IN LIMBO: Ghostly tale of grief and friendship arrives tonight on ABC and iview - TV Blackbox IN LIMBO: Ghostly tale of grief and friendship arrives tonight on ABC and iview - TV Blackbox

IN LIMBO: Ghostly tale of grief and friendship arrives tonight on ABC and iview

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In a refreshing twist of TV narratives, Australia’s ABC presents a captivating new series, “In Limbo,” unravelling a poignant tale of friendship, grief, and an unexpected reunion beyond the veil of death.

Headlined by well-renowned actors Ryan Corr and Bob Morley, this unique venture promises a haunting exploration of enduring ties and the struggle to let go.

As the story unfolds, Charlie, convincingly portrayed by Ryan Corr, is crushed by his best friend Nate’s (Bob Morley) untimely demise. The narrative takes an otherworldly turn when Nate mysteriously returns, trapped as a spectre in limbo, desperate for Charlie’s aid.

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The series begins with a heartwarming scene set just before Christmas. Charlie assists his best mate Nate in constructing a cubby house for Nate’s daughter, Annabel, played by the promising Kamillia Rihani. A surprise blind date orchestrated by Nate’s wife, Freya (Emma Harvie), injects a spark of joy into Charlie’s life. Unfortunately, his euphoria is short-lived. Upon returning to Nate’s home after the date, Charlie stumbles upon Nate’s lifeless body, a shocking scene that transforms his life irrevocably.

Plunged into an ocean of grief and burdened by the responsibility to look after those left behind, Charlie, in a testament to his resilience, vows to complete the cubby house for young Annabel. It’s a sombre reunion when Freya returns early from London, and Charlie must bear the heavy task of informing her of Nate’s passing.

However, an unusual encounter throws Charlie’s life into further disarray. Late at night, Charlie confronts an intruder in the cubby house, only to discover that it’s Nate, returned as a ghost. While initially convinced he’s losing his sanity, Charlie soon comes to accept the spectral Nate’s reality. The ghostly Nate pleads with his friend for assistance, claiming he is trapped in limbo until he rectifies something in the living world.

“In Limbo” is a collaborative effort between Bunya Productions and Heiress Films, commissioned for the ABC. The project garnered substantial investment from Screen Australia, with additional financial support from Screen Queensland and Screen NSW. The series is produced by a team of esteemed producers: Jennifer Cummins, David Jowsey, Angela Littlejohn, and Greer Simpkin. Serving as ABC Executive Producer is Rebecca Anderson, with Todd Abbott as ABC’s Head of Comedy.

This promising series melds a heart-rending narrative of loss with an intriguing supernatural twist, promising to leave a lasting impression on Australian television audiences.

In Limbo -Series 1, Episode 1 of 6 premieres Wednesday 24 May at 9.00pm on ABC

Stream all 6 episodes on ABC iview from Wednesday 24 May at 9.00pm

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