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Mira Sorvino
Mother,Actress,Activist. FB:MiraSorvino IG Goodwill Ambassador to fight Human Trafficking since 2009
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Probably the most important yet least seen film I have ever been a part of.. #TheGreyZone about a rebellion by the Sonderkommando who were slave labor in the crematoria at #Auschwitz
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On this day twenty years ago @DavidArquette, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, @nlyonne, @MiraSorvino, Daniel Benzali, David Chandler and Allan Corduner starred in the Holocaust drama #TheGreyZone from writer & director Tim Blake Nelson in his follow up to O, released the same year.
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I don't want to hang out in a political party or with people that think an elderly man being beaten is funny, an attack on our Capitol was free speech, smearing POW's is fine, or that Donald Trump and Herschel Walker are "Godly" men.
Thank you so much. I actually love Finding Mrs. Claus- I did it for my kids because they loved seeing their grandpa in the Santa Baby series, but it really stands up with a ton of ❤️, humor & Will Sasso!!
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Ok, so this has nothing to do with hate speech; I just want you to know how much I love your acting. I just finished watching you on Lifetime as Mrs Clause, which I watch every year. I try to watch anything you’re in because you’re not just a good actor, you’re a quality actor!
Just putting this out there. Anyone using any form of hate speech will be immediately unfollowed, blocked, and either called out, not responded to or both. There is no place for hate speech here.
I stand with Jewish people.I stand with Black people.I stand with the women, children & people of Iran.I stand with Indigenous & Native American people.I stand with migrants.I stand with LGBTQIA people.I fight for justice with them & stand with the oppressed.Who do U stand with??
Well being that it’s October, and besides the daily need to laugh, there’s the whole scare your pants off thing, you really should check us out 🪓
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Need to laugh? Watch these women. @ShiningVale @starz @WelcomeToFlatch @MiraSorvino @DailyJeanSmart #HacksonHBOMax @CourteneyCox @KristiTV #hacks #jeansmart #courtenycox #mirasorvino #TheWINAwards #gender #equality #awards
Hitler did not operate the gas chambers himself. But he was responsible. Bin Laden did not fly the planes himself. But he was responsible. Trump did not storm the Capitol himself. But he was responsible. Justice matters.
Thank you. It was a huge honor and tremendous challenge playing the great Marilyn Monroe-I wanted to do right by her. Finally took the pressure off by saying no one could ever “be” her -1 of a kind- this was just my homage to her, to share what I thought I understood about her..
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Replying to @Dr_Zil_White @AshleyJudd and @MiraSorvino
It's been a very long time since I saw "Norma Jean & Marilyn," but my salient memory was that I thought @AshleyJudd and @MiraSorvino were both brilliant in it, capturing the two sides of Norma Jean Baker/Marilyn Monroe.
Please read and consider helping…
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Check this out! We are at over 1,200 signatures on Change. Org!!!! Please share this, please help make a difference in someone's life, helps Dustin so he can pay the kindness forward and help others.
Please help if you can… 🙏
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@MiraSorvino please could you take a moment to read/share this about my sister..a young mum. Time is of the essence and we need to raise the money to get her all the help we can to prolong her life 🙏
A week ago, & Fr Enrique Salvo gave my father the most moving,inspiring memorial mass we ever could have wished for. All were touched by grace-hope & light filled us as we expressed our love for our beloved father as he now dwells in the heart of Our Father. Thank you!
Thank you so much my dear, genius friend- I miss you and love you!!
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Replying to @theStevilDead and @MiraSorvino
Mira stood up for me at the crucial moment- and she has always been and will be that principled- and a great actress and friend
There is true goodness in the world. I feel it, I’m experiencing it hour by hour as unexpectedly people offer love to help me through my grief. This thread connects us all. Thank you!!!!
I have been dreading the death of my parents my whole life. Now in part it has come to pass.I have huge compassion for all who have lost parents. It leaves you unmoored, thrusts you into a position you were unprepared for, without the counsel and love of those you valued most…
I mourn the death of my beloved father, Paul Sorvino… Dad, I have been missing terribly, but will always remember fondly, our old times together, and your teaching me tennis, baseball, more truth in my acting, & giving me my first Swiss Army Knife, plus how to cook a steak.❤️💔