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Richard Palmer
I'm the royal correspondent of the Daily Express in London. Views expressed are my own and not necessarily those of my employers, naturally. March 2009

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I’ve always found it fun to engage with readers on Twitter and have learned much from the many royal fans on here. But, with the exception of a few I have known for years, I’ve decided I will only now engage with those who share their real identities. Thanks!
King Charles III begins his reign with strong support from the British public but they want to see a slimmed-down monarchy costing less, a nationally representative Savanta ComRes poll commissioned by the Daily Express has found.
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EXPRESS: Public backs King over slimmed down monarchy #TomorrowsPapersToday
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Some parts of royal residences will open to tourists from Thursday and Windsor Castle a week later, the Royal Collection Trust says. But Buckingham Palace summer opening and exhibitions about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will no longer be offered to the public this year.
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The court remains in royal mourning for a further seven days. So, although the rest of the UK returns to normal life, we’re unlikely to see the Royal Family out on official engagements.
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It’s a busy time for the grieving Royal Family. On top of public appearances, there are behind-the-scenes meetings, rehearsals, and planning sessions. Last night the King had telephone audiences with the King of the Ashanti, the Presidents of Ghana, UAE, Egypt; PM of Bangladesh.
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The King and Prince William are speaking to people queuing near Lambeth Bridge to pay their respects to the Queen at the lying-in-state.
It’s perhaps a formality but he’s their new Commander-in-Chief. So, although the politicians take the key decisions, a good relationship is important. Troops wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq often preferred royal visits to those from the politicians who had sent them there.
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