M. Jurgaičio str. 17,
60432 Šiluva, Raseiniai distr.
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+370 428 43220

Office hours of the Museum: 
9.00-12.00, 14.00-18.00

Guided tours and museum: 
+370 684 80605 (guide s. Modesta)

General information for Pilgrims: 
+370 618 11701 (referent Lina)

Visit the museum to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of piety in the Šiluva shrine and town.

New exhibitions are displayed every few months in the exhibition-conference hall. These are thematic expositions that cover not only the heritage of the Church art, but also the work of individual artists and various topical themes.


In the museum’s exposition you will be able to see:

• an iron-clad coffer, where in 1569 the valuables of the Šiluva church were buried;
• a painting created by an artist Boleslaw Rutkowski from Czestochowa in 1931, depicting Virgin Mary, which used to be lowered above the gracious painting of the Virgin Mary with the Child, on the Great Altar of the Basilica;
• facsimiles of most important Šiluva documents;
• unique and only garments of infulatus in Lithuania;
• the original hand-drawn project of the Chapel of the Apparition (1906) by architect Antanas Vivulski (1877-1919);
• Portrait of Petras Simonas Gedgaudas, founder of Šiluva Church;
• Liturgical vessels used in Šiluva during end of 17th century – beginning of 20th century;
• Books of Miracles preserved from the 19th century, which record the stories of the miracles of Our Lady’s patronage in Šiluva.