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St. Lukes Church, Brzeg

★ St. Lukes Church, Brzeg

Previously the site was an old Lutheran place of worship. In 1897 began the construction of the Church began. The construction work took only six months. The Church was solemnly consecrated on October 10, 1897, and took up the challenge of the Evangelist Luke. During the First world war, 29 old dead Lutheran memorial plaque was installed made in memory of them, on the wall of the Church. After 1945, the city became part of the West and recovered the territories became again part of Poland. Until 1952, the parish has no permanent priest. Every two weeks, the priest Jadwiszczok Karol Liturgy and services in Holy Trinity Church Holy Swietej Trojcy in the Polish language. When the authorities ordered the deconstruction of the Church, the Lutherans began to celebrate their services destroyed the old Lutheran Church. Lukes. The first permanent rector was the priest Stanislav Zwak, who as a student helped the priest Jadwiszczok Carol. After his ordination he became the leader of the dignity of the parish in Brzeg and kłodzko. He lived in Lewin Brzeski. Since 1999, the parish was served by the priest Marian Germans from Opole. In 2014, the parish is your parish priest.

  • Congregation St Lukas, St Luke Parish Church St Matthaus, St Matthew s in Jerstedt Congregation St Peter Baptist Congregation Christuskirche, Church of Christ
  • China d. 1620 1591 John Christian of Brieg, duke of Brzeg d. 1639 1592 George Villiers, 1 st Duke of Buckingham, English courtier and politician d
  • Prince, of Portugal d. 1443 1403 Elisabeth of Brandenburg, Duchess of Brzeg - Legnica and Cieszyn, German princess d. 1449 1460 Louis II de la Tremoille
  • is also another Ostrowite, near Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, with another St James church Koscioly w gminie Skorcz www.gminaskorcz.pl. Google Maps Google

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