talked about adult stars after she went on the Tyra Banks show in 2007. Banks clearly had an agenda to rip Grey down for her career choices (and in particular, Grey starting at 18), but Grey was not having it.

"That whole show pissed me off. But going into that, I knew they were going to mess with me. And I was willing to let that happen, for the publicity. There were so many things that were said that were not included in the show. Tyra had to get up and talk to her producers to ask what to say, because she couldn't think for herself," said Grey when asked about it.

Grey also admitted that the PA announcer was actively trying to get the crowd on Banks' side to create a hostile environment. To Grey's credit, she did say she received emails from 5 women in the audience that said they had their perception of the industry positively altered because of Grey.

1 Why She Left

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While Sasha Grey had plenty to be proud of for her time in the "other" film industry, you may not be surprised that it was the pull of the more legitimate film industry that pulled Sasha away.

"I got a great opportunity to be in a Steven Soderberg film and after that, I changed my mind and I just decided I was going to go for that, and try something different and try something new. […] I felt like I had accomplished what I wanted to as a performer," she said in a past interview.

Another executive producer in Hollywood who previously had met with Grey about a potential movie also said, "My impression of her attitude is that [adult entertainment], while part of her pastiche, is ultimately a gateway to her mainstream ideas and acting career."

Grey is currently working on the television series King of the Golden Sun which is scheduled to release in 2018.

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