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Rudolf VI, Margrave of Baden

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Rudolf VI of Baden
Died(1372-03-21)21 March 1372
Noble family House of Zähringen
Spouse(s) Matilde of Sponheim
Father Frederick III
Mother Margareta of Baden

Rudolf VI of Baden (died 21 March 1372) was Margrave of Baden-Baden and Count of Eberstein from 1353 to 1372.



He was the elder son of Frederick III and Margareta of Baden. Under Rudolf VI Baden was again united in 1361, since the other lines had expired. Under his rule the Margraves of Baden were recognized for the first time as princeps regni (Reichsfürst).

Frederick III of Baden was Margrave of Baden from 1348 to 1353.

Family and children

He married Matilde of Sponheim, daughter of Count John III of Sponheim and had the following children:

  1. Bernard I, Margrave of Baden-Baden (1364 – 5 April 1431, Baden).
  2. Rudolf VII, Margrave of Baden-Baden (d. 1391).
  3. Matilde (d. 3 August 1425, Schleusingen), married 4 July 1376 to Count Henry of Henneberg.
Rudolf VI, Margrave of Baden
 Died: 21 March 1372
Preceded by
Frederick III
Margrave of Baden-Baden
Succeeded by
Rudolf VII
Preceded by
Rudolf V
Margrave of Baden-Pforzheim
Succeeded by
Bernard I

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