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This is a list of the queens consorts of Hungary (Hungarian: királyné), the consorts of the kings of Hungary. After the extinction of the Árpád dynasty and later the Angevin dynasty, the title of King of Hungary has been held by a monarch outside of Hungary with a few exceptions. After 1526, the title of Queen of Hungary belonged to the wife of the Habsburg Emperors who were also King of Hungary.

Queens of Hungary also held the titles after 1526: Holy Roman Empress (later Empress of Austria) and Queen consort of Bohemia. Since Leopold I, all kings of Hungary used the title of Apostolic King of Hungary – the title given to Saint Stephen I by the Pope – and their wives were styled as Apostolic Queens of Hungary.

The title lasted just a little over nine centuries, from 1000 to 1918.

The Kingdom of Hungary also had two queens regnant (királynő) who were crowned as kings: Maria I and Maria II Theresa.

Grand Princesses of the Hungarians[edit]

Name Father Birth Ethnicity Religion Marriage Consort reign Death Spouse
Unnamed Ménmarót unknown Hungarian Paganism Undated ? – c. 947? unknown Zoltán
Unnamed of the territories of the Cumans[1] unknown unknown Cumans Paganism c. 945 c. 955 – before 972 unknown Taksony
Unnamed unknown unknown Pecheneg or Bulgar Paganism unknown
Sarolt Geula of Transylvania c. 950 Transylvanian Eastern Orthodox before 972 before 972 – c. 995 after 997 Géza
Giselle Henry II of Bavaria c. 985 Bavarian Roman Catholic c. 995 995 – 25 December 1000/ 1 January 1001 7 May 1033/ 1065 Vajk

Queens consort of Hungary[edit]

House of Árpád, 1000–1038[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Giselle of Bavaria.jpg Giselle of Bavaria Henry II, Duke of Bavaria
985 995 25 December 1000/ 1 January 1001
husband's coronation
15 August 1038
husband's death
7 May 1033/65 Stephen I

House of Orseolo, 1038/44–1041/46[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Tuta unknown
Some authors claim that her name was Tuta, who was mentioned as "Queen Tuta", the founder of the Suben Abbey, but no sources prove that she was either Queen of Hungary or wife of King Peter
Bretislav1 Jitka.jpg Judith of Schweinfurt Henry, Margrave of Nordgau
most likely never occurred
(before 1003 – 2 August 1058)

House of Aba, 1041–1044[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
unnamed Géza, Grand Prince of the Hungarians
unknown Samuel

House of Árpád, 1046–1301[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Anastasia of Kiev.jpg Anastasia of Kiev Yaroslav I the Wise
1023 1039 1046
husband's accession
before 6 December 1060
husband's death
1074/96 Andrew I
Richeza of Poland Mieszko II Lambert
22 September 1013 1039–43 1060
husband's accession
11 September 1063
husband's death
21 May 1075 Béla I
Judith of Swabia Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
9 April 1054 September 1063 August 1074
husband's despostion
14 March 1093/96 Solomon
Synadena Theodulos Synadenos 1075 25 April 1077
husband's death
after 1079 Géza I
Adelaide of Rheinfelden Rudolf of Rheinfelden
1067/70 1077 or after 25 April 1077
husband's accession
29 July 1095
husband's death
3 May 1090 Ladislaus I
Felicia of Sicily Roger I, Count of Sicily
1078 1097 1102 Coloman
Euphemia of Kiev Vladimir II of Kiev
1104/12 1113
4 April 1139
Unnamed Robert I, Prince of Capua
1120 before 1121 Stephen II
HelenaofSerbien.jpg Helena of Raška Uroš I, Grand Župan of Raška
after 1109 28 August 1127 1 March 1131
husband's accession
13 February 1141
husband's death
after 1146 Béla II
Euphrosyne of Kiev Mstislav I of Kiev
1130 1146 31 May 1162
husband's death
1186–93 Géza II
Yaroslavna of Halych Yaroslav Osmomysl
1167 1168
Stephen III
Agnes von Österreich, Gemahlin Steffan von Hungern (1151-1182).png Agnes of Austria Henry II, Duke of Austria
1154 1168 4 March 1172
husband's death
13 January 1182
Maria Komnene Manuel I Komnenos
1144 1157 14 January 1163
husband's accession
11 April 1165
husband's death
1190 Stephen IV
Chatillon Anna arcrekonstrukció.jpg Agnes of Antioch Raynald of Châtillon, Prince of Antioch 1154 1170 4 March 1172
husband's accession
1184 Béla III
Margaret of France (1197).jpg Margaret of France Louis VII of France
November 1157 1185/86 23 April 1196
husband's death
August/September 1197
KonstancieAragonska Uhry.jpg Constance of Aragon Alfonso II of Aragon
1179 1198 30 September/30 November 1204
husband's death
23 June 1222 Emeric
GertrudaMeranskaHedviky.jpg Gertrude of Merania Berthold IV, Duke of Merania
1185 before 1203 7 May 1205
husband's accession
24 September 1213 Andrew II
Blason Courtenay.svg Yolanda de Courtenay Peter II of Courtenay
1200 February 1215 1233
Beatrice d'Este, Queen of Hungary.jpg Beatrice d'Este Aldobrandino I of Este
1215 14 May 1234 21 September 1235
husband's death
1245, before 8 May
Maria laskarina.jpg Maria Laskarina Theodore I Laskaris
1206 1218 21 September 1235
husband's accession
3 May 1270
husband's death
16 July or 24 June 1270 Béla IV
AlzbetaKumanska kralovna.jpg Elizabeth the Cuman Köten 1240 around 1253 3 May 1270
husband's accession
6 August 1272
husband's death
after 1290 Stephen V
Image-Blason Sicile Péninsulaire.svg Elizabeth of Sicily Charles I of Naples
1261 1270 5 September 1272 10 July 1290
husband's death
c. 1300 Ladislaus IV
Fenenna Inowrocławska seal 1291.PNG Fenenna of Kuyavia Ziemomysł of Kujavia
1261 September–November 1290 1295 Andrew III
Agnes of Austria,queen of Hungary.jpg Agnes of Austria Albert I of Germany
18 May 1281 13 February 1296 14 January 1301
husband's death
10 June 1364

House of Přemyslid, 1301–1305[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
POL Przemysł II 1295 COA.svg Viola of Teschen Mieszko I, Duke of Teschen
1290 5 October 1305 9 October 1305
husband renounces throne
21 September 1317 Ladislaus V

House of Wittelsbach, 1305–1308[edit]

Ladislaus V's successor Béla V's first wife, Katharine of Habsburg, died 23 years before her husband became King of Hungary; and he married his second wife, Agnes of Glogau, two years after he lost the throne to Charles I.

Capetian House of Anjou, 1308–1395[edit]

Charles Martel of Anjou pressed his claim to the throne of Hungary and became titular King of Hungary in 1290; his wife, Klementia of Habsburg became titular queen consort of Hungary, but Charles Martel failed to govern Hungary and died in 1295. Charles Martel and Klementia were never the proper King and Queen. Charles Martel also died in his parent's lifetime.

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
MarieBytomska.jpg Maria of Bytom Casimir of Bytom
1280–90 1306 15 December 1317 Charles I
Armoiries Comtes de Luxembourg superseding.svg Beatrice of Luxembourg Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
1305 24 June/September 1318 11 November 1319
Elisabeth Poland.jpg Elisabeth of Poland Władysław I the Elbow-high
1305 6 July 1320 16 July 1342
husband's death
29 December 1380
Armoiries Comtes de Luxembourg superseding.svg Margaret of Bohemia Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor
24 May 1335 3 August 1342 16 July 1342
husband's accession
1349, before October Louis I
Erzsébet és Mária királynők Nagy Lajos sírjánál.jpg Elizabeth of Bosnia Stephen II, Ban of Bosnia
(House of Kotromanić)
1340 20 June 1353 10 September 1382
husband's death
before 16 January 1387
Armoiries Anjou Durazzo.png Margaret of Durazzo Charles, Duke of Durazzo
28 July 1347 24 January 1369/70 31 December 1385
husband's coronation
24 February 1386
husband's death
6 August 1412 Charles II

House of Luxembourg, 1395–1437[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Barbara-von-Cilli.jpg Barbara of Celje Herman II, Count of Celje
1390/95 1406 9 December 1437
husband's death
11 July 1451 Sigismund

House of Habsburg, 1437–1439[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
AlzbetaLuc.jpg Elisabeth of Luxembourg Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor
7 October 1409 28 September 1421 9 December 1437
husband's accession
27 October 1439
husband's death
19 December 1442 Albert I

House of Jagiellon, 1440–1444[edit]

Painting of Ladislaus the Posthumous and his fiancee, Magdalena of Valois.

Ulászló I had no children and did not get married (contemporary opinions, quoted by Jan Długosz, suggested that he was homosexual). He was succeeded in Poland by his younger brother Casimir IV Jagiellon in 1447 after a three-year interregnum. In Hungary, he was succeeded by his former rival, the child Ladislaus the Posthumous.

House of Habsburg, 1440/44–1457[edit]

Ladislaus the Posthumous died suddenly in Prague on 23 November 1457 while preparing for his marriage to Magdalena of Valois, daughter of Charles VII of France. He and Magdalena, therefore, never married.

House of Hunyadi, 1458–1490[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Věnceslav Černý - Odchod Kateřiny, dcery Jiříkovy, z domova do Uher.jpg Catherine of Poděbrady George of Bohemia
11 November 1449 1 May 1461 8 March 1464 Matthias I Corvinus
Beatrix de Nápoles.jpg Beatrice of Naples Ferdinand I of Naples
16 November 1457 15 December 1476 6 April 1490
husband's death
23 September 1508

House of Jagiellon, 1490–1526[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Wappen Mark Brandenburg.png Barbara of Brandenburg Albert III, Elector of Brandenburg
30 May 1464 20 August 1476 18 September 1490
husband's accession
4 September 1515 Vladislaus II
Beatrix de Nápoles.jpg Beatrice of Naples Ferdinand I of Naples
16 November 1457 4 October 1490 7 April 1500
marriage annulled by Pope Alexander VI
23 September 1508
Anne de Foix-cut.jpg Anna of Foix-Candale Gaston de Foix, Count of Candale
1484 29 September 1502 26 July 1506
Krell, Hans - Mary of Habsburg - Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen.jpg Maria of Austria Philip I of Castile
18 September 1505 13 January 1522 29 August 1526
husband's death
18 October 1558 Louis II

House of Szapolyai, 1526–1570[edit]

In dispute with the Habsburgs.

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Isabella Jagiellon.jpeg Isabella Jagiellon Sigismund I of Poland
18 January 1519 23 February 1539 22 July 1540
husband's death
15 September 1559 John I

House of Habsburg, 1526–1780[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Annajagiello.jpg Anna of Bohemia and Hungary Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary
23 July 1503 25 May 1521 29 August 1526
husband's accession
27 January 1547 Ferdinand I
Maria of Spain 1557.jpg Maria of Spain Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
21 June 1528 13 September 1548 September 1563
husband's accession
12 October 1576
husband's death
26 February 1603 Maximilian
Frans Pourbus d. J. 002.jpg Anna of Austria Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria
4 October 1585 4 December 1611 14 December 1618 Matthias II
Justus Sustermans - Eleonora Gonzaga (1598-1655), Empress in black dress.jpg Eleonore of Mantua Vincenzo I of Gonzaga
23 September 1598 4 February 1622 15 February 1637
husband's death
27 June 1655 Ferdinand II
Diego Velázquez - Maria Anna of Spain - Prado.jpg Maria Anna of Spain Philip III of Spain
18 August 1606 20 February 1631 13 May 1646 Ferdinand III
Lorenzo Lippi 005.jpg Maria Leopoldine of Austria Leopold V, Archduke of Austria
6 April 1632 2 July 1648 7 August 1649
Frans Luycx - Eleonora Gonzaga as Diana, Holy Empress, 3rd wife of Ferdinand III.jpg Eleanor of Mantua Charles II Gonzaga
18 November 1630 30 April 1651 2 April 1657
husband's death
6 December 1686
Margarita Teresa of Spain Mourningdress.jpg Margaret Theresa of Spain Philip IV of Spain
12 July 1651 12 December 1666 12 March 1673 Leopold I
Giovanni Maria Morandi 001.jpg Claudia Felicitas of Austria Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria
30 May 1653 15 October 1673 8 April 1676
Eleonore of Pfalz Neuburg.jpg Eleonore-Magdalena of Neuburg Philipp Wilhelm, Elector Palatine
6 January 1655 14 December 1676 5 May 1705
husband's death
19 January 1720
Amalia Wilhelmine von Braunschweig.jpg Wilhelmina Amalia of Brunswick John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
21 April 1673 24 February 1699 17 April 1711
husband's death
10 April 1742 Joseph I
Elisabeth Christine of Braunschweig Wolfenbuettel.jpg Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel Louis Rudolph, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
28 August (28 September?) 1691 1 August 1708 17 April 1711
husband's accession
20 October 1740
husband's death
21 December 1750 Charles III

House of Habsburg-Lorraine, 1780–1918[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Mengs, Anton Raphael - Maria Luisa di Borbone Spagna, granduchessa di Toscana - 1770 - Prado.jpg Maria Luisa of Spain Charles III of Spain
24 November 1745 16 February 1764 20 February 1790
husband's accession
1 March 1792
husband's death
15 May 1792 Leopold II
Maria Teresa di Borbone-Napoli.jpg Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
(Bourbon-Two Sicilies)
6 June 1772 15 August 1790 1 March 1792
husband's accession
13 April 1807 Francis I
Maria Ludovica Beatrice Modena Austria 1787 1816.jpg Maria Ludovika of Austria-Este Ferdinand I, Archduke of Austria-Este
14 December 1787 6 January 1808 7 April 1816
Karoline Auguste von Bayern.jpg Caroline Augusta of Bavaria Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria
8 February 1792 29 October 1816 28 September 1830
stepson became king
9 February 1873
Johann Nepomuk Ender 002.jpg Maria Anna of Savoy Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia
19 September 1803 12 February 1831 2 December 1848
husband's abdication
4 May 1884 Ferdinand V
Georg Raab 002.jpg Elisabeth of Bavaria Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria
24 December 1837 24 April 1854 10 September 1898 Francis Joseph I
Kaiserin Zita.jpg Zita of Bourbon-Parma Robert I, Duke of Parma
9 May 1892 13 June 1911 21 November 1916
husband's accession
11 November 1918
husband's deposition
14 March 1989 Charles IV

Titular queens consort of Hungary[edit]

House of Habsburg-Lorraine (since 1918)[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became titular consort Ceased to be titular consort Death Spouse
Kaiserin Zita.jpg Zita of Bourbon-Parma Robert I, Duke of Parma
9 May 1892 13 June 1911 11 November 1918
monarchy abolished
1 April 1922
husband's death
14 March 1989 Charles IV
Regina Habsburg.JPG Regina of Saxe-Meiningen Georg, Prince of Saxe-Meiningen
6 January 1925
10 May 1951
3 February 2010 Crown Prince Otto
Vienna 2012-05-26 - Europe for Tibet Solidarity Rally 112 Francesca von Habsburg.jpg Francesca Thyssen Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza
7 June 1958 31 January 1993 4 July 2011
husband's accession
incumbent living Prince Charles


  1. ^ The Gesta Hungarorum mentions that he married a woman "of the territories of the Cumans", but the Cumans had not crossed the Volga River before the 11th century.

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