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Pons (* before 1037; † probably 1061 in Toulouse ), also called Pontius , Pons II. Or Pons Wilhelm (in contrast to his grandfather Raimund III. Pons , who is also known as Pons I. ), Latin Pontius or Poncius , Ponce in Spanish , was Count of Toulouse from 1037 until his death. He was the eldest son and successor of Count Wilhelm III. Taillefer and his second wife Emma of Provence , heiress of half of Provence . From her he inherited the title of Margrave of Provence ( Marchio Provincae ).

His first wife, Marjorie, presumably a daughter of Sanchos III. of Navarre , he married before his father's death, but only gave her extensive bridal goods in the Albigeois , Nîmois and Provence in the year he took office.

In 1038 he shared the acquisition of the diocese of Albi with the Trencavel family . In 1040 he donated property in Diens to Cluny Abbey . In 1047, in connection with the donation from Moissac to Cluny, he was first referred to as Count Palatine .

His second wife was Almodis de la Marche , daughter of Count Bernard I of La Marche . They had previously been divorced from Hugo V. von Lusignan because of consanguinity. He had at least two children with her when she was kidnapped in 1053 by Raimund Berengar I , Count of Barcelona .

His eldest son, Pons, probably his only child with Marjorie, did not succeed him; he died two years after his father. His second son, William IV , and his third son, Raimund von Saint-Gilles , whose mother is certainly Almodis, inherited the property . Another son, Hugo, is attested in 1063. He also had a daughter, Almodis, who married Count Pierre I of Melgueil and was still alive in 1132.

Pons probably died in Toulouse in 1061 and was buried in Saint-Sernin.


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