Vintage Postcard Duchess Marie Gabrielle Crown Princess Rupprecht of Bavaria

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Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria ( German : Marie Gabrielle Mathilde Isabelle Therese Antoinette Sabine Herzogin in Bayern ) was born 9 October 1878 in Tegernsee in the Kingdom of Bavaria and died 24 October 1912 in Sorrento in the Kingdom of Italy ). [ 1 ]Contents 1 Biography 1.1 Family 1.2 Marriage 1.3 Issue 2 Ancestry 3 References 4 External links Biography FamilyHer parents were ophthalmologist Karl Theodor, Duke in Bavaria , a member of the House of Wittelsbach and kinsman of the Kings of Bavaria , and his second wife, Princess Maria José of Bragança , a daughter of King Miguel I , exiled monarch of Portugal. Her paternal aunt was Empress Elisabeth of Austria ( Sissi ) and one of her sisters was Elisabeth in Bavaria , consort of Albert I of Belgium .MarriageOn 10 July 1900 in Munich , Marie Gabrielle married her second cousin once-removed, Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria . [ 1 ] He was the eldest son of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (later Prince Regent and King of Bavaria ) and Maria Theresia of Austria-Este . The wedding was attended by Prince Joachim of Prussia , representing his father Emperor Wilhelm II . [ 1 ] After their marriage, the couple settled down in Bamberg , Bavaria, where Rupprecht was head of an army corps. [ 2 ] Their two eldest children were born there. [ 2 ]The couple traveled a great deal. For example, they journeyed read more