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Alias(es) I T S P O L E N B O Y S, Polen, iiPolen, Adam
Age 20
YouTube Channel(s) iiPolen [1]
Debute Episode BIG PVP BATTLE! - CrewCraft Episode 56 (KYR Season 3)
Uploaded Series Season 3
Other Games CS:GO

Polen has mainly been in The Crew's CS:GO videos and was invited as a member of Season 3. He did not, however, return for Crew Pixelmon. He has his own channel and does often stream on Twitch where he plays CS:GO, Call of Duty, Minecraft and more.

History[edit | edit source]

Polen first met the Crew at MLG Anaheim when he was only a fan. He later became a mod in some of the Crew's Twitch streams, after getting to know the Crew he began to play with them on CS:GO as he already played the game regularly. He was invited to play on the CrewCraft server during Season 3 and this saw his popularity rise on YouTube and Twitch. Like Bdubs he played other games with the Crew like Golf With Your Friends and ShellShock Live.

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