Nicholas IV of Werle

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Nicholas IV of Werle
Bornbefore 1331
Diedbetween 14 March and 13 November 1354
Noble familyHouse of Mecklenburg
Spouse(s)Agnes of Lindow-Ruppin
FatherJohn III of Werle
MotherMatilda of Pomerania

Nicholas IV, Lord of Werle[-Goldberg], nicknamed Poogenoge ("Pig's eyes") (born: before 1331; died: between 14 March and 13 November 1354) was from 1350 to 1354 to Lord of Werle-Goldberg.


He was the son of John III and Matilda of Pomerania (born: before 1319, died: 1331). He allegedly received his nickname from the shape and the look in his eyes.

He initially ruled the dominion Werle-Goldberg jointly with his father John III and from 1350 alone. He still signed a peace treaty on 14 March 1354, but is no longer mentioned after 13 November of that year.

He was married to Agnes (died after 1361). Presumably, she was a daughter of daughter of Ulrich II of Lindow-Ruppin. After Nicholas' death, she married John I of Mecklenburg-Stargard.


Nicholas had at least three children:

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Nicholas IV of Werle
Born: before 1331 Died: 1354
Preceded by
John III
Lord of Werle-Goldberg
Succeeded by
John IV