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20 RocknRolla Trivia Questions & Answers

This category is for trivia questions and answers related to RocknRolla, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com.

There are 20 questions on this topic. Last updated Jun 01 2023.
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1 What is the name of the 'RocknRolla' character in the film?
Answer: Johnny Quid

Johnny is a rock star who decides his current record sales are high, but not nearly high enough. Due partly to him constantly smoking crack, and his own deductive reasoning, he discovers an ingenious way to boost his record sales. This leaves him with time to go out and get up to no good.

Johnny Rotten was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, a famed 70's punk band, Johnny B. Goode was the title of a 1950's rock song by Chuck Berry, and Johnny Rock was just a made-up name.
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Who is in possession of the painting by the end of the movie?

2 What is the picture in the lucky painting?
Answer: We don't find out

The lucky picture originally belonged to Uri, who gave it to Lenny to keep until they had closed their business deal. Uri is heard saying that since he owned the painting, things have been going his way.

Throughout the whole movie, we only ever see the frame of the picture or the back of it; yet everyone always kept saying "What a great piece of art" it was.
3 What is Johnny's ingenious way of gaining record sales?
Answer: Faking his death

Throughout the first twenty or so minutes of the movie, Johnny's name is merely mentioned, although when Lenny finds out about his 'death', there is implication that Johnny is somehow connected to Lenny. Just before Johnny is first seen (besides in the opening credits), we discover he is actually Lenny's stepson.
4 What does Handsome Bob ask One Two for, after telling him how he feels?
Answer: A dance

Until One Two tells Mumbles that Bob is gay, which of course everyone knows but One Two, we assume, by the way he has been acting towards Bob, that something more than just a dance happened. Mumbles asks One Two what Bob asked of him and he blushes and replies: "A dance".
After One Two tells Mumbles, Mumbles reveals that is was Bob who looked after One Two's mother while he was in jail.
5 What object (which is never seen in its entirety) is a prominent feature of the movie's storyline?
Answer: Uri's lucky painting

Much of the movie's storyline revolves around the painting. Uri the Russian mobster loans it to Lenny as a token of good luck, then it is stolen from Lenny's home. Lenny needs it back, because that is Uri's favorite (and lucky) painting. As the movie continues, you learn what becomes of the painting as it changes hands about three or four times, before eventually finding its way back to Johnny in an ironic and rather humorous fashion. Archy doesn't have a 'little surprise', Johnny wouldn't have a guitar because he is mentioned as the lead singer of the Quidlickers, and the suitcase is from "Pulp Fiction", another of my favorite movies.
6 What happens to Lenny at the end of the movie?
Answer: He gets fed to the crayfish.

Archy feeds Lenny to the crayfish as revenge for ratting out all his loyal associates and getting them sent to jail. This is ironic, because in the middle of the movie Lenny uses the crayfish as his method to retrieve information from people.
7 What is the main trio called by people who know them?
Answer: The Wild Bunch

The Wild bunch consists of three confident but clumsy thugs, who are known as One-Two, Mumbles and Handsome Bob. Lenny extorts these three at the start of the film, so they perform a (hilarious) robbery of seven million from a 'wealthy Russian'. Little do they know that this money was Uri's, intended for Lenny, as the Russian was paying Lenny to use his connections for some real estate documents. This is where the fun begins!
8 Why did Lenny let Archy go to jail?
Answer: He was getting 'greedy'.

At the end of the movie, Handsome Bob gives the file to Archy. Archy starts reading the names of people Lenny let go to jail and when he comes to his own name, it says "very loyal, but getting greedy."
9 Which character doubles as the narrator?
Answer: Archy

Archy is Lenny's right-hand man, and as the movie progresses, his character narrates the action and explains certain situations. This could possibly be rationalized through Archy's own individual thoughts, as throughout the movie his character begins to show frustration with his boss, Lenny.
10 What is the accountant's name?
Answer: Stella

Stella is, of course, a beautiful English woman, slim with dark hair and incredibly high heels. After the first job Stella gives to the Wild Bunch, One Two comments on Bella's shoes and she replies: "You will be able to afford a pair of your own in a couple of days."
11 Which character actually turns out to be gay?
Answer: Handsome Bob

Handsome Bob confesses his feelings for One-Two the night before he is about to go to jail for drug charges (which are merely mentioned), and One-Two reacts rather aggressively, creating awkward moments between him and Bob for a little while. Bob's coming-out-of-the-closet instigates some pretty hilarious dialogue.
12 Who is Johnny Quid, in relation to Lenny?
Answer: His step-son

In the movie we see a flashback of Johnny's childhood; he is getting abused, slapped and belted by Lenny. Even at the end of the movie, Lenny still tells him it is all his fault that his mother killed herself.
13 What are the names of Johnny's two stage managers?
Answer: Roman and Mickey

Roman and Mickey are played by Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges and Jeremy Piven. They, like everyone else, believe Johnny is dead (but also, like everyone else, have their doubts). Lenny eventually enlists their help to find Johnny, albeit against their will. Eventually they too get in over their heads, just like everyone else.
14 Who is in possession of the painting by the end of the movie?
Answer: Johnny

Four people have had the painting:
Johnny Quid, who gets it stolen from some junkies, then it gets sold to Cookie, who gives it to One Two who, in the end, gives it to Stella as a gift.
When Uri kills Stella, he gets his painting back, but at the end of the movie, Archy gives the painting to Johnny saying that it "...cost some Russian an arm and a leg".
15 Who gets shot (onscreen) towards the end of the movie, and does he/she die afterwards?
Answer: Johnny, No

Johnny is the one who gets shot in the stomach, and his two managers have to carry him out of the building, as Lenny and Archy have some business to take care of. On their way out, they discover they are about to be killed, and manage to escape. As they head out the door though, one of Lenny's cronies has them at gunpoint, but the Wild Bunch save their lives and escape with them.
16 What does Archy give Johnny's friends to silence them? (In the flashback)
Answer: Some banknotes

In the flashback we see Johnny taking Archy's gun and playing with it at school. His friends look on and after Archy bundles little Johnny into the car, he bribes his friends.
17 What is the true identity of the informant mentioned throughout the movie, and how long was Archy in jail for because of the informant?
Answer: Lenny, 4 years

Sidney Shaw is the name Lenny used when turning people in. Johnny is the one who reveals that Lenny is the informant, and Bob backs it up with documents he obtained through seducing a lawyer, which is another funny story in itself. It couldn't have been Bob in the first place. Remember, he was going to jail at the beginning of the movie because of the informant. When Lenny is exposed by Johnny and Bob, the film flashes back to explain the circumstances of Lenny's betrayal. It is revealed that he was putting everyone in jail, then appearing to reduce their sentences with his contacts, so that he could gain (phony) respect from all corners of London. His reason for putting Archy in prison was simple. He states that Archy was really loyal, but getting greedy.
18 What is Uri's last sentence to Stella, before calling Victor?
Answer: "Beauty is a cruel mistress, is it not?"

Uri originally wanted to marry Stella, but when he is at her apartment, proposing to her, he finds his lucky painting there and thinks she stole it from him. He says this line, thinking he got so blinded by her beauty, he didn't even consider her as the traitor. Also, it's ironic, because when Stella and Uri were on Uri's boat, discussing business, it was Stella's catchphrase.
19 From which of these places does Archy pick Johnny up at the end of the movie?
Answer: Rehabilitation clinic

During the fiasco in the warehouse, Johnny, Roman, Mickey, and the Wild Bunch all escape when Archy gives them the chance. Then Archy takes care of Lenny once and for all. Afterwards, it appears that Johnny has put himself in a rehab clinic to quit everything, except for cigarettes. Archy and Johnny seem to be on really good terms, which could be explained by the fact that Johnny was the one who revealed Lenny for the traitor he was. The two then greet each other, and Johnny takes Archy's gun and plays around with it, reminiscent of a flashback when Johnny did the same thing at school. Then, Archy says he has a present for Johnny; that troublesome painting, which he says cost 'a wealthy Russian an arm and a leg'. I hope you enjoyed my quiz!
20 How does Archy know that Lenny is Sydney Shaw?
Answer: He sees some papers in Lenny's office with that name on it.

At the end of the movie, we see the flashback of Archy seeing the name on some papers, while in Lenny's office, and asking Lenny who Sydney Shaw is. Lenny tells him it's "Nothing to do with you".