List of public art in Dublin

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This is a list of public art on permanent public display in Dublin, Ireland. The list applies only to works of public art accessible in a public space; it does not include artwork on display inside museums. Public art may include sculptures, statues, monuments, memorials, murals and mosaics.

Public art in Dublin is a significant feature of the cityscape. The city's statues and other monuments have a long history of controversy about their subjects and designs, and a number of formerly prominent monuments have been removed or destroyed. Some of the city's monuments have nicknames, though many are not in popular use.[1][2]

North city centre[edit]

O'Connell Street[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
OConnellMonument.JPG Daniel O'Connell O'Connell Street

53°20′52″N 6°15′34″W / 53.347725°N 6.259314°W / 53.347725; -6.259314
1882 John Henry Foley
William Smith O'Brien (Statue).JPG William Smith O'Brien O'Connell Street

53°20′54″N 6°15′34″W / 53.348250°N 6.259538°W / 53.348250; -6.259538
1870 Thomas Farrell Previously on D'Olier Street from 1870–1929
Sir John Gray.JPG Sir John Gray O'Connell Street

53°20′55″N 6°15′35″W / 53.3485433°N 6.259705°W / 53.3485433; -6.259705
1879 Thomas Farrell
Big-Jim-Larkin.jpg James Larkin O'Connell Street

53°20′57″N 6°15′36″W / 53.349085°N 6.259963°W / 53.349085; -6.259963
1980 Oisín Kelly
The Spire-doyler79.jpg Spire of Dublin O'Connell Street

53°20′59″N 6°15′37″W / 53.349803°N 6.260249°W / 53.349803; -6.260249
2003 Ian Ritchie Architects
Cúchulainn statue.jpg Cú Chulainn GPO, O'Connell Street

53°20′58″N 6°15′40″W / 53.349334°N 6.261075°W / 53.349334; -6.261075
1911 Oliver Sheppard Installed at the GPO in 1935
Father Mathew Statue O'Connell Street.JPG Father Theobald Mathew O'Connell Street 1893 Mary Redmond Removed in 2014 to make way for the Luas extension. Restored in 2018 to new location near The Spire.[3]
Memorial to Charles Parnell.jpg Charles Stewart Parnell O'Connell Street

53°21′09″N 6°15′41″W / 53.3525785°N 6.2614683°W / 53.3525785; -6.2614683
1911 Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Cathal Brugha commemorative plaque.jpg Cathal Brugha O'Connell Street
Usher statue - full body.jpg Mr. Screen Lobby of Savoy Cinema, O'Connell Street 1988 Vincent Browne Previously on Hawkins Street, outside the Screen Cinema from 1988–2016.
Sir Paweł Edmund Strzelecki (Memorial Plaque Clerys Department Store)-113492.jpg Paweł Strzelecki Sackville Place 2015

North Quays[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Famine memorial dublin.jpg Famine
Great Famine
Custom House Quay 1997 Rowan Gillespie [4]
World Poverty Stone Dublin.jpg World Poverty Stone
UN International Day for the Eradication of World Poverty
Custom House Quay 2008 Stuart McGrath [4]
FatherPatNoise.jpg Father Pat Noise memorial O'Connell Bridge 2004 Unknown [5]
The hags with the bags.jpg Meeting Place Lower Liffey Street 1988 Jackie McKenna Nicknamed "The Hags with the Bags"


Anna Livia, Croppies Memorial Park.jpg Anna Livia
The River Liffey
Croppies Acre Memorial Park,
Wolfe Tone Quay
1988 Éamonn O'Doherty Previously in O'Connell Street 1988–2001. At Wolfe Tone Quay since 2011. "The Floozie in the Jacuzzi"[8]
County Dublin - Croppies' Acre Memorial Garden (Dublin) - 20190904133656.jpg 1798 Rebellion memorial Croppies Acre Memorial Park 1998
"FLOW" by Martin Richman.jpg Flow North Wall, Dublin in front of Dublin Landings 2008 Martin Richman Recalls the banded wrapping of the freight containers that would have been shipped into this part of the River Liffey. It was commissioned by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority in 2008 to animate the Bord Gáis above Ground Installation (AGI), which is in fact a depressurisation installation for the distribution of gas within the North Lotts area in the Docklands.[9]
EPIC Ireland Entrance.jpg Triumphal arch George's Dock near river Liffey 1813, repositioned 1998 Unknown Rusticated limestone ashlar arch built in 1813 and until 1998 stood in Amiens Street until it was relocated to the newly redeveloped Custom House Quay area in 1998. A plaque attached to the arch indicates that the arch was re-dedicated to Pat O'Shea for his community work and is dated April 2002. It is said to have originally been constructed to celebrate Wellington’s victory at the Battle of Salamanca and acted for many years as the principal entrance gate to Custom House Quay.

City North East[edit]

This area of the city is bounded to the west by O'Connell Street, Parnell Square East, North Frederick Street, and Lower Dorset Street. To the north it is bounded by the Royal Canal, and to the south by the Liffey Quays. To the east it includes the North Wall.

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Joyce oconnell dublin.jpg James Joyce North Earl Street 1990 Marjorie Fitzgibbon[10] Nicknamed "The Prick with the Stick"[11][10]
Dublin Martyrs by Conall McCabe (2001).jpg Margaret Ball and Francis Taylor Cathedral Street 2001 Conall McCabe
DIT School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology detail.JPG The Three Graces Cathal Brugha Street 1941 Gabriel Hayes
The Wishing Hand, Marlborough Street, Dublin.jpg The Wishing Hand Marlborough Street 2001 Linda Brunker[12]
Talking Heads 1.jpg Talking Heads Abbey Street 1990 Carolyn Mulholland
Chariot of Life Irish Life Centre 02.jpg Chariot of Life Abbey Street 1982 Oisín Kelly
James Connolly - Dublin statue.JPG James Connolly Beresford Place 1996 Éamonn O'Doherty[13]
UniversalLinksOfHumanRights.jpg Universal Links on Human Rights
Jails holding prisoners of conscience
Amiens Street 1995 Tony O'Malley[13]
Custom House Memorial Dublin.jpg Battle of the Custom House Memorial Memorial Road 1957 Yann Goulet
Bus Station Busaras.JPG Scáthán Store Street 2007 Robert McColgan[14]
Luke Kelly head Sheriff Street 1.jpg Luke Kelly Sheriff Street 2019 Vera Klute[15][13]
NC Iris, IFSC, Dublin.jpg NC Iris Mayor Square, IFSC, Dublin Docklands 2006 Vivienne Roche[13] Commissioned by the National College of Ireland on their move to the IFCS. Built by Steel & Co.[16][17]
Bear Sculpture IFSC House.jpg Strong Striking Bear
of Great Deeds
IFSC House 1999 Don Cronin Part of a pair 'Bear and Bull'. Bull sculpture is in lobby on other side of building.
Bull IFSC House 1999 Don Cronin Part of a pair 'Bear and Bull'. Bear sculpture outside the other side of building.
Dublin and Monaghan front.png Dublin and Monaghan bombings Memorial Talbot Street 1997
Bombing memorial, Parnell St, Dublin.jpg Dublin and Monaghan bombings Memorial Parnell Street 2008
Summerhill Group 2.jpg Summerhill Group Summerhill 1991 Cathy Carman[18] Bronze work on Kilkenny limestone. It was commissioned by Dublin Corporation as part of the Per Cent for Art Scheme. The work invokes the history of the street, before its redevelopment when children would play on the street.
Beds sculpture Portland Row 1.jpg Beds Portland Row 1993 Fred Conlon [19]
Home sculpture Buckingham St 2.jpg Home Buckingham Street 2000 Leo Higgins [20]
The Five Lamps[21]
General Henry Hall Memorial
Amiens Street/North Strand c.1880
North Strand Bombing Memorial2.jpg North Strand Bombing Memorial North Strand Road 1991
Mountjoy Square Park Sundial.jpg Sundial Mountjoy Square 1988 Polar Sundial and Tempus - is inscribed on it.
MOSAIC TREE SURROUNDS (PUBLIC ART IN MOUNTJOY SQUARE PARK)-113648.jpg Mosaic tile and concrete tree Mountjoy Square There are two of these in the centre of the square and both were created by the nearby Pavee Point centre
Drop by Eimear Murphy.jpg Drop Maritime Sculpture Garden, Dublin Port 2017 Eimear Murphy
THE MARINER ( SCULPTURE BY JOHN BEHAN)-163856.jpg The Mariner Maritime Sculpture Garden, Dublin Port 1975 John Behan Made of scrap metal
WW2 MEMORIAL - BOMBING OF DUBLIN'S NORTH STRAND (31 May 1941)-163861.jpg Hexagon (This could be it) North Strand Bombing Memorial Garden (formerly in the National Botanic Gardens) 2014 Steven Doody Made from weathered steel (COR-TEN)
SHERIFF STREET LIFTING BRIDGE ( SPENCER DRAWBRIDGE )-125143.jpg 2 x stone plaques commemorating the opening of Spencer Dock Royal Canal lifting bridge 15 April 1873 Unknown Made from carved limestone
Metal Plaque and cross on ground commemorating Matt Talbot Matt Talbot Court, Seán O'Casey Avenue

53°21′24″N 6°15′18″W / 53.356750°N 6.255111°W / 53.356750; -6.255111
August 1971 Unknown Inscription reads "These flats have been named Matt Talbot Court to commemorate the servant of God Matt Talbot who for the last 25 years of his life lived in a single room in 18 Upper Rutland Street. This house with many others was demolished to make room for these flats. Its site is marked to the left of this plaque."

City North West[edit]

This area of the city is bounded to the east by O'Connell Street, Parnell Square East, North Frederick Street, and Lower Dorset Street. To the north and west it is bounded by the North Circular Road and to the south by the Liffey Quays.

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Cow sculpture Wolfe Tone Square 02.jpg Ag Crú na Gréine Wolfe Tone Square, Jervis Street 2003 Jackie McKenna "Enjoying the sun"[22]
1916 Arbour Hill Wreath Laying 2010 (4581357034).jpg Easter Rising Memorial Arbour Hill Cemetery
The Healing Hands, Dublin.jpg The Healing Hands Mater Plot/Berkeley Road 2000 Tony O'Malley
Four Masters Memorial, Dublin.jpg Four Masters Memorial Mater Plot/Berkeley Road 1876 James Cahill
Children of Lir sculpture.jpg Children of Lir Garden of Remembrance,
Parnell Square
1966 Oisín Kelly
Irish Volunteers Memorial Parnell Square.jpg Irish Volunteers memorial Parnell Square East 1960 Werner Schurmann
Suzanne Walking in Leather Skirt, Parnell Square 2.jpg Suzanne Walking in Leather Skirt Parnell Square north 2006 Julian Opie Two-sided animated LED display outside the Hugh Lane Gallery
Let's Dance Memorial Parnell Square 1.jpg Let's Dance
Memorial to the Miami Showband killings
Parnell Square north 2007 Redmond Herrity
Brendan Behan statue 2015.jpg Brendan Behan Royal Canal, Dorset Street 2003 John Coll
Peadar Kearney monument.jpg Peadar Kearney Lower Dorset Street
Warofindep.jpg The Soldier
War of Independence Memorial
Blessington Street Park 1939 Leo Broe
Natural Histories 1.jpg Natural Histories Blessington Street Basin

53°21′27″N 6°16′14″W / 53.35754°N 6.270686°W / 53.35754; -6.270686
1994 Austin McQuinn
Éire 1798 Memorial (St. Michan’s Park) - panoramio (11).jpg Éire 1798 Memorial St. Michan's Park 1903 Unknown
Virgin Mary Statue, Broadstone, Dublin.jpg Our Lady, Queen of Peace Broadstone
The O'Rahilly memorial, O'Rahilly Parade, Dublin.jpg The O'Rahilly O'Rahilly Parade 2005 Shane Cullen
Demolition Dave Memorial.jpg Demolition Dave Smithfield Luas stop 2004 James Gannon Commissioned by the Railway Procurement Agency to celebrate the life of demolition manager Dave Conway
Jerome Connor Infirmary Road, Dublin 7 Unknown Bronze plaque overlooking phoenix park
Spiderweb Sculpture Corner of Western Way and Mountjoy Street 2003 Kathleen O'Brien An iron representation of a spiders webs affixed across the side of 53 Mountjoy Street. Commissioned by Dr Austin O’Carroll, whose GP practice used to be located inside the building.[23]
Hungry tree, Dublin.jpg The Hungry Tree King's Inns Park 20th Century King's Inns Park staff A London plane which has been allowed to partially consume an adjacent park bench over the decades.

South city centre[edit]

Trinity College[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Edmund Burke TCD 02.jpg Edmund Burke Trinity College

53°20′40″N 6°15′33″W / 53.344574°N 6.259191°W / 53.344574; -6.259191
1868 John Henry Foley
Goldsmith.jpg Oliver Goldsmith Trinity College

53°20′40″N 6°15′33″W / 53.344381°N 6.259210°W / 53.344381; -6.259210
1864 John Henry Foley
William Edward Hartpole Lecky Trinity College Dublin.jpg William Lecky Trinity College 1904 Goscombe John
Sculpture of George Salmon at Trinity College, Dublin.jpg George Salmon Trinity College 1911 John Hughes
Trinity-College-Campanile-Front.JPG Campanile Trinity College 1853 Charles Lanyon,
Thomas Kirk
Trinity Pomodoro.jpg Sphere Within Sphere Trinity College

53°20′38″N 6°15′21″W / 53.343812°N 6.255903°W / 53.343812; -6.255903
1982 Arnaldo Pomodoro
Dublin Trinity College Henry Moore.jpg Reclining Connected Forms Trinity College 1969 Henry Moore
Dublin - Trinity College - 110508 132423.jpg Cactus Provisoire Trinity College 1976 Alexander Calder
The Double Helix Trinity.jpg The Double Helix Trinity College 2003 Brian King
Chac Mool Trinity.jpg Chac Mool Trinity College 2015 Sebastián [24]
Apples and Atoms.jpg Apples and Atoms
Ernest Walton
Trinity College

53°20′37″N 6°15′09″W / 53.343575°N 6.252427°W / 53.343575; -6.252427
2013 Eilis O'Connell [25]
Countermovement Trinity College 1985 Michael Warren [26]

St. Stephen's Green[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Fusiliers Arch.JPG Fusiliers' Arch
Royal Dublin Fusiliers
St Stephen's Green 1907 John Howard Pentland [27]
O'Donovan Rossa, St Stephen's Green Dublin.jpg Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa St Stephen's Green
James-Joyce-Stephens-Green.jpg James Joyce St Stephen's Green 1982 Marjorie Fitzgibbon [10]
Lord Ardilaun Sir Arthur Edward Guinness (Close Up).jpg Lord Ardilaun St Stephen's Green 1891 Thomas Farrell
Fianna Éireann memorial at St. Stephen's Green Park, Dublin, Ireland..JPG Fianna Éireann memorial St Stephen's Green 1966
Robert Emmet, Stephens Green, Dublin.jpg Robert Emmet St Stephen's Green 1916 (original) Jerome Connor See Robert Emmet (Connor)
Thomas M. Kettle memorial in St. Stephen's Green park, Dublin, Ireland.jpg Tom Kettle St Stephen's Green 1919 (bust)
1927 (memorial)
Albert G. Power [28]
The bust of Constance Markiewicz in St Stephen's Green in Dublin.jpg Constance Markievicz St Stephen's Green
Dublin St Stephens Green Three Fates 01.JPG Three Fates St Stephen's Green 1956 Joseph Wackerle [29]
Lady Laura Grattan font, Stephen's Green 1.jpg Lady Laura Grattan Font St Stephen's Green North 1880 [30]
James Clarence Mangan.jpg James Clarence Mangan St Stephen's Green 1909 Oliver Sheppard
Dublin St Stephens Green William Butler Yeats Memorial 02.JPG Standing Figure: Knife Edge
W. B. Yeats memorial
St Stephen's Green 1961 Henry Moore
Rabindranath Tagore's bust at St Stephen Green Park, Dublin, Ireland.JPG Rabindranath Tagore St Stephen's Green 2011
Rose Bowl, Dublin, October 2010 (01).JPG Rose Bowl St Stephen's Green 2006 Sandra Bell [31]
WolfeToneStatue.JPG Wolfe Tone St Stephen's Green 1967 Edward Delaney
Memorial St. Stephen’s Green Dublin.jpg Great Famine Monument St Stephen's Green 1967 Edward Delaney
20130810 dublin153.JPG Anna and Thomas Haslam Memorial St Stephen's Green 1923
Louie Bennett Stephen's Green bench.jpg Louie Bennett and Helen Chenevix Memorial St Stephen's Green 1958
Fancy hotel on St. Stephens green2 (8193649455).jpg Eqyptian and Nubian noblewomen Shelbourne Hotel, St Stephen's Green 1867 Mathurin Moreau 4 statues outside the Shelbourne Hotel[32]

Merrion Square Park[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Oscar Wilde Statue.JPG Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture Merrion Square Park

53°20′27″N 6°15′02″W / 53.340806°N 6.250545°W / 53.340806; -6.250545
1997 Danny Osborne [22]
Constance Lloyd - Oscar Wilde companion piece.jpg Constance Lloyd
Companion piece to the Oscar Wilde Memorial
Merrion Square Park

53°20′27″N 6°15′02″W / 53.340857°N 6.250486°W / 53.340857; -6.250486
1997 Danny Osborne
Dionysus - Oscar Wilde companion piece.jpg Dionysus
Companion piece to the Oscar Wilde Memorial
Merrion Square Park

53°20′27″N 6°15′02″W / 53.340853°N 6.250590°W / 53.340853; -6.250590
1997 Danny Osborne
Michael Collins - Merrion Square.jpg Michael Collins Merrion Square Park 1990 Dick Joynt [22]
Dermot Morgan Memorial Chair.jpg Joker's Chair
Dermot Morgan
Merrion Square Park

53°20′24″N 6°14′56″W / 53.339917°N 6.248921°W / 53.339917; -6.248921
2002 Catherine Greene [22]
Éire sculpture Dublin.jpg Éire sculpture Merrion Square Park 1974 Jerome Connor
Bust of Bernardo O' Higgins, Merrion Square Park, Dublin, Republic of Ireland..JPG Bernardo O'Higgins Merrion Square Park 1995 Francisco Orellano Pavez
Henry Grattan - Merrion Square.jpg Henry Grattan Merrion Square Park 1982 Peter Grant
O'Connor - The Victims - Merrion Square.png The Victims Merrion Square Park 1976 Andrew O'Connor
20130810 dublin068.JPG National Memorial to Members
of the Defence Forces Who Have Died in Service
Merrion Square Park 2008 Brian King
Mother and Child Merrion Square Park 1985 Patrick Roe
A Tribute Head, Merrion Square 2.jpg Tribute Head II Merrion Square Park 1983 Elisabeth Frink
George Russell, Merrion Square 1.jpg George William Russell (Æ) Merrion Square Park 1985 Jerome Connor
Rutland Fountain, Dublin no2.jpg Rutland Fountain Merrion Square Park 1792 Francis Sandys

Iveagh Gardens[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
John McCormack statue.jpg John McCormack Iveagh Gardens 2008 Elizabeth O'Kane [33]
There Are Many Decayed Statues In Iveagh Gardens (Dublin).jpg Neptune x 2 Iveagh Gardens 1865 Unknown Two statues of Neptune Roman god of fresh water which are broken. The remains lie covered by undergrowth
Keep Calm When You Lose Your Head.jpg Unknown Iveagh Gardens 1865 Unknown Headless classical statue - likely Roman goddess on a granite plinth. Other similar statues are dotted around the park and are also in poor condition
The Iveagh Gardens - Streets Of Dublin.jpg Unknown Iveagh Gardens 1865 Unknown Classical statue of female figure with half of left arm missing - likely Roman goddess
Statue in Iveagh Gardens.jpg Fountain x 2 Iveagh Gardens 1865 Ninian Niven
Iveagh Gardens Dublin (Ireland) (179879782).jpg Sundial Iveagh Gardens Unknown Sundial at the centre of an ornamental hedgerow maze

South Quays[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Matt Talbot.JPG Matt Talbot City Quay 1988 James Power [13]
Irish Seamens Memorial.png Irish Merchant Navy Memorial Elizabeth O'Farrell Park on City Quay 1990
Admiral William Brown statue, Dublin.jpg Admiral William Brown Sir John Rogerson's Quay

53°20′46″N 6°14′22″W / 53.346040°N 6.239526°W / 53.346040; -6.239526
2006 [13]
Gaswork artwork, Dublin.jpg Gaswork Sir John Rogerson's Quay

53°20′45″N 6°14′08″W / 53.34591°N 6.235546°W / 53.34591; -6.235546
2012 John Kindness Commissioned by Bord Gáis to commemorate the history of gas in Dublin[34]
Taking the strain - The Linesman sculpture on City Quay - - 1725963.jpg The Linesman City Quay

53°20′49″N 6°14′57″W / 53.347082°N 6.249143°W / 53.347082; -6.249143
1999 Dony MacManus [13]
Patrick Sheahan Memorial Front View.jpg Patrick Sheahan Memorial Hawkins Street 1906 W.P. O'Neill
The Peoples Island 3.jpg People's Island Traffic island at junction of D'Olier Street and Westmoreland Street 1988 Rachel Joynt
Essex quay3c (8223915999).jpg Sunlight Chambers Essex Quay

53°20′43″N 6°16′04″W / 53.345289°N 6.267759°W / 53.345289; -6.267759
1902 Edward Ould
Wood Quay Michael Warren.jpg Wood Quay Wood Quay 2002 Michael Warren
BÁITE - VIKING BOAT (ESSEX QUAY DUBLIN)-126506.jpg Viking Boat Essex Quay 1988 Betty Newman [35]

City South East[edit]

This area of the city is bounded to the west by Westmoreland Street, Trinity College, Grafton Street, St. Stephens Green West, and Harcourt Street. To the north it is bounded by the Liffey Quays, and to the south by the Grand Canal. To the east it includes Irishtown and Ringsend. Locations within this area with their own article subsections such as St. Stephen's Green are excluded.

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Thomas Moore Statue, Dublin.jpg Thomas Moore College Street 1857 Christopher Moore
Long Stone replica.jpg Long Stone replica College Street 1986 Cliodhna Cussen [36] The Steine of Long Stone (Ivar the Boneless' Pillar). The original Long Stone it replaced was located near this spot from around the 10th or 11th century and stood 12 to 14 feet high. It was removed in the early 18th century and its whereabouts are now unknown.
Countess Markievicz and Poppet 1.jpg Constance Markievicz Townsend Street 1998 Elizabeth McLaughlin Also show her cocker spaniel dog called Poppet.
Harmony, Pearse Square, Dublin.jpg Harmony Pearse Square, Pearse Street 1998 Sandra Bell [13]
Units of Potential, Pearse Street, Dublin.jpg Units of Potential Pearse Street 2011 Alice Rekab
Desmond Kinney’s mosaic (6179099398).jpg Táin Mosaic Nassau Street 1974 Desmond Kinney
William Conyngham.jpg William Plunket Kildare Street 1901 Hamo Thornycroft [37]
Cenetaphleinsterlawn2012.jpg Leinster Lawn Cenotaph
Leinster Lawn,
Leinster House
1923 Raymond McGrath A temporary structure was erected in 1923 on Leinster Lawn, this was replaced by this more modern version in 1950.[38] Four wreathed bronze plaques are inset in its base, three bear a low-relief profile of Griffith, Collins and O'Higgins. The fourth contains an inscription in Irish: "Do chum glóire Dé agus onóra na hÉireann".[a]
Constance Markievicz Leinster House 1930s Leo Broe [39]
Peace monument in Leinster House.jpg Industry and Fame Leinster House 1908 John Hughes Originally part of the Queen Victoria statue which stood outside Leinster House on Kildare Street side. See Past Public Art section below.[39] Returned to Leinster House in 2001.
Statue of Prince Albert outside Leinster House (2009).jpg Prince Albert Leinster Lawn,
Leinster House
1868 John Henry Foley Companion piece to statue of Queen Victoria which stood outside Leinster House on Kildare Street side. See Past Public Art section below.
Thomas Heazle Parke.jpg Thomas Heazle Parke Natural History Museum,
Merrion Street
William Dargan statue.jpg William Dargan National Gallery,
Merrion Street
The Kiss sculpture, Dublin.jpg The Kiss Earlsfort Terrace 1989 Rowan Gillespie
Lean sculpture.jpg Lean Earlsfort Terrace 2017 Caoimhe Kilfeather Commissioned by the law firm Arthur Cox
Sky Woman sculpture, Dublin.jpg An SpéirBhean Windsor Place, Pembroke Street 1990 Robin Buick Also called Sky Woman or Heavenly Woman
Reflections, Miesian Plaza, Dublin.jpg Reflections Miesian Plaza, Baggot Street Lower 1978 Michael Bulfin [40]
Red Cardinal, Miesian Plaza, Dublin.jpg Red Cardinal Miesian Plaza, Baggot Street Lower 1978 John Burke [40]
Catherine McAuley.jpg Catherine McAuley Baggot Street Lower 1994 Michael Burke [41]
Sculpture, Percy Place, Dublin.jpg Somewhere between Andromeda and Vulpecula:
Sky Atlas
Percy Place, off Haddington Road

53°20′04″N 6°14′39″W / 53.334452°N 6.244131°W / 53.334452; -6.244131
2014 Isabel Nolan
Birdy Rowan Gillespie.jpg Birdy Upper Mount Street 1997 Rowan Gillespie
Memories of Mount Street.jpg Memories of Mount Street Upper Mount Street 1988 Derek A. Fitzsimons
Brian Friel and John B. Keane sculpture, Dublin.jpg Brian Friel and John B. Keane Upper Mount Street

53°20′12″N 6°14′36″W / 53.336593°N 6.243247°W / 53.336593; -6.243247
1994 Neil C. Breen Previously the statues were inside the window of a nearby building. Moved outside c. 2017
Easter Rising Memorial, Mount Street Bridge, Dublin.jpg Easter Rising Mount Street Bridge [42]
Leeson Street - Dublin (5805442048).jpg Carnac Upper Leeson Street 1979 Bob Mulcahy Granite abstract sculpture located on the traffic island.[43]
Patrick Kavanagh monument at Grand Canal, Dublin.jpg Patrick Kavanagh Grand Canal 1991 John Coll
Overflow Dublin.jpg Overflow Grand Canal Street 1997 Linda Brunker [44]
Grand Canal Square - panoramio (1).jpg Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Dock 2008 Martha Schwartz
Dodder Buoy, Dublin.jpg Dodder Buoy Grand Canal Dock
More Equal.jpg More Equal Grand Canal Plaza 1999 Eilis O'Connell [45]
Queen Maedhbh (Queen Maeve) - by Patrick O'Reilly.jpg Queen Maedbh Burlington Road 2004 Patrick O'Reilly
Barge Horse - Bronze by Maurice Harron (1999).jpg Barge Horse Herbert Place 1999 Maurice Harron
SEAN MOORE PARK - DUBLIN - 2287694557.jpg An Gallán Gréine[46] Sean Moore Park, Irishtown 1983 Clíodna Cussen "Sun Stone"
Irish Mercantile Marine World War II memorial.jpg Irish Mercantile Marine World War II memorial Irishtown

53°20′16″N 6°13′11″W / 53.337867°N 6.219618°W / 53.337867; -6.219618
1984 [47]
William Ashford memorial, Dublin, Ireland.jpg William Ashford Irishtown

53°20′22″N 6°13′23″W / 53.339345°N 6.223015°W / 53.339345; -6.223015
1893 [48]
Joyce Merrion RG.jpg James Joyce Grounds of the Merrion Hotel Rowan Gillespie 2m high bronze statue titled Ripples of Ulysses

City South West[edit]

This area of the city is bounded to the east by Westmoreland Street, Trinity College, Grafton Street, St. Stephens Green West, and Harcourt Street. To the north it is bounded by the Liffey Quays, and to the south by the Grand Canal. To the west it is bounded by the South Circular Road.

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Henry Grattan oversee his Parliament.JPG Henry Grattan College Green 1876 John Henry Foley
Dame Street - Thomas Davis.jpg Thomas Davis College Green 1966 Edward Delaney
Dublin College Green Fountain.JPG Four Angels Fountain
Secondary piece to Davis Memorial
College Green 1966 Edward Delaney
Sculpture, Dame Street - - 1470899.jpg Crann an Óir Central Plaza, Dame Street

53°20′40″N 6°15′46″W / 53.344431°N 6.262783°W / 53.344431; -6.262783
1991 Éamonn O'Doherty [49]
Palm Tree sculpture, Temple Bar, Dublin.jpg Bronze Palm Tree seat Temple Bar

53°20′44″N 6°15′45″W / 53.345608°N 6.262580°W / 53.345608; -6.262580
Vincent Browne
Crampton Court, Dublin, Ireland. 1.jpg Love Lane Crampton Court

53°20′41″N 6°16′00″W / 53.344666°N 6.266604°W / 53.344666; -6.266604
2014 Anna Doran[50] A selection of ceramic tiles with quotes about love and heartbreak, lyrics, poetry and Irish wit submitted by the public to the artist via social media.[50]
Temple Bar (Dublin, Ireland) (8114812405).jpg Oliver St. John Gogarty and James Joyce Temple Bar
Sir William Temple Plaque - Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland - August 2008.jpg Sir William Temple Plaque Temple Bar/Temple Lane
Molly malone grafton street-edit.jpg Molly Malone Suffolk Street,

53°20′38″N 6°15′39″W / 53.343753°N 6.260939°W / 53.343753; -6.260939
1988 Jeanne Rynhart Previously Grafton Street from 1988 to 2014
Luke Kelly South King Street.jpg Luke Kelly South King Street 2019 John Coll [15]
Dublin Yeomanry Memorial, Andrew St.jpg Dublin Yeomanry Memorial St. Andrew Street
St Andrew statue, Dublin.jpg St Andrew St. Andrew Street 1803
Philip Lynott Dublin Statue.jpg Phil Lynott Harry Street 2005 Paul Daly "The Ace with the Bass"[51]
Why go bald.jpg Why go Bald Dame Lane, off South Great Georges Street

53°20′38″N 6°15′51″W / 53.343972°N 6.264270°W / 53.343972; -6.264270
1962 An advertising sign for the Universal Hair and Scalp Clinic. It was restored in 1999.[52][53]
Veronica Guerin.jpg Veronica Guerin Dubhlinn Gardens, Dublin Castle 2001 John Coll
20130807 dublin067.JPG Garda Memorial Garden Dubhlinn Gardens, Dublin Castle 2010 Anna Dolan
Dublin Castle o15.jpg Serpent Water Feature Dubhlinn Gardens, Dublin Castle 1994 Killian Shurmann
20130809 dublin165.JPG Special Olympics Dubhlinn Gardens, Dublin Castle 2003 John Behan
Dublin St. Patrick's Cathedral Statue of Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness 2012 09 26.jpg Benjamin Guinness St Patrick's Cathedral 1875 John Henry Foley
John Behan - Millennium Child (2000) statue and plaque.jpg Millennium Child Christchurch Place

53°20′34″N 6°16′17″W / 53.342802°N 6.271502°W / 53.342802; -6.271502
2000 John Behan [54]
Peace Park - Fountain and Tree of Life sculpture.jpg Tree of Life Peace Park, Christ Church Cathedral 1988 Leo Higgins,
Colm Brennan
John Field memorial.jpg John Field Golden Lane

53°20′26″N 6°16′12″W / 53.34053°N 6.269918°W / 53.34053; -6.269918
Park Beside Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin (3130830443).jpg Liberty Bell St. Patrick's Park 1988 Vivienne Roche
St Patricks Park, Dublin, Ireland - panoramio - georama (2).jpg The Literary Parade
St. Patrick's Park 1988 Colm Brennan,
John Coll
St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest church in Ireland. (3131017061).jpg Sentinel Patrick Street 1994 Vivienne Roche
Restored Obelisk Fountain on James street in Dublin 1790.jpg The Obelisk Fountain Thomas Street 1790 Francis Sandys
Adult and Child Seat St. Catherine's Park, Thomas Street 1988 Jim Flavin[55] Commissioned as part of the AIB sponsored Dublin Millennium Sculpture Symposium 1988
IMAGES OF CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL (ON A VERY COLD FOGGY DAY)-168483.jpg Homeless Jesus Christ Church Cathedral Timothy Schmalz
Rialto roundabout sculpture, Dublin.jpg Rialto Rialto

53°20′10″N 6°17′56″W / 53.336249°N 6.298801°W / 53.336249; -6.298801
2000 Sandra Bell

Northside suburbs[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
The Lock Keeper, Dublin.jpg Lock Keeper 10th lock, Royal Canal, Ashtown 2007
Martin Savage memorial, Ashtown Cross.jpg Martin Savage Ashtown 1948
Eyes for You Balgriffin 2018 Eileen MacDonagh Wicklow granite sculpture commissioned by Cairn Homes and Dublin City Council. it is circa 3m high and weighs 5 tonnes.[56]
Statue Michael Cusack.jpg Michael Cusack Croke Park, Jones Road 2011 Paul Ferriter
Let the Life Flow Through Sculpture.jpg Let the Life Flow Through Ballygall 1996 Elizabeth McLaughlin [57]
Ballymun, Dublin, Amaptocare Jochen Gerz.jpg amaptocare Ballymun 2003–2006 (and ongoing) Jochen Gerz Participative arts project in which members of the public sponsored trees (around 635 in all) to be planted across all neighbourhoods of Ballymun during the regeneration of the area; a plaza and map monumental aspect has yet to be completed.
Another Sphere by Kevin Atherton.jpg Another Sphere Ballymun 2009 Kevin Atherton Consists of a pair of stainless steel hemispheres sited in two different parts of Balcurris Park in Ballymun.
Ballymun sculpture.jpg Cathode/Anode Main Street, Ballymun 2005 Andrew Clancy [58]
Misneach statue.jpg Misneach Trinity Comprehensive School, Ballymun 2010 John Byrne [59]
Kylemore road Fish sculpture, Chapelizod, Dublin.jpg Pisces Chapelizod

53°21′03″N 6°21′11″W / 53.350793°N 6.353066°W / 53.350793; -6.353066
Located on Kylemore Road near the corner with Lucan Road
Maoi sculpture Clontarf 3.jpg Moai sculpture Clontarf Road 2004 Alejandro Pakarati Moai is the correct name for an Easter Island statue. Donated by the Government of Chile to the City of Dublin[60]
North Bull Breakwater, Dollymount, Dublin Ireland - - 314767.jpg Realt na Mára
Mary, Queen of the Sea
Bull Wall, Clontarf 1972 Cecil King
Windsculpture 1988 Eamon O'Doherty.jpg Windsculpture Clontarf Road / Alfie Byrne Road 1988 Éamonn O'Doherty
Dancing Couple 1.jpg Dancing Couple
Stardust fire
Stardust Memorial Park, Coolock 1993 Robin Buick [61]
Family Unit 1 sculpture, Fairview Park, Dublin.jpg Family Unit 1 Fairview Park 1988 Joe Moran
Sean Russell bronze statue.jpg Seán Russell Fairview Park 2009 Willie Malone Original stone statue 1951
Flags of the 1916 Rising.jpg Flags of the Easter Rising Finglas 2016
Liam Mellows memorial.jpg Liam Mellows Finglas 2019
Nethercross, Finglas, Dublin.jpg The Nethercross St. Canice's graveyard, Finglas 9th century In current location since 1806[62]
Niche sculpture, Finglas, Dublin.jpg Niche Finglas Road

53°22′48″N 6°17′20″W / 53.379986°N 6.288938°W / 53.379986; -6.288938
2007 Orla de Brí
The Spirit of Finglas, Dublin.jpg The Spirit of Finglas Finglas village centre 1991 Leo Higgins
The Bridge sculpture, Dublin.jpg The Bridge
Fiacha Dhubha Fhionglaise ar Foluain
Kildonan Park, Finglas

53°23′35″N 6°18′44″W / 53.392995°N 6.312254°W / 53.392995; -6.312254
2021 Sara Cunnigham-Bell Finglas Ravens Soar[63]
Our Lady statue Botanic Avenue Dublin 2.jpg Our Lady (Virgin Mary) Our Lady's Park, Drumcondra unknown - Marian year 1954?
Howth Memorial - - 35516.jpg Howth Fishermens' Association Memorial Howth Harbour 1994
Star of the Sea Howth 3.jpg Realt na Mára
Star of the Sea[64]
Howth Fishing Pier 2013 Robert McColgan
Phibsborough Library Sculpture, Dublin.jpg River Run Phibsborough Public Library, Phibsborough 'River Run' was designed by Dublin City Council Parks and Landscape Services to honour Dublin's designation as a UNESCO City of Literature. It is an element of a quote from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Grass Seed Sculpture St Annes Park 2.jpg Grass Seed Saint Anne's Park, Raheny early 1970s unknown [22]
Mad Cow Sculpture.jpg The Mad Cow Saint Anne's Park 1996 St. John Hennessy [22]
Tree of Life Sculpture St Annes Park.jpg Tree of Life Saint Anne's Park 2015 Tommy Craggs Carved out of a dead Monterey cypress[65]
Phoenix Folly, Santry Demense, Dublin.jpg Phoenix Folly Santry Demesne

53°24′07″N 6°14′44″W / 53.402062°N 6.245553°W / 53.402062; -6.245553
Temple, Santry, Dublin.jpg Temple Folly Santry Demesne
Sutton Creek - - 458373.jpg Luí-na-Gréine Carrickbrack Road, near Sutton Strand Mid 2000s Cliodhna Cussen Granite carved Winter Solstice Sunset marking stone and viewing bench
RMS Tayleur memorial, Dublin.jpg RMS Tayleur Portrane

Phoenix Park[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Ireland - Dublin - Phoenix Park - Wellington Monument 2.jpg Wellington Monument Phoenix Park 1861 Robert Smirke
Phoenix Park Monument.jpg Phoenix Column Phoenix Park 1747
Papal Cross Phoenix Park Blue Sky.jpg Papal Cross
Pope John Paul II's visit to Ireland
Phoenix Park 1979 Paschal Clarke
Memorial Cross of Phoenix Park Murders.jpg Memorial Cross
Phoenix Park Murders
Phoenix Park 1883 [66]
Sean Heuston Memorial.jpg Seán Heuston Phoenix Park 1943 Laurence Campbell
Plinth of former statue of George Howard.jpg Plinth of former statue of George Howard Phoenix Park 1870 Statue blown up in 1958


Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Sphere, Farmleigh, Dublin.jpg Convergence Farmleigh 2004 Brian King Commissioned to celebrate the accession of 10 new states to the EU in 2004[67]
Fountain, Farmleigh, Dublin.jpg Statue in Fountain Farmleigh Carved carrara marble fountain with putti figures[68]
Abstract sculpture 1, Farmleigh.jpg Farmleigh Tony Cragg
Bird sculpture, Farmleigh, Dublin.jpg Éan Mór Farmleigh Breon O'Casey Part of a series of bird statues in bronze and wood
Abstract sculpture 2, Farmleigh.jpg Remembering Farmleigh John Wiedman Inspired by a machine that made milk substitute for Air Force personnel stationed in Newfoundland, Canada
Abstract sculpture 3, Farmleigh.jpg Hybrid Vigour Farmleigh James Gannon

Glasnevin Cemetery[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Round Tower Glasnevin Cemetery.jpg O'Connell Tower Glasnevin Cemetery
Fenian Plot Glasnevin, Dublin..jpg Young Irelanders and Fenians Memorial Glasnevin Cemetery
Great War Monument, Glasnevin, Dublin.jpg Great War Monument Glasnevin Cemetery
1916 Necrology Wall Glasnevin Cemetery.jpg Easter Rising Necrology Wall Glasnevin Cemetery 2016
Cross of Sacrifice Glasnevin Cemetery.jpg Cross of Sacrifice Glasnevin Cemetery 2014
16th Irish Division Memorial Glasnevin Cemetery.jpg 16th Irish Division Memorial Glasnevin Cemetery 2016
Great Famine Memorial Glasnevin Cemetery.jpg Great Famine Memorial Glasnevin Cemetery 2016
Easter Rising memorial, St Paul's, Glasnevin, Dublin.jpg 1916 Easter Rising Memorial St Paul's, Glasnevin Cemetery 2016

National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
De rerum natura 1.jpg De Rerum Natura National Botanic Gardens Plaque on ground at entrance from carpark
Between art and nature 2.jpg Between art and nature National Botanic Gardens 2001 O'Connor Alternative Latin title 'Inter artes et naturam'
Socrates Botanic Gardens 1.jpg Socrates National Botanic Gardens [69]
A Visit To the Botanic Gardens In Glasnevin (5469552017).jpg Sepian Blue National Botanic Gardens 2007 Nasser Azam [70]
Kingdom of Plants Arising 3.jpg Kingdom of Plants Arising National Botanic Gardens Michael Quane [71]
A Visit To the Botanic Gardens In Glasnevin (5469549211).jpg Child and Ball Trough National Botanic Gardens
National Botanic Garden,Dublin,Ireland - panoramio (47).jpg Craobh National Botanic Gardens 1995 Gerard Cox [72]
Sculpture- Botanic Gardens In Glasnevin (Dublin) (7951807394).jpg Sensory Garden Sculpture National Botanic Gardens [73]
Sculpture- Botanic Gardens In Glasnevin (Dublin) (7951830354).jpg Two Women National Botanic Gardens
National Botanic Gardens In Glasnevin (Dublin) - panoramio (6).jpg Chinese Lion National Botanic Gardens
Double Helix Botanic Gardens 2.jpg Double Helix National Botanic Gardens 2013 Charles Jencks [74]

Southside suburbs[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Dublin-Proclamation.jpg Proclamation group
Proclamation of the Irish Republic
Kilmainham Gaol 2007 Rowan Gillespie
Cross of Sacrifice in the Irish National War Memorial Park.jpg Cross of Sacrifice Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge 1940 Edwin Lutyens [75]
Dublin - Irish National War Memorial Gardens - 20190913115841.jpg Stone of Remembrance Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge 1940 Edwin Lutyens [75]
Dublin - Irish National War Memorial Gardens - 20180909140414.jpg Sunken Rose Garden and granite Bookrooms Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge 1940 Edwin Lutyens [75]
Domed Temple, Memorial Gardens, Dublin.jpg Domed Temple Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge 1940 Edwin Lutyens [75]
AIB (Allied Irish Bank) - Headquarters In Ballsbridge - panoramio.jpg Freedom Facebook campus,
Merrion Road
Alexandra Wejchert [76]
"An Cailin Ban" by the Mexican artist Sebastian - Sandymount Strand (6050705889).jpg An Cailín Bán Sandymount Strand 2002 Sebastián
Bust of William Butler Yeats at Sandymount Green Dublin -129271 (35015418856).jpg W. B. Yeats Sandymount Green 1921 Albert Power
Seamus Heaney Sandymount Green 2016 Carolyn Mulholland [77]
Irish Wave at Park West in Dublin.jpg Wave Park West 2001 Angela Conner
Cros-Araild.jpg Dublin Brigade IRA memorial Harold's Cross 1954 [78]
Robert Emmet (here-arrested plaque) (close-up).jpg Robert Emmet Harold's Cross Road 2003 Erected by the Robert Emmet Association to commemorate his arrest at Palmer's House in 1803.
Eamonn Ceannt monument.jpg Éamonn Ceannt Éamonn Ceannt Park, Harold's Cross

53°19′20″N 6°17′39″W / 53.322214°N 6.294121°W / 53.322214; -6.294121
Arthur Morrison Monument, Donnybrook, Dublin.jpg Arthur Morrison Monument Donnybrook 1838 Monument in the shape of a small obelisk.[79]
Who Made The World By Cliodna Cussen - Located In Ballsbridge - panoramio.jpg Who Made The World Ballsbridge

53°19′43″N 6°13′54″W / 53.328514°N 6.231763°W / 53.328514; -6.231763
Cliodna Cussen
Bewley's Hotel In Ballsbridge - panoramio (5).jpg Horse (stallion) Ballsbridge 1984 In the grounds of the Bewleys/Clayton Hotel. Formerly the Masonic Female Orphan School of Ireland.
Bird Herbert Park, Ballsbridge 1990 Eoin Byrne
Richard Crosbie statue Ranelagh Gardens (Dublin).jpg Richard Crosbie Ranelagh Gardens 2008 Rory Breslin
ClassonsBridge.JPG A Rhinoceros Classon's Bridge, Milltown

53°18′29″N 6°15′16″W / 53.307935°N 6.254403°W / 53.307935; -6.254403
2002 Unknown [80]

University College Dublin[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Noahs Egg by Rachel Joynt.jpg Noah's Egg Veterinary building, UCD 2004 Rachel Joynt
Judgement - sculpture outside UCD Sutherland School of Law.jpg Judgement Sutherland School of Law, UCD 2013 Rowan Gillespie Donated to UCD by Peter Sutherland. It is based on a small sculpture made by Rowan Gillespie in 1991 in response to a philosophical argument about the Iraq war.
Iphegenia - sculpture on UCD campus.jpg Iphigenia Restaurant Building, UCD 1984 Tom Glendon

North County Dublin[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
The Nature Goddess, Dublin.jpg The Nature Goddess Millennium Park, Blanchardstown

53°23′19″N 6°23′55″W / 53.388719°N 6.398475°W / 53.388719; -6.398475
2018 Richie Clarke
Inverted Oil Rig Father Collins Park, Clongriffin 2012 Alan Phelan As of September 2020, it has been removed from the lake and is in storage in the park.
Hiroshima - Nagasaki Memorial Sculpture - - 528840.jpg Hiroshima Memorial Sculpture Dublin Airport Vincent Browne
Mother and Child Sculpture Outside Dublin Airport - - 528846.jpg Mother and Child Dublin Airport
The Dublin Airport Roundabout - - 1752447.jpg Spirit of the Air Dublin Airport roundabout 1991 Richard Enda King
Forrest Tavern sculpture, Dublin.jpg Forrest Tavern memorial Dublin Airport, R108

53°25′55″N 6°15′53″W / 53.431812°N 6.264591°W / 53.431812; -6.264591
1990 Previously located in what is now the North Runway, moved to its current location in 2017.
Thomas Ashe Lusk, Dublin 2017 Paul D'Arcy
M1 Poppies M1 Lissenhall exit to the R126 2012 Douglas Mooney 5 wind-moved solar-powered illuminated poppies[81]
Beehive huts Balbriggan bypass, near the Meath border 2001 Robert McColgan and Irene Benner[82] Inspired by St. Molach, a beekeeper.
Sculpture, Balbriggan roundabout, Dublin.jpg Open Volumes Balbriggan 2007 Mark Ryan
Malahide - Bokehrama (36mm f 0.6) (6810790492).jpg The Ammonite Malahide Marina 2000 Niall O'Neill
Seamus Ennis Statue, The Naul, Co Dublin - - 1804951.jpg Séamus Ennis Naul, Dublin
Sculpture by the Sea - - 526042.jpg Eccentric orbit Portmarnock Beach 2002 Rachel Joynt,
Remco de Fouw
St. Doolagh's Cross - - 524030.jpg St. Doulagh's Cross St Doulagh's Church, Malahide Road Early Medieval Unknown
County Dublin - Hamilton Monument - 20190615205721.jpg James Hans Hamilton Skerries, Dublin 1870 Hamilton Monument in the shape of an obelisk[84]
Tidy Towns sculpture, Skerries, Dublin.jpg Tidy Towns sculpture Skerries, Dublin 2016 Shane Holland Commemorates Skerries winning the Tidy Towns competition in 2016
Skerries and Loughshinny Sea Pole, Dublin.jpg The Skerries and Loughshinny Sea Pole Skerries, Dublin 2013 Shane Holland A memorial for those lost to the sea. The climbable pole was a lifesaving part of the 'Apparatus' system used by the coastguard in the rescuing of ships in distress off the Skerries coast.
Percy French bench, Skerries, Dublin.jpg Percy French Skerries, Dublin 2008 Bríd Ní Rinn The view from Skerries inspired Percy French to write The Mountains of Mourne.
Cormorant sculpture, Skerries, Dublin.jpg Cormorant Skerries, Dublin 2002 Bríd Ní Rinn
Terns sculpture, Skerries, Dublin.jpg Terns Skerries, Dublin 2004 Bríd Ní Rinn

South County Dublin[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Stone Cross, Ballinascorney.jpg Famine cross Ballinascorney c. 1850
IMG BlackrockDolmen1871s.jpg Blackrock Dolmen Blackrock 1987 Rowan Gillespie
Cross at Blackrock, Co. Dublin. (20459469930).jpg Blackrock Cross Blackrock 8th or 9th Century unknown
KillineyHillObelisk.jpg Killiney Hill Obelisk Killiney Hill 1742 John Mapas
County Dublin - Sarsfield Monument - 20180814211630.jpg Patrick Sarsfield Lucan, County Dublin c. 1790 [85]
The Marker Tree[86] N7, Kingswood interchange 2011 Andreas Kopp
Anne Devlin[87] Rathfarnham 2003 Clodagh Emoe Erected by the Anne Devlin Commemoration Association. Life-size bronze statue of Anne Devlin, Robert Emmet's loyal friend and supporter.
Love All Templeogue

53°17′54″N 6°18′14″W / 53.298336°N 6.304008°W / 53.298336; -6.304008
2007 Rachel Joynt [88]
Stillorgan Obelisk Tower.jpg Stillorgan Obelisk Stillorgan 1727 Edward Lovett Pearce
William Orpen Stillorgan 2018 Rowan Gillespie [89]
The Fiddler of Dooney By Imogen Stuart - Stillorgan shopping Centre - panoramio.jpg The Fiddler of Dooney Stillorgan Shopping Centre Imogen Stuart [90]
St. Maelruan's Font, Tallaght, Co. Dublin.jpg St. Maelruan's Losset Tallaght Unknown but possibly ancient Unknown
Cliabhan (cradle)[91] Tallaght - Tymon Park 2006 Linda Brunker Commissioned by Pact to commemorate their 50th anniversary and 50 years of adoption in Ireland. Pact is an independent Irish charity founded in 1952.
Unity sculpture, Dublin.jpg Unity Cherrywood

53°14′32″N 6°08′21″W / 53.242272°N 6.139242°W / 53.242272; -6.139242
2021 Sandra Bell [92]

Dún Laoghaire[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Designation Notes
Victoria Fountain, Dun Laoghaire - - 332170.jpg Queen Victoria Fountain Dún Laoghaire
Boyd Monument on Dún Laoghaire east pier.jpg Capt. J. McNeil Boyd Obelisk Dún Laoghaire Harbour Royal St. George Yacht Club
Dún Laoghaire 02 977.PNG George IV Obelisk Dún Laoghaire 1823 [93]
Dun Laoghaire (3281539660).jpg Christ the King Dún Laoghaire 1978 Andrew O'Connor [93]
Archer II by Niall ONeill - Newtownsmith, Dun Laoghaire (5839919897) (7).jpg Archer II Dún Laoghaire Niall O'Neill
Roger Casement Dún Laoghaire 2021 Mark Richards
PEOPLES PARK DUN LAOGHAIRE (179847888).jpg Commemorative Trees Stone People's Park, Dún Laoghaire
Glasthule workOfArt with James Joyce Tower.JPG Mothership Glasthule 1999 Rachel Joynt
Thus Daedalus Flew Killiney Hill 1986 Niall O'Neill

Past public art[edit]

Image Title / subject Location Date Artist / designer Notes and references
George I Essex Bridge.jpg George I Initially at Essex Bridge, later at the Mansion House 1722–1755,
John Nost Initially erected on Essex Bridge (now Grattan Bridge) in 1722, and removed in 1755. It was later re-erected in the garden of the Mansion House in 1789, where it stood until 1922. In 1937, it was sold to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, England, where it stands today.[94]
George II Statue, Dublin.jpg George II St Stephen's Green 1758–1937 John van Nost the younger Blown up on 13 May 1937, the day after the coronation of George VI.[95]
Archibald Montgomerie[96] St Stephen's Green 1866–1958 Patrick MacDowell[97] Destroyed in August 1958 in an explosion by the IRA, two Gardaí and a civilian were injured in the bombing.
King William Statue 1.jpg William of Orange College Green 1701–1928 Grinling Gibbons Damaged after explosion on anniversary of Armistice Day in 1928, and subsequently removed.[98] Melted down in 1946.[citation needed]
Sir Philip Crampton's memorial in Dublin Wellcome L0002903.jpg Sir Philip Crampton College Street 1862–1959 replacing the original Viking Long Stone John Kirk Collapsed in 1959 and subsequently removed. Nicknames included "The Pineapple" and "The Cauliflower".[99] It was subsequently replaced by Cliodhna Cussen's The Steine of Long Stone in 1986.
Griffith-Collins Cenotaph Leinster Lawn Dublin.jpg Griffith-Collins Cenotaph Leinster House, Kildare Street 1923–1939 George Atkinson Structure had become dilapidated and was removed in 1939. It was replaced in 1950 by current obelisk on Leinster Lawn (see above)[100]
The Market Cross, Dublin.jpg The Market Cross The junction of High Street and Skinner's Row (now Christchurch Place) near the city tholsel Early Medieval Unknown Its earliest confirmed identification is from a public punishment in 1571. The last remaining drawing of the cross is by John Simmons in 1776. It was then taken down sometime in the late 18th or early 19th century and its whereabouts are unknown.[101]
Queen Victoria "visits" Library Towers (8409924813).jpg Queen Victoria Leinster House, Kildare Street 1904–1948 John Hughes Removed in 1948 as part of moves by the Irish State towards declaring a Republic, put on display in Sydney, Australia in 1987.[102][103] The smaller bronze statues are held in storage within the grounds of the National museum overflow facility at St Conleth's Reformatory School.
XXI OCTOBER MDCCCV (8636135413).jpg Nelson's Pillar O'Connell Street 1809–1966 Francis Johnston,
William Wilkins,
Thomas Kirk
Blown up in 1966 on the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. The head of Nelson's statue was rescued, and is currently on display in the Dublin City Library and Archive on Pearse Street[104]
William Blakeney O'Connell Street 1759–1782 John van Nost the younger Removed sometime before 1782[105]
Bowloflight.jpg Bowl of Light O'Connell Bridge 1953–1963 Erected to mark inauguration of An Tóstal festival. Flames of sculpture thrown into the Liffey in 1953. Remainder dismantled in 1963.[106][107][108]
Sir Alexander Macdonnell Marlborough Street 1878–1958 Thomas Farrell[109] Originally located in front of Tyrone House within the grounds of the Department of Education. Now stored in the grounds of the National museum overflow facility at St Conleth's Reformatory School.
Gough Monument, Phoenix Park.jpg Gough Monument Phoenix Park 1880–1957 John Henry Foley Blown up in 1957, it was later restored and re-erected in the grounds of Chillingham Castle, England, in 1990.[59][b]
Carlisle Statue, Phoenix Park.jpg George Howard Phoenix Park 1870–1958 John Henry Foley The statue was dislodged by a bomb 28 July 1958 and moved to Castle Howard in Yorkshire. The pedestal remains in place as a memorial.[110]
Millennium Clock River Liffey March to August 1996
The Point Rocket.JPG The Point Rocket Point Theatre 2006–?
Marschierende Mäuse - panoramio.jpg Three Bears with Attitude North Wall Quay (3Arena) 2009–2017 Patrick O'Reilly Removed in 2017, current whereabouts unknown.[111]
Climbing (6725355761).jpg Aspiration – Liberty Scaling the Heights Grand Canal Street 1995–2020 Rowan Gillespie Removed in 2020[112][113]
Gateway Marine Road, Dún Laoghaire 2002-2009 Michael Warren Removed in 2009. Returned to the artist in 2015 in exchange for an alternative work entitled 'Angel Negro'.[114]


  1. ^ For the glory of God and the honour of Ireland
  2. ^ Bought by a member of the Guinness family from the Office of Public Works. It was loaned to Humphrey Wakefield of Chillingham Castle. It is on loan until the people of Ireland want it returned.

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