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Queen Mary Stuart
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Biographical Information
IRL: History's Mary, Queen of Scots
Real Name: Mary Stuart
Title: Mary, Queen of Scots

Queen of Scotland
Queen Dowager of Scotland
Her Majesty
Queen Consort of France
Princess Mary

Predecessor: King James V
Successor: James Stuart
Born: December 8, 1542
Dies: February 8, 1587
Age: 25
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Linlithgow, Scotland
Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Husband: King Darnley

King Francis

Parents: Marie de Guise(Mother)

King James V(Father)

Family: James Stuart (Half-brother)

Claude de Guise (Uncle)
Duke of Guise(Uncle)
Elizabeth Tudor
Mary Tudor
Edward Tudor
Henry Tudor(Great uncle)
Lady Lennox (mother-in-law)

Children: Prince James Stuart (Son)

Unborn Child

Interests: Gideon Blackburn (Ex-Lover)

Robert Dudley (Ex- Fiancé)
Don Carlos (Ex- Fiancé)
Louis Condé (Ex-Lover)
Sebastian (Ex- Fiancé)
Lord Tomás(Ex- Fiancé)

Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland

Kingdom of France
House of Stuart
House of Tudor
House of Valois (Formerly)
Mary and Francis
Mary and Sebastian
Mary and Lord Tomás
Mary and Louis Condé
Mary and Don Carlos
Mary and Gideon
Mary and Darnley
Mary and Bothwell
Mary and Queen Catherine
Mary and Queen Elizabeth‏‎
Mary and Lady Lola
Mary and Clarissa

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female.png
Height: 5'4
Status: Deceased
Signature: Mary Stuart's Signature.png
Character Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayed by: Adelaide Kane

Character Scottish Royal Female Princess Queen Married.png Mistress.png Married.png Season 1.png Season 2.png Season 3.png Season 4.png

"I am Mary Queen of Scotts, and I have come for my throne. "
Queen Mary

Mary Stuart is the Queen of Scotland, as the only surviving child of her father, James V of Scotland. Her father died just days after her birth, leaving her to inherit the crown. She had been engaged to Prince Francis since they were children, and when they turned 16, both their parents had agreed they would marry. During this time, they both fell in love. A year later, when her husband became the King of France, Mary became Queen Consort of France. She had a miscarriage and later engaged in a short affair with Louis Condé until he tried to take the crown from her husband. When King Francis died she returned to Scotland and has since married Lord Darnley. She soon gave birth to her first and only child, Prince James.

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Queen Mary is a very murderous, wiked, an loose woman. She murdered several people for reasons that made absoulutely no sense.

Early Life

Mary Stuart was born in Linlithgow, but grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Holyrood Palace until she was attacked by the English and sent to live in France by her mother, Marie de Guise when she was 7.

The young Mary, Queen of Scots, Prince Francis and his older half-brother, Sebastian all met when they were 6-years old at French Court. Mary and Francis were already engaged, and Mary was living in France for protection from England.

The three were playmates, and the younger two were educated together. They were constantly seen running up and down the stairs, making fun of each other, and playing games in the courtyard.

Three years later at 9-years old, Mary was forced to leave after an assassination attempt on her life was made, again by the English. Mary was no longer safe so was sent to live at a Convent with her new caretaker, Mother Superior, until she was to be married to Francis.

Season 1

Mother Superior called Mary Stuart in for breakfast from playing in the field. Sister Abbess was already served her food while Mary waited for her own. As she talked with those around her, Rose screamed while she watched blood and foam drip from Sister Abbess' mouth and ears. The latter fell dead at the table as Mother Superior immediately rushed the young Queen away. She told Mary that this had been an attempt on her life from the English, and she must leave The Convent and be taken to the French Court for protection.

Mother Superior waited by her carriage to send Mary off. Mary was dressed in more court appropriate clothing and was promised that she will be happy at French Court and reminded that her childhood friends would be waiting to greet her. Rose warned Mary to be careful of the ghosts at Court. Mary tells Rose she's already lived in France and that there are no ghosts, but Rose tells her that just because Mary hasn't seen any, doesn't mean they haven't been watching her. Mary gets into her carriage and takes one last longing look at Scotland.

Almost murdered
"Mary! You are the Queen of Scotland. You will wed young Francis, for your faith, for your people, for Scotland. He will love you."
Mother Superior

Weeks later Mary arrives in France, when she steps out of her carriage she is greeted by her friends, Lady Kenna, Lady Lola, Lady Aylee and Greer Norwood. All five join together in a group hug, not having all been together for years. Mary saw the King of France who was waiting to greet her. She asked if the woman beside him was Catherine. Kenna informs her that she was actually Diane de Poitiers, the King's official mistress and that beside them was their son, Sebastian, the King's favourite. Queen Catherine arrived and made a statement by standing in front of the king and his mistress.

Arriving in France

Mary was then stopped by Prince Francis who cut across the grass to meet Mary where she stood. They exchange hellos and Marry sheepishly talked on, losing her composure. Both appeared happy at the physical appearance of the other, as they were no longer the young children they once knew. Francis and Mary walk arm-in-arm towards the King, and Queen of France for a proper introduction.

Hours later, Mary was setting up in her chambers while her Ladies-in-Waiting were given instructions on what their duties were to their Queen and what was to be expected of them at all times. As soon as the older woman was gone the girls started dressing themselves up. Not long into their preparation, they decided to take off and explore the castle.

Mary made her way towards her old room and was very surprised to see Francis there. He was first annoyed at her for finding him, but they soon started talking. Mary questioned why he was making a sword, and Francis replied how he could have been a blacksmith, or, if the kingdom fell, go into hiding as one. Mary promised he would never have to, she would protect him. They had a bit of a heart-to-heart talking of the hardships of being a Royal and the expectations of being one.

Sterling, Shhh!

Later that day, Mary collected different types of stones at the riverbank. Her Scottish dog, Stirling began barking at something in the forest. Mary commands him to stop, but he ignored her. Mary decided to bring the stones to Francis. He opened the door and was annoyed to see her. He told her to go away. She asks why he was annoyed and realized he was with someone else. Francis got angrier with Mary he slammed the door in her face.

Mary went back outside with hurt feelings while Stirling kept barking at the forest and ran off into it. Mary rushed after him but was stopped by Sebastian. He warned her not to go into the forest, as it was dangerous, but he promised to get her dog back for her.

While Mary was finishing getting ready for the wedding, she heard a voice from within her room. It came from her wall that appears to have a hidden passage. It mysteriously warned her not to drink the wine.

Talking with Colin MacPhail

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding, everyone was celebrating with a grand party as Elisabeth and Philip had their first dance. Mary greeted people, with Aylee by her side for any help she may need. Colin MacPhail made an appearance and gave her a glass of wine to cheer with him, remember the warning from earlier only pretended to have a sip. Spontaneously Mary decided to head to the dance floor for some more fun.

That night the Consummation ceremony was about to take place. Mary and her friends decided to spy of the event. Once they decided they'd watched enough and long before it's over they all ran off in separate directions. Scared and excited at what they just watched. Mary went back to the wedding party that was dying down and saw Francis. Francis apologized, but soon they were fighting again. Francis told her he was allowed to do what he wanted and she needs to follow the rules. He also informs her, they would only marry if it is right for France.

"Love is irrelevant to people like us. We, who are so privileged in so many ways, but that."
Prince Francis

That night Mary was woken by a presence in her room, she opened her eyes to see Colin on top of her, attempting to rape her so she would be ineligible to wed Francis. Mary screamed and Colin was immediately taken away.

Mary informed her friends what happened to her the night, and Everyone was unsure how to react. This visibly hurts Lola. Mary decided to talk to Colin herself, as Lola told them he'd already told her, someone with power forced him to try and rape his Queen.

Something's up!

Mary sought an audience with the king and Queen of France, requesting to speak to Colin herself. They both encourage her it was a bad idea, and Catherine told her not to give mercy as the man tried to rape her. Mary demands to see her subject, but king Henry told her it was too late, Colin was executed at dawn. Mary regrets having to inform Lola. Back in her chambers, Mary tells them the news, and Lola blamed Mary for what happened. Mary tried to calm her and promises to protect them, but none of the girls said a word. Mary left and was happy to see Bash had found Stirling. He asked if she was doing alright, and told her to be careful while here at court.

The next day Francis and Mary met again in the gardens. They almost shared their first kiss but ended up not.

"You are not the only one with a country to think of!"
Queen Mary

Mary was outside alone in the dark. She wished to thank whoever helped her. Lightning flashed and behind Mary was the silhouette of a girl, but it quickly disappeared.

Worst night ever!

It's early morning and Mary covers the sleeping Lola up with more covers in her bed. Sara D'Piro announces the rest of the girls and Mary ushers them all outside to let Lola stay asleep.

In the hallway, the girls talked about the previous events and question the horror of France. The king and Queen told Mary there was an English plot, Aylee reminds everyone that Colin told Lola that someone at court forced him to poison Mary's drink and later attack her in her chambers. Mary has to figure out who’s against her marriage to Francis, besides the English.

In the throne room Queen Catherine and King Henry are talking about their 2nd son's future wife. A young French noble his own age whos family has lots of money and are loyal. Mary and her ladies-in-waiting have already arrived. When Henry agrees about Prince Charles wife Catherine tells him the young Lady Madeleine has her own giraffe, and if he's good, then once they are wed she will get him his own giraffe too.

Prince Francis, is order to go to show respect, to the young Lady Madeleine who will be traveling ship to meet with her new fiancé. Mary suggests she comes along too since she too was once sent far away from home as a young child. Catherine tries to them convince Henry that maybe Madeleine should just meet them all here since it's a several hour journey. Henry laughs and thinks Mary going is a fine idea and sends them all on their way.

"You know that Bash isn't really your brother. Just your father's son."
Queen Catherine

Who are they?!

Hours later Francis wakes Mary since they have arrived. Francis helps Mary out of the carriage but they are both stopped in their tracks with the sight of a large English war ship on their borders. Francis orders Mary and his little brother back to the carriage as he believes this is an attack on Mary, he then ordered the archers to take aim.

Sebastian rides up on his horse and orders everyone to stand down. Explaining that the English ship took on water and was helped by the French. They have sent their envoy Simon Westbrook ahead to cour to explain the situation already.

"If they're lying they'll have his head!"

Once tensions die down Madeleine presents herself as a perfect lady, but the shy Charles stands back. Mary goes forward to introduce herself to the young girl and explain who she is. She then walks over with her to Charles who gives her a flower he found on the ground and they both greet each other more proper.

Later at Court, Mary is surrounded by her Ladies-in-waiting when she sees the dashing English envoy Simon Westbrook. Who slyly questions why she isn't already married to Francis, and that even two young 7-year olds have a date for their own wedding. Mary becomes frustrated with him and tries to leave. She is greeted by Francis who smooths out the situations between the three of them. When they are along he tells Mary that Simon is only doing this to see her reactions, so she cannot react. Instead, Francis offers his hand for a dance, to which Mary humbly accepts.

Your friend is an escaped convict!

The next day Queen Catherine and King Henry inform Mary about the runaway Colin MacPhail. Claiming that he was working with the English, and that is why she was attacked by him. She also informs the younger Queen not to worry, and the French soldiers will find him, wherever he hides. Mary then requests since Colin is her subject that he be brought to her once he has been found.

Outside at a picnic for the newly engaged couple, Mary and Francis are talking to each other while watching a blindfolded Charles and Madeleine play a game. Catherine and Henry walk out both looking lovely, but then Catherine is snubbed when Henry begins talking to another woman. Kenna asks who he’s talking to and Greer tell her whomever he likes.

Mary points to Charles, saying he's not listening to Madeleine, but Francis insists, Madeleine isn't speaking loud enough. Sure enough soon after, Madeleine stomps over to Charles and takes off his blindfold, annoyed he couldn't distinguish her voice from the others. Their conversation becomes heated when Mary relays the information about Colin, saying it was someone from Court in a high position. Francis becomes angry with her, suggesting that it might be one of his parents, more specifically his own mother.

"I had their word that we would be married. I'm not sure words mean anything here."
Queen Mary

Sebastian and Mary are talking, and Mary asks how Colin could have escaped the dungeon and he informs her how. He assures her they will have trouble finding him as he’s had a big head start and the French fear the forest. He promises to go look on her behalf.

Hmm, something's not right

Later Mary tried to talk to Charles about why Madeleine was upset with him, but she sees him running away from a possible figure. Mary questions who he was talking to and Charles tells Mary about his friend Clarissa who lives in-between the castle walls and is annoyed he can't play with her now. Mary becomes interested in knowing more about Clarissa but holds off on her questions.

Mary heads back to her chambers early and is surprised to see a servant girl trying on her dress. She becomes startled as she has been caught in the Queen of Scotland's clothing. The woman panics as Mary asked her what she was doing, but before she could answer Megara cried out in pain. Crying that her skin was on fire as she falls to the ground, telling Mary to stay away. Mary ran for help, and when she returns, frantic with Francis and guards she is shock to see the woman is nowhere in sight. Mary becomes a little hysteric, someone else has tried to kill her again, and how could someone carry a dead body out of her room and no one sees anything. Francis promises her they will figure this out. He orders the guards out and to find the missing servant look, to search the whole castle.

Mary informs Francis of the secret passageway that's in her room. Possibly someone came into her room that way. Francis informs her most are dead ends and have been blocked off for years.

I'm scared...

Francis tells Mary that the English envoy has been questioned and come up clean. Francis they question her about his brother, and Mary tells him he’s gone to look for Colin, Francis becomes worried when he realizes her not back yet. When he left Mary is approached by all of her ladies-in-waiting. They inform her that all their guards were posted outside their doors and saw nothing. No one saw a dead girl.

That night when Mary is alone she goes back to the passage and asks if the person who has been helping her is named Clarissa, as she rolls some marble down the empty stone hallway. One marble is rolled back. Mary asks if she's in danger and if the English or the Queen wants her dead. Two marbles come back. Before Mary can ask anymore questions, Clarissa runs off, scared to answer more questions.

Back at the castle, Mary decides to confront Simon so she enters his chambers unannounced. There she is very shocked to see him in bed with the dead servant girl. She too looks startled and tries to hid her face. Simon on the other hand, it is very amused by all this. Mary becomes angry at him and accuses him of staging the servant girls death to terrorize her and that he is working with the English to keep scaring her so she won't try to take England.

Are you trying to kill me Sir?

Simmon more or less agrees, talking about his own Queen Mary and tells Mary to watch herself more carefully. Mary tells him he’s working with Queen Catherine, and Simmon tells her it would be a lot easier if he was.

Francis tells Mary that Colin is indeed dead. And she now has no proof agents the English. Mary confides that she believes his mother is agents her. Mary tells him she’s leaving to go back to Scotland. She is scared for her life.

"My mother will understand. I can't bring home any armies and I can't wed any kings if I'm dead."
Queen Mary

Mary is standing outside overlooking the water when Francis approaches her. He apologies for his earlier actions. Mary tells him that she is positive her mother is harassing her, and Francis promises he believes her and that they will deal with his mom and the English together. He takes her hand and they both smile.

King Henry II announced the Tudor Queen was dying. She had not named her successor but many believe the rightful heir to the English throne should be Queen Mary Stuart. The second England's queen dies, King Henry wanted Mary Stuart to make her claim. Her marriage to Prince Francis would be moved up as it would strengthen her claim, and would show Europe that Mary Stuart had the might of France at her side.

King Henry II stated a new condition of Scotland and France's marriage alliance is that Mary Stuart delivers England to France. Support from The Vatican made him think he could get it, However, Queen Catherine cautioned Princess Elizabeth would have support too. Armies she'd been gathering for years. Laying claim to England could cost Mary Stuart her head, as it did Lady Jane Grey.

When the English Queen dies, so would Henry the VIII's legitimate line, as Mary Stuart is his next relation by blood, because Elizabeth is King Henry VIII's daughter by Anne Boleyn and her parents' marriage was never recognized by The Catholic Church, because in God's eyes, she doesn't even exist. Elizabeth is Protestant and The Pope doesn't want to lose a nation to Protestantism. However, a Scottish Queen on the English throne, a daughter born of one of Henry's wives, dismissed would cause uprisings and wars.

King Henry told Mary Stuart that she would lay claim to England once the English Queen, Mary I was dead.

Marie de Guise wants Mary Stuart to go after England, and Scotland wants her on the throne of England. They know it's a risk, but less with Prince Francis at her side. Scotland wants Mary Stuart to wed the next King of France without delay.

The Vatican supports Mary Stuart's claim to the English throne. However, Mary Stuart would only agree if Sebastian was named King Henry's heir. Mary and Sebastian's ascent to the throne would not be official until The Pope agreed. King Henry decided to go to Rome himself, to ensure the marriage of future King and Queen of France, Scotland, and England.

Unfortunately, Queen Catherine would never agree to an annulment, thus her execution was scheduled, and Henry was preparing to mary Diane de Poitiers. When King Henry dies, Bash would become Wing. If Bash is survived by King Henry and Queen Catherine's children, the line of succession will revert back to King Henry's sons by Catherine.

Mary Stuart questioned if her cousin Princess Elizabeth's life was in danger for being born a bastard.

Making things work

Mary greets Sebastian, who was out in the stables grooming his horse. He informs her that she missed their early morning ride together. She apologizes and says she was unable to sleep the night before. He cautions her to stop worrying about what The Vatican's choice will be, as it will only cause her sleepless nights, and not change their decision. She agrees, then brings up the topic of Queen Catherine. Saying how she doesn't want the boys to be affected by what is going on. She tells Bash she wants to take the two younger Prince’, just the three of them to the winter festival. So they know they are not feeling left behind.

On the way to the festival Mary, Prince Charles, Prince Henri, and Bash are all having a nice conversation. However, Charles asks what will happen to his mother. Mary tells him not to think about it. Their conversation comes to a halt when there carried becomes surrounded by peasants. They are rioters and do not wish to see the young Princ's bloodline on the throne. They begin to shake and rattle the carriage, as she, Charles, and Henry fall to the floor, and Charles screens.

Later that day, Mary goes to Queen Catherine's jail room. She informs them of what happened to her sons. She is very upset, but Mary calmly informs her, they are both fine. And that they were staying well protected under her, and will stay that way when the Queen is gone. Mary also informs the Queen that she has hopes of interrogating Clarissa into society. Catherine scoffs at her and tells her it will never happen. That she is more animal than human now.

Mary mad at Bash

Mary is beside Bash, as they continue their conversation with Lord Hugo. He has since changed his alliance and is now on the same side as the King. Claiming she knows how to pick sides. Mary doesn't appear to trust him, but let him and Bash talk.

Once Lord Hugo leaves conversations between Bash and Mary changes. Mary strongly believes the boy should stay at the Castle, where they would be with people they love, and well protect them. Bash doesn't think they will be protected at French Court and thinks it would be much safer if sent off to be totally. The two fight, both angry at the others choice, and Mary says some mean and hurtful things to Bash. He then promises to double the guards and walks away before adding to the fire.

Bash and Mary walking alone, with Prince Charles, and Prince Henry, everyone is all bundled up for the winter. Bash shows Mary how he has brought the winter festival to the castle. As they could not go to it, he brought it to them. The boys run off to grab masks, and Mary apologizes has she acted earlier. Bash quickly forgives her, and they kiss. Charles then calls Mary over to help him with his mask.

Missing children

During the winter festival, Kenna and Greer, alert Mary and Bash, to the now missing young princes. At reporters all the children to take off their masks, and everyone is shocked that the boys are missing.

In the Castle Mary orders for ladies to send out more guards, and find Lord Hugo. Bash pulls her aside and informs her that the boys are not missing. But that he has had them quietly taken, and he is moving them to Italy for their safety. Mary is extremely upset with him, and he tries to calm her down, seeing how he thinks this is right, and there are checkpoints along the way of people couple checking with him.

A man is brought before them, and it is insinuated that he took the boys. The man then says, what sounds like is a reversed line. Bash then agrees the man should be taken to the dungeon. Him and the guards leave, and Mary looks shocked.

Queen Catherine confronts Mary. Telling her she warned her of the unrest that would result from changing the line of succession. Once The Vatican legitimizes Sebastian, King Henry will take off her head, and her other sons, Prince Charles and Prince Henri will be orphans. Mary reminds her,t ey have a father. Catherine asks how much attention does she think they'll get from him as he cavorts with his new bride Diane? As for Bash, as soon as he takes power, he will face unrelenting pressure to do away with them, Mary promises to never let that happen.

Mary and Bash are shocked to see, Queen Catherine out of her jail cell, and it Mary's room. She insists she is not here to hurt them and only wants to make sure her children are safe and warning them of the unrest that would result from changing the line of succession. Once The Vatican legitimizes Sebastian, King Henry will take off her head, and her other sons, Prince Charles and Prince Henri will be orphans. Mary reminds her, they have a father. Catherine asks how much attention does she think they'll get from him as he cavorts with his new bride Diane? As for Bash, as soon as he takes power, he will face unrelenting pressure to do away with them, Mary promises to never let that happen. They all follow Bash to the forest, as he knows it best.

They check in the last checkpoint and see the dead driver. Everyone is worried, and they follow the sound of the screen, down by the lake.

All three washed down, and are horrified to see Clarissa with two boys. They try to run to the mother, but Charles is stopped by Clarissa, who has a knife to his throat. Catherine tries to reason with Clarissa, as does Mary. While Catherine is talking to her daughter, Clarissa threatens to kill them all, so that they can be together in death. Mary eventually picks up a large rock in smashes Clarissa over the head with it. She falls to the ground, and Mary instantly regrets her decision. She holds Clarissa’s hand, and she takes her last breath. Mary cries over her friend.

Possibly just murdered someone!

Mary and the Queen of France, have one last conversation. Catherine informs her, she did what she had to do. They both seem to respect each other a little more, before Catherine is taken away, back to jail.

Mary is back in her room, standing by the fireplace. Bash enters and they embrace. Mary tells him she's sick of making the right, and the safe choices. And regardless of what The Vatican said, they should just marry. Bash tells her that this isn’t right, and instead gets done on one knee, and proposes to the Queen of Scotland. Both agreeing, they were married the next day. Regardless of what the Catholic Church says.

Mary and Sebastian walked together through the busy court hallways. Taking note of Catherine’s preparations for her own funeral. Catherine was quite annoyed with the flower preparations. The young couple eavesdropped on the King and Queen's conversation. Apparently, the king wasn't pleased with how much money was spending on her funeral. Catherine seemed only to mildly care and was interested in negotiating if it meant she could get more of what she really wanted.

Everyone at court was interrupted by the sounds of trumpets. Sebastian informed her this meant a royal visitor had arrived. To Mary's delight her mother and shown up in France to see her. Marie de Guise looked at the French court, and noted it had gone to hell upon seeing the chopping block in the throne room. However, Mary was too excited to care.

Mary and her mother

In Mary's chamber rooms she tried to explain the situation of marrying Sebastian over Francis to her mother. Her mother didn't understand why she had chosen to marry a bastard over the Crown Prince of France. Mary tried to explain to her about Nostradamus, but she seemed to pay no head to her words on the subject. Mary, not wanting to fight tried to change the topic of conversation. Her mother then made her feel guilty over not seeing her and reminded her she saw her for her 11th birthday regardless of how hard it had been for her. Mary understood her mother was running a country for her, even feeling bad when her mother brought up the Protestant and Catholic fighting. Mary once again felt the pressure to take England, so stayed quiet. Mother then told her she just wanted her to be happy regardless of who she married. Mary knew her mother was lying to her.

"I saw you on your 11th birthday. Half the crew died along the way, but I was there. Gift in hand."
Marie de Guise

As soon as her mother left, Mary went directly to Bash. As much as she loved and adored her mother, she knew when she was being manipulated and lied to. She told Bash they had to marry that day or else her mother would stop them.

Excited to marry Bash!

Soon Bash was ready to leave, he promised her he would find them a church and a Priest. She wanted to go with him, but Bash said it would look suspicious if they both left. He promised her he could do this, and if he wasn't backed by new he had found their Priest, and she was to meet him so they could marry by sundown. She kissed him one last time before he left.

Mary told her ladies in waiting about her and Sebastian's plans to marry that day. Greer went and got her a gorgeous, handmade vial. She promised it would conceal her identity from the Priest, so they can keep their wedding a secret. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Lola. She explained to them how her carriage had been swept away, and that while in Paris she had run into Francis. All three women left, to give the ex-lovers some time to talk. Before Mary could really say anything, Frances explained he was only there to save his mother. He didn't want to look like he was pining away for his crown and certainly didn't want to see their wedding ceremony.

Sebastian had not returned by sundown, so Mary rode on horseback to meet him at their meeting place ready to marry him. However, when she arrived at the graveyard she was very surprised to see Sebastian and his brother Francis punching each other. Exhausted from fighting the other, Frances blurted out they could now be married, that Nostradamus's visions had changed. Bash pleaded with her, that they too could still marry. Unsure what to do Mary had all three of them returned to the castle.

Whom to marry!

Furious Mary stormed into Katherine's chambers. She demanded to know what the woman was playing at. Her life was not a game. Queen Catherine tried to explain to her how Nostradamus's visions had changed. Mary did not believe her, as her head was literally on the chopping block and she had so much to lose. Catherine explained she would never put the lives of her children before her. To prove this she then cut her wrist. If Mary didn't believe her she could let her die, or she could call for help, it was her choice. However, if she died, then Mary would know she was telling the truth. Believing her Mary came to stop the bleeding. The two Queens were interrupted by a servant who announced the King was requesting their presence.

In The Throne Room an excited King Henry told everyone how the Queen of England had died. She had passed away in the middle of the night and had left no successor. Henry demanded Mary pick one of his sons to wed. He also demanded she do it that night. Mary exclaimed to the king she would not be bullied into a choice.

Mary was once again back in her chambers, she wished to see no one as she had a difficult choice to make. However, Queen Catherine entered her room anyway. She told her that a choice from The Vatican had come through and handed her the folded letter. Catherine told her she understood she loved both men but was positive she loved her son more. Catherine told her whoever she was going to marry was on that piece of paper and told her to open it and read it. Mary was scared, the Queen told her to do it anyway. When she finally did open the paper, she was relieved to see it was empty. Catherine had given her a blank piece of paper, to see in her heart-of-hearts who she loved more.

I can no longer marry you...

Mary then had a very difficult task ahead of her. She slowly went to Sebastian's room ready to tell him her decision. Mary holding back her tears informed Bash she could not marry him. Bash tried to reason with her, reminding her that while she was with him, she could be whoever she wanted to be, and was free and wild. He reminded her that he would never put anyone, or anything before her and that he loved her. Mary begged him to stop, knowing how true his words were. But he demanded she explaine why, why she was leaving him. Mary finally confessed she loved him but loved his brother more.

Mary ran to tell Francis the good new. She ran into his arms and told Frances she loved him, and that she chose him. She tried to explain about the blank piece of paper, but he didn't quite understand, but they hugged and kissed anyway. She made France's promise to protect his brother, for he would be punished for reaching for the crown. She knew it was mostly her fault and needed Francis to do this for her. He promised he would, and the newly engaged couple kissed again.

Not long after telling Francis, Mary was in her room preparing for their wedding. Her mother told her how happy she was and gave her earrings her father had once given to her. She reminded her to have sons as quickly as she could, even though Scotland had done just fine without any.

Ready to marry!

Wedding music played as Mary walked down the aisle towards Francis for their wedding. She was dressed in her handmade, white, and gorgeously flowing wedding dress. She walked in the aisle with a smile, as her ladies in waiting walked five paces behind her. When she reached Francis they held hands as they turned to kneel before the Priest. Their wedding ceremony certificate was brought before them both. Francis signed at first, followed by Mary’s signature. With that, the ceremony began.

Awkward situations

Hours later the newly married couple ran into the banquet hall. Music played and they danced to their first song together. Soon the crowd joined in. Later when Mary was getting something to eat, her mother approached her and coyly informed her that the Queen of England was not actually dead. Mary was very upset with her mother, not only lying to her, and the French court, but she had been forced to break Sebastian's heart because of that. Her mother told her they would both get over it, and that Bash was nothing to worry about. This angered her and Mary demanded her motherly leave French court that night. She never wanted to see her again unless she was dead. Her mother left France that night.

"All happiness comes with a price. You paid yours with another’s broken heart."
Marie de Guise

Not long after that Mary entered Francis’ is room for the bedding ceremony. Royals, nobles, and their priest had all gathered to witness their consummation. However, not long into it, Mary noticed Sebastian had entered. Francis saw her looking so he looked too. Wanting Francis to ignore his brother's presence, Mary continued to kiss his neck.

Let's make babies!

Mary and Francis rode side-by-side in their white carriage on the way back to the castle. It was snowing and Francis maybe if she was so quiet because she was cold. She confessed to him that she wished she could go two months back in time, to when they were first getting married in Paris. He told her that everything would be all right, as his mother was no longer against them. Mary wondered if Bash was happy, and Francis changed the subject to their dreams of growing a family.

Mary arrived in French Court with Francis by her side. Her ladies in waiting were all there to greet her, all happy for the two lovebirds safe and sound return. Their reunion was short-lived as Queen Catherine interrupted requesting to speak to her side and private. Mary warned Francis that the backstabbing and murdering was about to begin.

go make babies

Mary went back to her chambers and showed her friends the gifts she had gotten them. They were all trying on the addresses, and Kenna seemed to like her white dress. Lola came outside looking and said her trust did not fit. Mary not wanting her to feel bad, assured her it was nothing and that she would have the tailor take it out for her. She then offered them some of the candy she had brought back. She was very surprised to see be Lola have denied herself the treat. Not wanting her friend to feel bad about her weight, Mary insisted she had one as they were her favorites.

Mary was called into Queen Catherine's room. Getting right to the point she asked her if she was pregnant. Saying she wasn't, Mary tried to remind her it had only been two months. Cautious as ever Queen Catherine gave her creams and potions to use. Promising they would help with fertilizing her. She messed up in one of the ointments she gave her and took it back to switch it. However, King Henry who asked for the room interrupted them. And Mary sheepishly left.

You gotta go Bash!

Later that night Mary was very surprised to find Bash in her chambers. She asked him why he was in her room and not in Spain. He blurted out he thought his brother Francis had tried to have him killed. Mary tried to rationalize with him, reminding him of how much they had loved each other. However, he still insisted his brother had tried to have him killed, saying it wouldn't take much for the future King. If he had been too angry in the moment, all it would have taken is a single moment, the look to his guards, and not of his head, that's all. Again Mary tried to calm him down, but she got angry at him when he threatened to kill Frances if she found out he was behind his attempted murder. Mary told him to mind his tongue, I reminded him that that was her husband. Sebastian warned her and told her that if she had any doubts to put a candle in her window and that he would come. That they could meet at the place they first cast.

That night when Francis came into their room, Mary wanted to tell him about the adventure she had had with his mother. However, he was quite angry and cut her off. He wanted to know why she had been talking to his guards. She decided to confess that Bash had been in their room. That he thought his own brother had tried to kill him. This made Francis upset. He asked if she believed, it didn't matter what Bash said, and reminded her that he could make a plan evidence, all that mattered is if she believed him. She said she did, but Francis was still angry and he left. Telling her he knew they would meet up again.

Dirty Laundry -32 Mary n Kenna.png
The next day on Kenna was telling Mary how the death of the Duchess had affected her in getting engaged. When they entered Lola’s room there was surprised to find out from her maid that she had already left early in the morning, wearing her riding clothes. The of them were sure where she went until Kenna confessed she knew.

Mary met up with Bash on the edge of The Blood Wood. She told him it was of the utmost importance that she gets through it and find Lola before she made a horrible mistake. She made him promise to stay back and not come into the room, as she didn't want Lola feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

This must kill you

Mary made it to the barn in time to find low. She excuses the woman away so they could talk. She tried to tell her that getting an abortion was too dangerous and that it could even kill her. So told her she didn't understand, and that if she only understood. Mary finally put two and two together. She asked the crying loan if the father of her baby was Francis. She confessed it was.

Outside the barn Bash what was waiting for her. She thanked for helping him but warned him he should be in Spain. He said that he could not leave because he loved her. Mary tried to make him understand that she was married. The subject changed back to Francis, and Mary told him that if he was to hate someone, he should really be hating her. He confessed that that was not possible.

fix this!

Back at the Castle Mary and Lola talk. Mary demanded to know how this could have happened, and how she, her friend could have done this to her. She said it happened while they were in Paris, and that Mary had been with Bash at the time. This fear he ate it Mary, as Lola was not only her lady, her friend, and knew she was still in love with Francis, though asked if she could have some time to figure out her options. Many told her she wasn't comfortable with lying to her husband. That night Mary laid awake looking at Francis. Wondering what to tell him.

The Duke of Guise arrived and was greeted by Francis and his niece Queen Mary. To no surprise, the King, and Queen of France had not come to welcome him. He was not surprised given how they left things, and the two younger royals not to bother with niceties towards him, as he is not interested. He also let them knew, that he already knew King Henry was unstable.

Queen Mary Tudor died and named her younger sister, Princess Elizabeth the new Queen of England.

Mary Stuart wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth, stating that she wanted peace with her cousin and her country, and for that, she's willing to relinquish her claim on England forever. For if Mary Stuart staked her claim, thousands of people would die to try and make it good. Either Elizabeth or Mary Stuart would end up losing their heads. Mary Stuart was content with being the Queen of Scotland and future Queen of France.

King Henry said they'd take time to celebrate Calais, but mobilization had already begun. He wants to attack England within the week, and slay Queen Elizabeth and put Mary on the throne.

Season 2

The Duke of Guise arrived back at French Court, months after fleeing during The Black Plague. He arrived at Court and had a short conversation with his niece, Queen Mary. She scolded him for leaving and leaving her unprotected. He apologized, but Mary wasn't having any of. He briefly talked about the Bourbon brothers, and why Queen Catherine herself having gotten rid of them. Their conversation was short lived, as Queen Mary's presence was required. Mary told him he was uninvited, only family was to attend.

The Duke of Guise's high treason agents the crown is covered up in light of his murder. King Antoine, King Francis, Queen Mary, Queen Catherine, Marie de Guise, Louis Condé and Lady Lola all attend his funeral.

Season 3

Mary, King Francis and Sebastian were all wondering why King Antoine is back at French Court. Worried he'd learned of Francis illness, as a Bourbon, he'd have the best claim to the throne after Prince Charles. If he rallied his Protestant supporters, he could replace Charles as king. Bash asked to handle him. Francis told his brother that he knows he blames him for what happened with Kenna, but he would not "handle" King Antoine.

Mary is thanking God in a chapel for Francis' recovery when Francis finds her and takes her out sailing. Nicholas approaches her with a peace accord from Queen Elizabeth - French and English troops will leave Scotland as long as she signs away her claim to the English throne.

King Francis and Queen Mary are talking about the state of Scotland. Mary tells him she was going to reinstate my half brother James Stuart, a Protestant. A he is both religiously tolerant and loyal to her. So much so, that his own Protestant supporters ousted him when he refused to turn on her with Queen Elizabeth. Stating Scotland knows she could easily appoint a Catholic regent, and they'd be foolish to defy her. Assuming, of course, James wants to be reinstated. But Mary plans on writing him a very convincing letter.

Mary decided to give up her claim for herslef, and for Scotland. To give James a fighting chance to rule as regent, in a time of peace, not war. And if James ruled Scotland well, Mary would never have to go home.

She deliberates for some time before signing away her claim. She and Greer watch as new banners - without the English coat of arms - are put up in the throne room before Francis says he wants to go to Paris with her and dance at the Louvre. While in the carriage, they begin to kiss and embrace before Mary orders the carriage to stop in the woods. She takes Francis to a lake so they can swim and after swimming they make love. Mary tells him she'll bring back their lunch but on her way back with the basket, she is kidnapped by armed men who want to kill her. Francis finds her and fights the men as Mary screams for the guards. Although Francis and the guards kill most of the attackers, Francis collapses and realizes that his fate was always meant to be death. He asks her to stay in France until Catherine is regent. She promises and he dies. Queen Catherine has to pull her away from Francis' body. Grief-stricken, Mary confronts Nicholas and accuses Elizabeth of being behind the attack and throws the peace accord in the fire. She also tears down the banners in the throne room and screams. During the funeral, Narcisse informs her that the attackers had been Scottish Protestant radicals. When Francis' casket is pulled away she walks behind it instead of riding in the carriage. A few weeks later, she returns the crown to Catherine.

Mary meets with her new Scottish advisors, Lord Cunningham. He brings pressing news from home. The blight destroyed the barley crop in the southern region. James had reallocated the country's grain reserves, as Mary suggested?, but retreating English soldiers plundered the crops and took them just over the border, where Elizabeth has amassed her troops and The Scots are starting to panic. Last week some men crossed into England and raided the soldiers' camps to get the barley back, they did not succeed, and eight Scotish people were captured.

Mary, Lord Cunningham, and Lord Rutherford pick up the conversation a few days later. Lord Rutherford states the have been loyal to Mary's rule, even after she withdrew the troops protecting the borders. But her brother James can only command so much power. What the Scots need now is their queen. Everyone in Scotland is starving.

After Don Carlos falls and cracks his head, Queen Catherine and Mary are paniking on what to do. Catherine tells Mary she better pray he dies, as his father is the most powerful, most pious monarch in the world. The prince could convince him the machine was something that she and Francis used to use, and Mary introduced it to the prince and invited her in as a participant. And nothing would save them from Spain's wrath.

Mary found out Duke of Alba knows about Don Carlos' bedroom hobbies. Queen Catherine tells them, they too helped hide the prince's predilections from his father, fearing he would disown his son, the countries only heir to the throne. Mary promised to do nothing with the information. Saying she's in the market for a husband and wanted to remain removed from scandal. In return, Duke of Alba will say while on a stroll, the prince wanted to pick wildflowers for Mary. He climbed a wall, slipped, and cracked his skull, all for the love of Queen Mary.

Days later, Mary asks to take Don Carlos out to the gardens, but Duke of Alba declines her. Don Carlos is not to be seen byanyone until his father decides what to do, Spain is the mightiest country on Earth.

Duke of Alba agrres to the marriage. As who would be kinder to him than Mary, certainly not the prideful King Philip would lock him out of sight forever. In his state, Don Carlos has no marriage prospects. Spain will see Mary's acceptance of his condition as a win.

Spain is willing to reject Queen Elizabeth's offer of marriage, if Queen Mary agrees to grant her husband The Crown Matrimonial. If Mary dies childless, the Crown Matrimonial guarantees Don Carlos remains king of Scotland. King Philip makes the request most respectfully, as Spain is offering Scotland so much in return.

Later, Queen Catherine banished Don Carlos from France. Adding if he tries to turn King Philip against France, if he attacks France or Mary in any way, she will not hesitate to share with his father the ghastly details of his visit.

Mary and Gideon Blackburn are both frustrated with Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth holds his daughter hostage, and then she keeps changing the price on her freedom. Mary tells him Gideon's spy Jeffrey will be returning to England soon, let him bring news to Elizabeth that she, the lonely, brokenhearted Queen has been seduces Gideon. Convince her that Gideon controls her, and he'll have something to bargain with, to force Elizabeth to let him see Agatha.

Weeks later, Gideon tells her the Queen is happy. Jeffrey reported their evening together, and Elizabeth's considering dates he might be allowed to travel home.

Weeks later, Mary tells Gideon she received news in a letter from Lola, Elizabeth is keeping her word. His daughter is coming to France. Gideon kisses Mary after she delivers the news to him.

Gideon Blackburn warned Mary that Queen Elizabeth would see her raising a Catholic army as an act of aggression. Even if it was to stop John Knox. As The Vatican has been determined to reclaim England ever since she turned the country Protestant after Mary Tudor her Catholic sister died.

Mary and Robert Dudley are courting each other in France. Mary shoots an arrow, directly in the middle of her targed. Robert tells her it is impressive, asking where she learned to shoot like that. Mary tells him, her late husband. He thought it was a skill that would serve her well. She adds, it's funny, the two of them on a date. Both knowing they've already had their one true loves.

Mary begain looking for any Catholic males in the line of succession. The most likely candidate was distant cousin of her and Elizabeth's named Joseph Tudor. After Mary Tudor died and Queen Elizabeth turned England Protestant, Joseph fled to France. Joseph Tudor appealed to King Henry and Queen Catherine for asylum when Elizabeth took the throne and started persecuting all of Mary Tudor's Catholic supporters. As France is a Catholic monarchy, King Henry granted him sanctuary.

Mary told Sebastian how she remembered first coming to Court. Stepping out of the carriage, everyone lined up to welcome her. She was so nervous, but at least she had her friends, Kenna, Aylee, Greer, Lola.

Mary and Lord Narcisse are in a fight after the shipwreck. Mary promises after he can go back to England, to return Lola home, and she will go to Edinburgh, to meet the regent and her half-brother James, who will restore here as Scotland's Queen.

Season 4

Greer arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland in time for Lola's funeral. She left Rose Castleroy behind in France with her husband, Aloysius Castleroy. Mary prepares her eulogy for Lola's funeral. Staying how Lola Fleming Narcisse was a mother and a wife. She was her lady and her dear, dear friend, and she shall never be forgotten. However, during the funeral, Mary became ill and had to leave early. Asking Greer to stay behind with Lola's parents.

Lady Keira and Lord Darnley wanted to get married. However, Lady Keira is promised to Lord White by her family. When Lord Darnley is summoned to English Court by Queen Elizabeth she brokers a deal with him.

Mary received a letter from Gideon Blackburn. Informng her John Knox was behind the assassination attempt on Elizabeth. He'd forged a letter in Mary's handwriting ordering Lola to kill Elizabeth. [1]

James Stuart tells his sister Mary he made a mistake. He failed to tell her about Knox's involvement in Lola's death because her didn't trust her leadership.

Mary tries to talk Greer into staying in Scotland. Telling her, since she'd arrived, she'd felt very alone with no one to turn to. She also adds she had to respond officially to Lola's involvement in the assassination attempt against Elizabeth. And had no choice but to confiscate her family's lands. But she still wants them taken care of, so she wants Greer, and Castleroy to move to Scotland and manage their lands for them.

Emily Knox was first seen during a function for the ladies of Scotland Court with Queen Mary in attendance. She mistakenly tried on a white belt believing it was a shocker. A few of the ladies secretly mocked her and gossiped about her sex life with her husband John Knox.

Lord Darnley promises not to marry Queen Marry, and in return, Queen Elizabeth will pay off Keira's dowry to her family so she and Lord Darnley can marry. However, before the sum could be paied in secret by a single horseman, Lord Narcisse arranged his murder. [2]

Elizabeth and Gideon brought up Mary, and Gideon Blackburn asked to marry Mary, with Elizabeth's blessing. Gideon insisted Mary was not like her, or even Catherine. She never angled to be Queen, and was crowned at six days old, and it had cost her everything. Her husband, King Francis, whom she adored, and her best friend, Lola. She only wanted is to be happy and have a family, now power.

Lady Lennox told Mary that what Mary sees as a solution for peace, she see as her demise. After Queen Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn's execution, after her sister Mary Tudor imprisoned her, even after the most recent attempt on her life, Elizabeth will never rest easy. It is not in her nature. [3]

Mary and Lady Greer were enjoying the sunshine while eating fruit. Mary told Greer she'd help her set up her home for when Rose and Castleroy arrived from France. She added she could see why Lola spoke of her childhood in Scotland so fondly. And now Greer's daughter would get to experience the same.

Mary and James Stuart recieved another letter from "Loyal Watchman" warning of Lord Darnley's. Mary told her brother to find out who he was, and start with John Knox. He had schemed with letters before, and the outcome cost Lola her life. James agrees to bring up the matter with Emily Knox.

Of the arriving guest to witness Mary and Darnley's Catholic wedding, few are as important as Lucrezia de' Medici. She lends legitimacy and strength both to Queen Mary's Scottish rule and Queen Mary and Lord Darnley's joint claims to the English Throne. [4]

However, after Lord Darnley jokingly insulted King Francis, Lucrezia withdrew her support and set sail for the following day back to Florence. Mary was very upset over this because if the Duchess left, she took her support and the promise of funding with her. Lucrezia agreed to reconsider if she was given the lands belonging to Lord Theodore Davies. The lands were quite valuable, and come with a title, The Earldom of Menteith. Only with this exchange would she continue supporting Mary's rule.

After a day of misadventures, Queen Mary and Lord Bothwell were able to acquiring the Davies Estate' papers. With that, Lucrezia was pleased to continue the alliance between Florence and Scotland.

Unbeknown to Lucrezia, Lord Bothwell insured the papers by offering Lord Theodore Davies his choice of five of Bothwell's favourite horses, on top of Queen Mary's offer. [4]

Mary's second wedding was rushed as she needed a husband, and Lord Darnley was both English and from the House of Tudor.

Mary and Darnley were married in a small celebration at Hollyrood Palace. With Queen Catherine in attendance representing the Kingdom of France, showing their union for this Chaotic Wedding.

Mary tells Greer she is pregnant with King Darnley's child. Telling her, only Darnley knows, and she's also told James Stuart before he left. Greer Apologies for being hard on Mary about James. Mary tells her it's alright. In trying to protect her throne, she put her brother in a dangerous position that ended with his banishment.

Mary and Darnley are talking about Lord Bothwell. The man who despises Darnley, and Mary invited him to Court. Mary tells him after James left she was upset and needed someone she could trust.

Mary and John Knox get into a big argument. Mary demands to know, how can he call yourself a man of God when he uses the suffering of others to further his political agenda. Knox tells Mary she schemes for power, she married a traitor in King Darnley, she betrayed her brother James Stuart, stripping him of his land and title, and banishing him to save herself, and she was responsible for the deceit that led to James' involvement in Lord Hamilton's death.

Lord Ruthven and King Darnley were both involved, and Ruthven even lead the murder of David Rizzio in place of the missing Lord Bothwell in front of the very pregnant Queen Mary. [5]

The next morning, Lord Bothwell and his men took back the castle from Lord Ruthven and his army. For the crimes of high treason and insurrection against the crown and the murder of David Rizzio, Lord Ruthven was sentenced to death, by Queen Mary. [6]

Lord Narcisse arrived in Scotland, telling Queen Mary he'd come for revenge for Lola, and wanted to take what John Knox held most dear. Mary tells him, Catherine had informed her he'd been there at the end. She added she was thankful Lola wasn't alone. But also added Knox would pay, but not by Narcisse's hand. His followers would be quick to blame her if he were to die or disappear under mysterious circumstances. Narcisse assures Mary, there will be no repercussions for your Crown, Catherine was very clear, insistent upon it.

Lord Narcisse returned to Scottish Court to say goodbye to Mary. Mary said she was surprised to see him, it could be some time until John Knox was brought to justice for Lola. Narcisse left Mary with a parting gift. Telling her she was still free to take legal steps against Knox, but he'd taken what Knox valued the most, his testicles. Mary told him he was a monster, and his vile act would not ease his pain. Narcisse insisted revenge was not meant to ease pain, it was meant to balance the scales. Because he will live with the pain of Lola's death for the rest of his life, but now, he had made sure everyone responsible for it would forever suffer too. Mary realized Narcisse was behind Gideon Blackburn's poisoning because Elizabeth loved Gideon, and now, she knew what it felt like to lose the one she loved the most. Mary banishes Narcisse from Court.

Mary gave birth to a son, who was later to be King James VI and I. However, her son was later abducted by her husband King Darnley

Although Prince James was later found unharmed and returned to Mary, she made a decision to kill her husband with aid of Lord Bothwell. When the plan go awry and her implication was found out by John Knox, she was arrested. [7]

In the subsequent fast-forward, Mary was seen in captivity of her archenemy Queen Elizabeth, and after she received a message from her son King James Stuart that there will be no reprieve, she was beheaded. [7]

Family Tree

Henry Tudor VII
Elizabeth of York
Catherine of Aragon
King Henry Tudor VIII
Anne Boleyn
Mary Tudor
Margaret Tudor
Mary Tudor
Queen Elizabeth Tudor
Frances Brandon
King James Stuart
Lady Lennox
Lady Jane Grey
James Stuart
King Francis
Queen Mary Stuart
Lord Darnley
Prince James Stuart




  • Young Mary was portrayed by Sophie O'Brien.
  • Mary can milk a goat.

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