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After sensing that Silk was released from captivity by Spider-Man, Morlun stated that the Great Hunt, where he and his family would kill every Spider-Totem in the Multiverse, had begun.[2]

As the Inheritors killed numerous Spider-themed heroes, the time-displaced Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) created a team to fight the enemies.[3]

Meanwhile, other villains were embarked in similar quests. Earth-12041's Goblin tried to gather the DNA from different Spider-Men across multiple universes,[4] and the Multiversal Sinister Six attempted to conquer numerous universes by taking the Isotope-8 from one in specific.[5]

And while the Great Hunt takes place, the Spider-Army must find a way to defeat Morlun, Karn, and the rest of the Inheritors once and for all.

List of Casualties

These are the known forty-five "Fallen Spiders" already hunted down and slain by an Inheritor, as well as those killed during the course of the Totem War. According to Karn, his family has hunted many Spider-Totems, including hundreds of Spiders.[6] For a complete list of casualties, either Spider-Totems or not, see this category.



Edge of Spider-Verse

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  • The use of a handful of variants of Spider-Man were forbidden for Dan Slott and his collaborators. This included Zombie Spider-Man, the Spider-Man from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, the Spider-Man from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man duology, and Spider-Boy from Amalgam Comics. The appearance of the last three was limited by legal issues related to their co-ownership.[35] The story "It's the Little Things" from Spider-Verse #2 was used as a way to sneak references or small glimpses of these forbidden Spider-Men.[36] For instance, part of Spider-Boy's head and chest can be seen in the story's final page as part of a crowd of numerous Spider-Men. The cinematic versions of the characters are referenced through allusions to the actors that portrayed them Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, respectively.
    • Supaidāman should have been one of these forbidden Spider-Men, but he appeared in the event regardless due to an internal misconception when in reality Marvel didn't have permission to use the character. After Toei Company, the creators and owners of the character, found out, they asked Marvel to not use Supaidāman again. However, the character's acknowledgement in Spider-Verse was acclaimed by his Japanese fans, prompting Toei to change their mind and let Marvel keep using the character.[37]
  • Dan Slott was inspired by his own work on the game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions to conceive Spider-Verse.[38]
  • Spider-Verse was originally going to be a story set during Superior Spider-Man, and would've run in the place of the "Necessary Evil" and "Darkest Hour" story arcs.[39]

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