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Meaning of choose in English

Examples of choose

The user interaction in the environment allows for choosing the order in which samples will be played, represented by the shapes.
Consider now the boundary c=0, where b is chosen so as to satisfy (19).
When choosing the number of children, couples do not take into account the capital dilution nor the intergenerational transfer effect.
We chose a cumulative figure to represent moneys gained over the 3-year project.
The r keys can be chosen in ways.
To solve this functional conflict between better adaptability of the system and a worse dynamical balance, the appropriate control strategy has to be chosen.
With this choice of the range given by (37), 0 is a vector chosen as a loaded arm parameters and their upper bound.
Once the strategies have been chosen, they are used for on-line motion using a local and reactive planning algorithm.
In order to have a good response, appropriate d min and d max must be chosen.
At this point, one of the joints will be chosen as the initial slow joint.
The gain f can be chosen arbitrary as long as it has the prescribed form.
Is choosing to do what one knows to be evil a genuine exercise of power ?
Had he chosen the other, he would have been equally praiseworthy.
I will claim that there could be worlds that are culled but not chosen.
In our case, the manoeuvrability of the compactor being rather limited, we have chosen the first solution.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Translations of choose

in Chinese (Traditional)
選擇, 挑選,選取, 選中…
in Chinese (Simplified)
选择, 挑选,选取, 选中…
in Spanish
escoger, elegir…
in Portuguese
escolher, preferir, decidir…
in more languages
in Japanese
in Turkish
in French
in Catalan
in Arabic
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Polish
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
in Korean
in Ukrainian
in Italian
in Russian
seçmek, tercih yapmak…
choisir, décider, décider (de)…
vybrat, vybírat si, rozhodnout se…
vælge, udvælge…
memilih, memutuskan…
เลือก, ตัดสินใจ…
chọn, lựa, quyết định…
pilih, memilih…
wählen, vorziehen…
velge, velge (ut), kåre…
вибирати, віддавати перевагу, воліти…
scegliere, preferire, decidere…
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