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Love Unplugged, Sean Faris and Mischa Barton will be seen in this movie, Release Date, Cast, Plot and more.

Love Unplugged is indeed a typical romantic story revolving around this modern world with increasing upgrading technology day by day. The family genre film has a runtime for 90 minutes but undoubtedly, we fans wanted this film to never and ever end. Mostly during this pandemic period, when most of our beloved films and series are currently on hold the releasing news of this movie was indeed is very surprising and happy information for sure. This American family movie highlighted the importance of love and spending time with your family. It also displays how the youthful generation is so engaged with their own lives and technology that they altogether forget about their loved ones.

Released date: Love Unplugged

The UpTv’s one of the most cherished movie is Love Unplugged, and this fantastic movie was finally out for viewers on 27th of September in this year that is 2020.

Cast: Love Unplugged

Talking about the main lead of the movie, you will get to see Sean Faris and Mischa Barton. They play the central couple that is as Matthew and Rebecca Jones. Again a very renowned director Bradford May who has also directed other movies like Groomzilla, Love on the Vines and much more, directs the mind-blowing. We will also get to see one more the most famous personality that is BJ Mitchell, who will show his tremendous acting skills in this movie too. The credit to this well-written story of Love Unplugged goes to Larry LaFond and Terry Ray, who has undoubtedly done a great job.

Along with them, the other cast members are Krystal M. Harris as Amanda Rice, Alyssa Diaz as Peggy Redmond, Markie Post as Tawney, David Ogden Stiers as Ralph Wilson. We will also get to see Kurt Scholler as Mr.Pennington, Hunter Payton Mendoza as Patrick Douglas, Tessa Munro as Mrs.Douglas, Dan Martin as Bob and Christina Masterson as Stephanie. Indeed the creators have made a wise choice in choosing this fantastic set of cast members who have worked so hard in making this movie a success.

Plot: Love Unplugged

The entire movie is revolving inside just an apartment was our lead roles that is Mathew and his wife Rebecca Jones stay. The beautiful young couple is happily married but is always busy with work and with their professional life that they hardly get any time for each other. The couple finally in the movie has to leave their devices, and they come out of their technology world when there is a blackout in the entire city. The story shows us how this couple solves their issues and tries to decrease the distance that has occurred between them. Indeed this beautiful story highlights certain events that happy in everyone’s life, and the eye-catching information is well developed. In the modern world where everything you can get online, and people hardly talk as person to person, we tend to forget the importance of certain people in our life. This story explains the importance of love, our loved ones and various issues that this young generation faces.

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