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Sarah Murdoch is the main human antagonist of the 2015 crossover film Lake Placid vs. Anaconda. She is the daughter of J.D. Murdoch.

She is portrayed by Annabel Wrigh.


Lake Placid vs. Anaconda

Sarah is the daughter of J.D. Murdoch and continues to experiment on Anacondas in order to perfect the blood orchid serum. She hires Jim Bickerman to go to Black Lake with her associate Beach to capture one of the crocodiles, in hopes of creating a hybrid with the anacondas. However, after being captured and placed in the laboratory truck, the crocodile manages to break out and frees the anacondas.

Sarah decides to hire some mercenaries, including Jim, to help her recapture the reptiles. During the hunt, they are attacked by the snakes and the crocodiles who kill many of the mercenaries but Sarah forbids Beach to kill the reptiles due to their importance for her experiments. The survivors later steals a boat and Jim falls off it, however Sarah refuses to help him and he is attacked by a crocodile soon after.

Finally, Sarah and Beach find the anacondas fighting the crocodiles while Sheriff Reba and Officer Will Tull tries to shoot them, but Sarah threatens to sue them if they kill the reptiles. The last anaconda eventually manages to kill the remaining crocodiles and attacks Sarah, however Beach kills both himself and the snake with a grenade. Horrified by the death of her anacondas, Sarah was then arrested, but still threatens to sue everyone.