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This is a list of events in Canada and its predecessors that are commonly characterized as massacres. Massacre is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "the indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people or (less commonly) animals; carnage, butchery, slaughter in numbers"; it also states that the term is used "in the names of certain massacres of history".[1]


Name Date Location Dead/Injured/ Captives Mechanism of injury Perpetrator suicide Notes
Lachine massacre August 5, 1689 Lachine, Quebec 24–250 First Nations violence na Part of King William's War
Massacre Island, Ontario June 6, 1736 Lake of the Woods 21 First Nations violence na There is some dispute about which island in Lake of the Woods was the actual site of the massacre.
Battle at Port-la-Joye July 11, 1746 Port-la-Joye, Île Saint-Jean. The location now known as Hillsborough River (Prince Edward Island). 34 / 0 First Nations violence na Acadian and Mi'kmaqs killed 34 unarmed British (27 soldiers and 7 sailors). Part of King George's War
Battle of Grand Pré February 10, 1747 Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia 67 / 0 / 40 Military and allies na Acadian and Mi'kmaqs took est. 40 prisoners after attack. Part of King George's War
Raid on Dartmouth May 13, 1751 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 7–20 / 0 / 6–14 First Nations violence na One of seven raids by Mi'kmaqs on British and New England forces, usually very violent with deaths and scalpings. Part of Father Le Loutre's War
St. Francis Raid October 4, 1759 Odanak, Quebec 30–200 / unk / 7–20 Military and allies na Raid by Robert Rogers' Rangers, which was pursued and depleted before crossing back into New England. Part of Seven Years' War
Bloody Falls massacre July 17, 1771 The location now known as Kugluk/Bloody Falls Territorial Park near Kugluktuk, Nunavut 20 First Nations violence na Alleged massacre between indigenous peoples
Chilcotin War April 30, 1864 Bute Inlet, British Columbia 19 First Nations violence na Massacre of road workers in a series of attacks by indigenous peoples
Cypress Hills massacre June 1, 1873 Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan 23 Official, Estimated 200 Civilian violence na Mass murder perpetrated by American bison and wolf hunters, and American and Canadian whisky traders and cargo haulers, against a camp of Assiniboine people. One of the main contributing reasons for the formation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Black Donnellys massacre February 4, 1880 Lucan Biddulph, Ontario 5 Civilian violence na Murder of five members of the Donnelly family by an armed mob, after which their farm was burned down. The event was the culmination of long-standing conflict between the family and other residents. None of the mob were ever convicted.
Frog Lake Massacre April 2, 1885 Frog Lake, Alberta 9 First Nations violence na Part of the North-West Rebellion
Buffalo Narrows axe slayings January 30, 1969[2] Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan 7 Axe Seven members of the Pederson family were killed with an axe in their beds by a schizophrenic man, Frederick Moses McCallum.[3]
Blue Bird Café fire September 1, 1972 Montreal, Quebec 37 Fire No The Blue Bird Café fire was a nightclub fire on September 1, 1972, in Montreal, Quebec. In all, 37 people were killed as a result of arson.
Lennoxville massacre March 24, 1985 Lennoxville, Quebec 5 Firearm No Part of the Quebec Biker war, 4 convicted of first degree murder
École Polytechnique massacre December 6, 1989 Montreal, Quebec 15 / 14 Firearm Yes Marc Lépine killed 14 women and injured 14, before taking his own life. School shooting.
Concordia University massacre August 24, 1992 Montreal, Quebec 4 / 1 Firearm No School shooting. 4 killed, 1 injured.[4]
Vernon massacre April 6, 1996 Vernon, British Columbia 9 / 2 Multiple firearms Yes Estranged husband murdered wedding party.[5][6]
Shedden massacre April 8, 2006 Shedden, Ontario 8 Multiple firearms na Gang killing of own gang members.
2014 Calgary stabbing April 15, 2014 Calgary, Alberta 5 Knife No Five people stabbed to death at a house party by Matthew de Grood during a psychotic episode.
Quebec City mosque shooting January 29, 2017 Quebec City, Quebec 6 / 19 Multiple firearms No Islamophobic attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City by Alexandre Bissonnette. Ultimately, charges of terrorism were not brought forth as Bissonnette had acted independently of a terrorist organization.[7]
Toronto van attack April 23, 2018 Toronto, Ontario 11 / 15 Vehicle No A van was driven along a Yonge Street sidewalk on April 23, 2018 by Alek Minassian. At least 26 were injured including 11 fatally.[8][9]
2020 Nova Scotia attacks April 18-19, 2020 Multiple locations, Nova Scotia 22 / 3 Multiple firearms, fire No Perpetrator Gabriel Wortman committed multiple shootings using illegal firearms and set fires at 16 locations in Nova Scotia, killing 13 with firearms and 9 in fires (22 people total) and injuring three others before the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) shot and killed him in Enfield, NS.
London, Ontario truck attack June 6, 2021 London, Ontario 4 / 1 Vehicle No An alleged terrorist attack occurred on June 6, 2021, when a vehicle was used to strike a Muslim family at the intersection of Hyde Park and South Carriage roads, south of Gainsborough Road. The suspect is 20-year-old London resident Nathaniel Veltman. Four died, one was injured.[10]

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