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Princess Christian of Hanover
BornAlessandra de Osma
Lima, Peru
(m. 2018)
IssuePrince Nicolás
Princess Sofía
Alessandra Lisette de Osma Foy
HouseHanover (by marriage)
OccupationAttorney, designer, model

Princess Christian of Hanover, née Alessandra Lisette de Osma Foy, is a Peruvian attorney, handbag designer, and former model. She is a member of the Hanoverian royal family through her marriage to Prince Christian of Hanover.


Alessandra de Osma was born in San Borja, Lima, Peru.[1] She is daughter of Felipe Juan Luis de Osma Berckemeyer (b. San Isidro, Lima, 25 August 1956), Executive and Central Commercial Manager of Hermes Transportes Blindados, a Peruvian cash management firm, and wife Elizabeth (Liz) María Foy Vásquez, a former model, who married firstly in Miami, Florida, on 15 July 1983 and divorced Eduardo Paulo Arena Llona, paternal granddaughter of Felipe de Osma Elias (3 March 1922 – ?), lawyer and notary, and wife (San Isidro, Lima, 9 August 1954) Zoila Berckemeyer Pérez Hidalgo (? – Lima, 3 July 2013), Participant in the Sociedad Minera El Brocal S.A.A., and maternal granddaughter of Luis Foy ... and wife Nelly Vásquez Valderrama (b. 25 June 1945); great-granddaughter of Felipe Mariano Melitón Francisco Manuel Esteban de Osma Porras (Lima, 26 December 1894 – Pueblo Libre, 18 June 1982), Director of La Popular y Porvenir Compañía de Seguros (of the Prado family) and President of the Club Nacional in 1963–1965, and wife (Lima, 5 June 1921) Esther Elías Caso, and of Oscar Pedro Berckemeyer Pazos (Lima, 29 June 1905 – ?), Co-Proprietor of the Grupo Berckemeyer, Proprietor of the haras "Jesus del Valle", Vice-President of Cementos Lima (of the Prado family), President of the Jockey Club, and wife (3 January 1930) María Pérez Hidalgo (Paris – ?); great-great-granddaughter of Felipe de Osma Pardo (26 May 1865 – 1924) and wife (Lima, 16 February 1893) Clotilde Virginia Porras Osores (Lima, 4 June 1867 – ?), of Fernando Elías Román and wife (Lima, 14 February 1898) Jesús María Esther Caso Uría (San Jerónimo, Ica, 6 February 1872 – ?), of Gustavo Berckemeyer Bernales (Lima, 26 June 1859 – Lima, 3 October 1917), merchant, and wife (Lima, 15 March 1899) María Alberta Filomena Pazos Varela (Lima, 16 November 1869 – Lima, 1911) and of Lorenzo Pérez Roca (? – Paris, 1906) and wife (Lima, 3 June 1898) Zoila M. Hidalgo del Carpio, who married secondly in Lima on 6 August 1907 Pablo S. Mimbela Guerrero; and great-great-great-granddaughter of Mariano de Osma Ramírez de Arellano (15 December 1826 – 1883, son of Gaspar Antonio de Osma y Tricio and wife doña María Josefa Ramírez de Arellano y Baquíjano and younger brother of the V Conde de Vistaflorida) and wife (6 July 1864) Francisca Pardo y Lavalle (Santiago de Chile, 27 April 1837 – 10 June 1924, daughter of Felipe Pardo y Aliaga (Lima, 11 June 1806 – Lima, 24 December 1868), poet, satirist, playwright, lawyer and politician, and wife Petronila de Lavalle y Cabrero, paternal granddaughter of Manuel Pardo Ribadeneira, oidor of the Real Audiencia of Lima, and wife Mariana de Aliaga y Borda, daughter of the II Marquise of Fuente Hermosa de Miranda, maternal granddaughter of the II Conde de Premio Real and wife, and sister of Manuel Justo Pardo y Lavalle (Lima, 7 August 1834 – Lima, 16 November 1878), President of Peru in 1872–1876 and President of the Senate of Peru in 1878, father of José Simón Pardo y Barreda, Prime Minister of Peru on 8 September 1903–14 May 1904 and President of Peru in September 1904 – September 1908 and August 1915 – July 1919, Felipe Pardo y Barreda, V Marquess of Fuente Hermosa de Miranda, and Juan Pardo y Barreda, President of the Chamber of Deputies of Peru), of Melitón Porras Díaz (? – 1906, son of Santiago Porras Santoyo and wife María Díaz Palazuelos), Mayor of Lima in 1880, and wife Virginia Osores Valera (Cajamarca – Lima, 1916, daughter of Manuel Antonio Osores and wife Josefa Valera Carrera), of Isidoro Elías Carbajo (San Jerónimo, Ica – ?, son of Raymundo Elías de la Quintana and wife Manuela Carbajo Galagarza and brother of Domingo Elías Carbajo (San Jerónimo, Ica, 19 December 1805 – Lima, 3 December 1867), President of Peru in 1844) and first wife María del Carmen Román de las Casas, of Pedro Canuto Caso Manrique (Ica, 1813 – ?, son of Luis Caso and wife Petronila Manrique) and second wife (San Lázaro, Lima, 27 March 1868) María Rosaura Uría(s) Aguirre (Ica, 1846 – ?, daughter of Miguel Uría(s) and wife Juana Aguirre, of Heinrich (Enrique) Berckemeyer Nolte (Hamburg, 1815 – Lima, 1870, son of Heinrich Berckemeyer and wife Elisabeth Nolte) and second wife (Lima, 30 May 1855) Josefa Bernales Varela (1831 – Lima, 18 September 1903, daughter of José Bernales González and wife Antonia Varela y Cabrera, of Juan Francisco Pazos Monací (Lima, 1836 – Lima, 24 June 1902, son of Juan José Pazos Soriano and wife Francisca Monaci Morán), lawyer, and wife (1869) Isabel Varela Salvi (? – 1919, daughter of Manuel María Varela y Cabrera and wife Gregoria Salvi y Arévalo), of Antonio H. Pérez (? – 1892) and wife Josefa Roca (? – 1885), and of Matías Hidalgo and wife Eufemia del Carpio.[2][3][4][5]


When de Osma was sixteen she signed with Ford Models in New York City. She has modeled for Missoni and Bottega Veneta. She studied law at the University of Lima and has a master's degree in fashion and business management from the University of Navarra.[4] In 2018 she launched her own fashion brand Moi & Sass with Moira Laporta.[6][7]

Personal life[edit]

De Osma met Prince Christian of Hanover in 2005 when she served as his tour guide when he was vacationing in Peru.[8] They started dating in 2011.[9] The couple became engaged in April 2017. They married in a civil ceremony on 25 November 2017 in London. They married religiously in a Catholic ceremony at the Basilica of San Pedro in Lima, Peru, on 16 March 2018.[10] The groom's younger half-sister, Princess Alexandra, served as her bridesmaid.[10][11] De Osma wore the Hanover floral tiara, which had previously been worn by Caroline, Princess of Hanover.[12][13] Wedding guests at the religious ceremony included Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, and Kate Moss. The wedding celebrations lasted for three days.[10][9]

The couple lives in Madrid.[14] De Osma gave birth to twins on 7 July 2020 at Quirón Clinic in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid: Nicolás and Sofía.[15][16]


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