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presence of mind
I was clueless but had the presence of mind to let mom handle the awkward moment.
You're tired but you have to be in the present, have the presence of mind.
What's most important is remembering that you possess the option to fight, and the readiness of heart and presence of mind to back it up.
He even had the presence of mind to put socks on, authorities said, sounding half-amazed.
When studying young wrestlers, coaches look for presence of mind, foot speed and adaptability.
Each year, families across the country have the presence of mind to record people's priceless reactions to receiving that little something that kicks their holiday from ordinary to extraordinary.
Going out into the real world without the presence of mind to question others and ourselves stops the wheels of innovation and future development right in its tracks.
First, families are unlikely to know enough about organ donation, or have the presence of mind in this time of stress to bring up organ donation.
Surprised as she was, she had sufficient presence of mind not to tell her timid companion what had happened.
Courage and presence of mind had saved a battle for the time being, at least.
Impossible as it was that she could have been prepared to hear this, her presence of mind was equal to the occasion.
But even then her presence of mind did not desert her.
She had barely strength and presence of mind enough to conceal the paper in her bosom before sinking in a swoon.
He had the presence of mind next to slip behind the trunk of a big tree.
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Translations of presence of mind

in Chinese (Traditional)
in Chinese (Simplified)
in Spanish
presencia de ánimo, aplomo, serenidad…
in Portuguese
presença de espírito…
in more languages
in French
in Turkish
in Dutch
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Polish
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
in Ukrainian
présence d’esprit…
tegenwoordigheid van geest…
sự nhanh trí…
przytomność umysłu…
sifat sso yg tenang…
die Geistesgegenwart…
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