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Welcome to the project page for the WikiProject New Wave music!

The aim of this project is to act as a central location for articles relating to New Wave music and genres that could be classified as "New Wave", e.g. synthpop, post-punk, and New Romantic music. This will lead to easier creation and maintenance of articles relating to this genre. New Wave is considered a part of the "punk" classification here on Wikipedia, but in all actuality is an offspring of punk rock, with New Wave artists being either directly or tangentially influenced by the varied aspects of punk.


As per the Wikipedia definition of New Wave music, the following genres and parallel movements are classified as part of the New Wave rubric (courtesy the New Wave music article):

Electro rock and post-punk music are also generally considered a part of the New Wave musical genre; c.f. the artists and music featured at the New Wave Outpost, generally considered a definitive site on the New Wave musical genre.


Wikiproject on New Wave music


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To do list[edit]

  • Find a copyleftable photo to use in the project banner. (Though if someone has a better photo to use, it'd be much appreciated.)
  • Jazz up this page some more, to the point where it's, like, totally awesome.
  • Find people who will support this proposed Wikiproject. (I GOT FIVE! I GOT FIVE! THANK YOU EVERYONE!)
  • Formulate a list of stub articles in the New Wave rubric/categorization.
  • Formulate a list of New Wave-associated topics that deserve to have Wiki articles created on them.
  • La.


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