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  • joewareing


    I have never seen anything like this. Funny, absurd, gruesome, awkward, tedious, sweet. Made me feel wacky but I laughed and cringed a lot.

  • sophie <3


    this film isn’t perfect but it has keanu reeves with a nose piercing and river phoenix with long hair and that’s enough

  • sunsetenjoyer



  • arresto


    1. this movie is messy and weird, i love it
    2. i didn't know that i needed to see keanu with a nose piercing, it was an experience
    3. river phoenix
    4. rosalie's mother: queen
    5. i didn't know that mario owned a pizza restaurant

  • John Osment


    Unbelievably Italian parody coded

  • Rosie

    Maybe? The most fun a film has ever been? Something to think about

  • abril


    yo solo la empecé por river y keanu pero resulto muy entretenida y un poco goofy… 🚬

  • kazansky


    assisti pelo River mas acabei gostando, é uma história bem sem pé nem cabeça mas me fez rir

  • Drac


    Harlan and Marlon Eiffel Towering me? I gotta move to Tacoma.

  • ˗ˏˋ Lucas Farrier ˊˎ˗


    Darkly comedic and so fun, the most Italian thing ever. One of the funniest film I've seen in recent memory. Kevin Kline was hysterical but the best performances in the film come from Tracey Ullman, River Phoenix and Joan Plowright, Keanu Reeves and William Hurt stole the show as well. The murder aspect of the film was just such a blast to watch, such a amazing ensemble, I love this movie to death.

    I want River Phoenix to read me my birth chart.

  • Ralph


    Slightly problematic, VERY dark (and soooo 90s) comedy with a questionable ending. Some one-liners are incredibly funny, though, and the cast is absolutely stellar.
    The movie's highlight is definitely River Phoenix as the awkward and fashionable sidekick (who has probably never been more cute), already on the way to making "My Private Idaho" with stoner Keanu.
    Not all men though ... Just c** off their d***s. Poor Rosalie! Don't believe a word he says!

  • l2the0g


    River looked soo good pls I love him so much 😢😢😢😢