Back in the 1990s, Doom was the pinnacle of PC graphical performance. With smooth-scrolling stages in a 3D world, it simply didn't get any better than that. These days, however, there's a whole sub-Reddit dedicated to running Doom on odd, low performance pieces of hardware, with the newest entry coming in the form of a player who has managed to get Doom running on, of all things, a digital camera.

The sub-Reddit is called ItRunsDoom and is dedicated to finding ways of playing Doom on unexpected hardware such as fridges or ATMs. Past entries of particular note include a player who got Doom running on a Pioneer DJ Turntable and another player who managed to get the 90s classic up and running on a modern Nintendo Game & Watch.

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As for running Doom on a digital camera, Reddit user turtius has the game upscaled from its native resolution of 320x200 to 640x400 and, much like the player who got Doom running on a TI-84 graphics calculator, has mapped the controls to the various buttons on the DSLR's body. The vintage FPS appears to be running at no more than 10 frames a second, but this is still an impressive feat considering DSLRs aren't meant to run even a simple game of Pong, let alone a game with 3D stages.

According to another user in the comments section called kitor, the project seems to have been something of a group effort from users on the DSLR-focused magiclantern sub-Reddit. The plan was to announce that Doom could be played on a digital camera on April Fools Day when many would assume the news to be bogus, only to reveal later that it was, in fact, real. The gaming world is filled with April 1 shenanigans, from Call of Duty's history of April Fools pranks to multiple sub-Reddits supposedly changing their themes overnight. Still, the Doom DSLR prank would have been a fun twist on the formula.

Redditor turtius apologized for jumping the gun and revealing the news early, but stated they were simply too excited once the button inputs started working to wait. If anyone at the magiclantern sub-Reddit still wants to do a reverse April Fools joke involving Doom, scientists have calculated that Doom can be run using 16 billion crabs as computing logic gates, so they might want to head to the pet store sooner rather than later.

Regardless, with Doom running on everything from a fridge to a McDonald's cash register now, it will be interesting to see what players come up with next. For anyone wanting to boot up the demon-hunting FPS on their own camera, turtius states they are using an EOS Rebel SL2 to run Doom, and that while much work still has to be done, the unique port is coming along.

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