Top Boolean Strings to Find Diversity Candidates Online

January 15, 2020 Jonathan Kidder 9 comments

Boolean Strings

I created a comprehensive list of Diversity Boolean strings to help source and recruit diverse candidates online. Most companies focus on posting jobs to find a diverse slate of candidates. However, in this competitive landscape we need to be able to go out and actively source leads online. Below is by far the largest list of Boolean strings available online for free to find diverse candidates online.


1. Image Search 

Use this search in google images and women within an industrial engineering background will appear. Click on their picture and it will take you to their LinkedIn profile and you can add to the search string to narrow the results by company, education, or any other keyword they may have on their LinkedIn profile.

(“industrial engineer” OR “industrial engineering”) Female


2. Pronoun Search

Use this search on LinkedIn to pull anyone female candidate who has any of the pronoun’s listed below on their profile.

(she OR her OR women OR woman OR lady OR ladies OR miss OR mrs OR mother OR mothers OR sister OR sisters)

“She/Her” OR “She led” OR “She managed” OR “she worked” OR “She was” OR “she is”

(“mrs.” OR missus OR missis OR her OR hers OR herself OR she OR female OR females OR woman OR women OR wife OR wifey OR lady OR ladies OR mom OR mum OR mommy OR mommie OR mother OR grandmother OR grandma OR aunt OR sister OR sisters OR waitress OR actress OR girl OR girls OR princess OR niece)

(“women who” OR “women in” OR “women for” OR “for women”)


3. Sorority and Fraternity Searches

Female – Greek System

(“Alpha Delta Pi” OR  “Alpha Gamma” OR “Delta Alpha Omicron Pi” OR “Alpha Phi” OR “Chi Omega” OR “Delta Delta Delta” OR “Delta Gamma” OR “Gamma Phi Beta” OR “Kappa Alpha Theta” OR “Kappa Delta Chi” OR “Kappa Kappa Gamma” OR “Pi Beta Phi” OR “Sigma Kappa”)


African American – Greek System

(“Alpha Kappa Alpha” OR  “Alpha Omega Nu” OR  “Alpha Phi Alpha” OR  “Alpha Gamma Phi Delta” OR “Delta Sigma Theta” OR “Groove Phi Groove” OR “Iota Phi Theta” OR “Kappa Alpha Psi” OR “Omega Psi Phi” OR   “Phi Beta Sigma” OR “Phi Delta Psi” OR “Sigma Gamma Rho” OR “Zeta Phi Beta”)


Hispanic – Greek System

(“Gamma Alpha Omega” OR “La Hermandad de Oe Me Te” OR “Kappa Delta Chi” OR “Omega Delta Phi”)

(“Alpha Pi Sigma” OR “Alpha Psi Lambda” OR “Gamma Alpha Omega” OR “Gamma Phi Omega” OR “Gamma Zeta Alpha” OR “Kappa Delta Chi” OR “Lambda Alpha Upsilon” OR “Lambda Pi Chi” OR “Lambda Pi Upsilon” OR “Lambda Sigma Upsilon” OR “Lambda Theta Nu” OR “Lambda Upsilon Lambda” OR “Omega Phi Beta” OR “Phi Iota Alpha” OR “Sigma Iota Alpha” OR “Sigma Lambda Upsilon”)


National Asian Pacific Islander Associations

(“alpha Kappa Delta Phi” OR “Alpha Phi Gamma” OR “Alpha Psi Rho” OR “Alpha Sigma Lambda” OR “Alpha Sigma Rho” OR “Beta Pi Phi” OR “Beta Upsilon Delta” OR “Beta Omega Phi” OR “Gamma Beta” OR “Gamma Epsilon Omega” OR “Delta Chi Lambda” OR “Delta Chi Psi” OR “Delta Lambda Chi” OR “Delta Phi Kappa” OR “Delta Phi Lambda” OR “Zeta Phi Rho” OR “Theta Delta Beta” OR “Theta Lambda Beta” OR “Theta Kappa Phi” OR “Kappa Zeta Phi” OR “Kappa Beta Zeta” OR “Kappa Lambda Delta” OR “Kappa Phi Lambda” OR “Kappa Pi Beta” OR “Kappa Gamma Delta” OR “Kappa Psi Epsilon” OR “Lambda Alpha Phi” OR “Lambda Delta Psi” OR “Lambda Phi Epsilon” OR “Lambda Theta Delta” OR “Nu Alpha Phi” OR “Xi Kappa” OR “Phi Delta Sigma” OR “Phi Alpha Omicron” OR “Phi Zeta Tau” OR “Pi Alpha Phi” OR “Pi Delta Psi” OR “Rho Psi” OR “Rho Delta Chi” OR “Sigma Omicron Pi” OR “Sigma Phi Omega” OR “Sigma Psi Zeta” OR “Phi Zeta Tau” OR “Chi Alpha Delta” OR “Chi Delta Theta” OR “Chi Rho Omicron” OR “Chi Sigma Tau” OR “Psi Chi Omega” OR “Omega Phi Gamma”)


4. Organization Searches:

African American – Organizations

(NSBE OR “black engineer” OR NSMBA OR “black MBAs” OR AAWIT OR “African American women in technology” OR NAACP OR “black chamber of commerce” OR “African American chamber”)


Female – Organizations

(WITI OR “women in” OR “grace hopper” OR “anita borg” OR “girl geeks” OR “ACMW” OR SWE OR “society of women” OR WIGI OR “digitaleve” OR systerz OR “women gamers”)


Hispanic – Organizations

(“National Society of Hispanic MBA” OR NSHMBA, “National Council of Hispanic Women”, “Society of Mexican American Engineers & Scientists” OR MAES, “National Council of La Raza” OR “NCLR”, “Hispanic Women’s Corporation” OR “Hispanic woman”)


Native American – Organizations

(AISES OR “American Indian Science and Engineering Society”, SACNAS OR “Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans”)


5. Female Tech and Science – Organizations

(WITI OR “Women in Technology International” OR ACMW OR “Society of Women Engineers” OR “Association for Women in Computing” OR ADA OR “Ada Initiative” OR AAUW OR “American Association of University Women” OR “Anita Borg” OR “Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology” OR ACM OR “Association for Computing Machinery Committee on Women” OR AWC OR “Association for Women in Computing” OR AWIS OR “Association for Women in Science” OR AWM OR “Association for Women in Mathematics” OR “BCSWomen” OR BGC OR “Black Girls Code” OR “BlogHer” OR CWIT OR “Center for Women in Technology” OR “CRA-W” OR “Computing Research Association Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research” OR CWSEM OR “Committee on Women in Science Engineering and Medicine” OR DCWW OR “DC Web Women” OR HER OR “Equality for HER” OR EPWS OR “European Platform of Women Scientists” OR “Girl Geeks” OR “Girls Who Code” OR GWIS OR “Graduate Women in Science” OR WIE OR IEEE OR “IEEE Women in Engineering” OR IWITTS OR “Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science” OR LinuxChix OR NCWIT OR “National Center for Women & Information Technology” OR IWITTS OR “National Institute for Women in Trades Technology & Science” OR NIS-WEST “National Institute for Supporting Women in Science and Technology” OR OWSD OR “Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World” OR Scientista OR “The Scientista Foundation” OR SWE OR “Society of Women Engineers” OR Systers OR “Women 2.0” OR “Women2” OR “Women 2” OR WEST OR “Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology” OR WISIL OR “Women in Science International Trust” OR  “Women Techmakers” OR “WomenTechWorld” OR WITI OR  “Women in Technology International” OR “Women Who Tech” OR “WorldWIT” OR WOUGNET)


6. University Searches:

Top 10 Women’s Universities 

(barnard OR “bryn mawr” OR Marymount OR  “Cedar Crest College” OR “mount Holyoke” OR “Mills College” OR “Simmons College” OR  “smith college” OR “Spelman College” OR “Sweet Briar College” OR Wellesley)


Full List of Women’s Universities

(“Agnes Scott College” OR “Alverno College” OR “Barnard College” OR “Bay Path College” OR “Bennett College” OR “Brenau University” OR “Brescia University College” OR “Bryn Mawr College” OR “Carlow College” OR “Cedar Crest College” OR “Chatham University” OR “College of New Rochelle, The” OR “College of Saint Benedict” OR “College of Saint Elizabeth” OR “College of Saint Mary” OR “Columbia College” OR “Converse College” OR “Cottey College” OR “Douglass Residential College of Rutgers University” OR “Hollins University” OR “Judson College” OR “Mary Baldwin College” OR “Meredith College” OR “Midway College” OR “Mills College” OR “Moore College of Art & Design” OR “Mount Holyoke College” OR “Mount Mary College” OR “Mount St. Mary’s College” OR “Notre Dame of Maryland University” OR “Pine Manor College” OR “Russell Sage College” OR “St. Catherine University” OR “Saint Joseph College” OR “Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College” OR “Saint Mary’s College” OR “Salem College” OR “Scripps College” OR “Simmons College” OR “Smith College” OR “Spelman College” OR “Stephens College” OR “Sweet Briar College” OR “Trinity Washington University” OR “Wellesley College” OR “Wesleyan College” OR “Wilson College” OR “Women’s College”)


Historically Black Colleges

(“Bowie State University” OR “Clark Atlanta University” OR “fisk University” OR “Grambling State University” OR “Howard University” OR “Jackson State University” OR “Morehouse College” OR “South Carolina State University” OR “Southern University Baton Rouge” OR “Spelman College” OR “Stillman College” OR “Tuskegee University” OR “Xavier University”)


Historically Native American Colleges

(“Bay Mills Community College” OR “Blackfeet Community College” OR “Cankdeska Cikana (Little Hoop) Community College” OR “Chief Dull Knife College” OR “College of Menominee Nation” OR “College of the Muscogee Nation” OR “Comanche Nation College” OR “Diné College” OR “Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College” OR “Fort Belknap College” OR “Fort Berthold Community College” OR “Fort Peck Community College” OR “Haskell Indian Nations University” OR “Ilisagvik College” OR “Institute of American Indian Arts” OR “Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College” OR “Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College” OR “Leech Lake Tribal College” OR “Little Big Horn College” OR “Little Priest Tribal College” OR “Navajo Technical College” OR “Nebraska Indian Community College” OR “Northwest Indian College” OR “Oglala Lakota College” OR “Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College” OR “Salish Kootenai College” OR “Sinte Gleska University” OR “Sisseton Wahpeton College” OR “Sitting Bull College” OR “Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute” OR “Stone Child College” OR “Tohono O’odham Community College” OR “Turtle Mountain Community College” OR “United Tribes Technical College” OR “White Earth Tribal and Community College” OR “Wind River Tribal College”)


7. General First Name Search:

Most Common Female First Names: 

(Abigail OR Adriana OR Adrienne OR Aimee OR Alejandra OR Alexa OR Alexandra OR Alexandria OR Alexis OR Alice OR Alicia OR Alisha OR Alison OR Allison OR Alyssa OR Amanda OR Amber OR Amy OR Ana OR Andrea OR Angel OR Angela OR Angelica OR Angie OR Anita OR Ann OR Anna OR Anne OR Annette OR Annie OR April OR Ariana OR Ariel OR Arlene OR Ashlee OR Ashley OR Audrey OR Autumn OR Bailey OR Barbara OR Becky OR Belinda OR Beth OR Bethany OR Betty OR Beverly OR Bianca OR Bonnie OR Brandi OR Brandy OR Breanna OR Brenda OR Briana OR Brianna OR Bridget OR Brittany OR Brittney OR Brooke OR Caitlin OR Caitlyn OR Candace OR Candice OR Carla OR Carly OR Carmen OR Carol OR Carole OR Caroline OR Carolyn OR Carrie OR Casey OR Cassandra OR Cassidy OR Cassie OR Catherine OR Cathy OR Charlene OR Charlotte OR Chelsea OR Chelsey OR Cheryl OR Cheyenne OR Chloe OR Christie OR Christina OR Christine OR Christy OR Cindy OR Claire OR Claudia OR Colleen OR Connie OR Constance OR Courtney OR Cristina OR Crystal OR Cynthia OR Daisy OR Dana OR Danielle OR Darlene OR Dawn OR Deanna OR Debbie OR Deborah OR Debra OR Delores OR Denise OR Desiree OR Destiny OR Diamond OR Diana OR Diane OR Dianne OR Dolores OR Dominique OR Donna OR Doreen OR Doris OR Dorothy OR Ebony OR Eileen OR Elaine OR Elizabeth OR Ellen OR Emily OR Emma OR Erica OR Erika OR Erin OR Eva OR Evelyn OR Faith OR Felicia OR Frances OR Gabriela OR Gabriella OR Gabrielle OR Gail OR Gayle OR Geraldine OR Gina OR Glenda OR Gloria OR Grace OR Gwendolyn OR Hailey OR Haley OR Hannah OR Hayley OR Heather OR Heidi OR Helen OR Holly OR Irene OR Isabel OR Isabella OR Jackie OR Jaclyn OR Jacqueline OR Jade OR Jaime OR Jamie OR Jan OR Jane OR Janet OR Janice OR Janis OR Jasmin OR Jasmine OR Jean OR Jeanette OR Jeanne OR Jenna OR Jennifer OR Jenny OR Jessica OR Jill OR Jillian OR Jo OR Joan OR Joann OR Joanna OR Joanne OR Jocelyn OR Jodi OR Jody OR Jordan OR Josephine OR Joy OR Joyce OR Juanita OR Judith OR Judy OR Julia OR Julie OR June OR Kaitlin OR Kaitlyn OR Kara OR Karen OR Kari OR Karina OR Karla OR Katelyn OR Katherine OR Kathleen OR Kathryn OR Kathy OR Katie OR Katrina OR Kay OR Kayla OR Kaylee OR Kelli OR Kellie OR Kelly OR Kelsey OR Kendra OR Kerri OR Kerry OR Kiara OR Kim OR Kimberly OR Kirsten OR Krista OR Kristen OR Kristi OR Kristie OR Kristin OR Kristina OR Kristine OR Kristy OR Krystal OR Kylie OR Lacey OR Latasha OR Latoya OR Laura OR Lauren OR Laurie OR Leah OR Leslie OR Lillian OR Linda OR Lindsay OR Lindsey OR Lisa OR Lois OR Loretta OR Lori OR Lorraine OR Louise OR Lydia OR Lynda OR Lynn OR Lynne OR Mackenzie OR Madeline OR Madison OR Makayla OR Mallory OR Mandy OR Marcia OR Margaret OR Maria OR Mariah OR Marianne OR Marie OR Marilyn OR Marisa OR Marissa OR Marjorie OR Marlene OR Marsha OR Martha OR Mary OR Maureen OR Mckenzie OR Meagan OR Megan OR Meghan OR Melanie OR Melinda OR Melissa OR Melody OR Mercedes OR Meredith OR Mia OR Michaela OR Michele OR Michelle OR Mikayla OR Mildred OR Mindy OR Miranda OR Misty OR Molly OR Monica OR Monique OR Morgan OR Nancy OR Natalie OR Natasha OR Nichole OR Nicole OR Nina OR Norma OR Olivia OR Paige OR Pam OR Pamela OR Patricia OR Patsy OR Patti OR Patty OR Paula OR Peggy OR Penny OR Phyllis OR Priscilla OR Rachael OR Rachel OR Raven OR Rebecca OR Rebekah OR Regina OR Renee OR Rhonda OR Rita OR Roberta OR Robin OR Robyn OR Rosa OR Rose OR Rosemary OR Roxanne OR Ruby OR Ruth OR Sabrina OR Sally OR Samantha OR Sandra OR Sandy OR Sara OR Sarah OR Savannah OR Selena OR Shannon OR Shari OR Sharon OR Shawna OR Sheena OR Sheila OR Shelby OR Shelia OR Shelley OR Shelly OR Sheri OR Sherri OR Sherry OR Sheryl OR Shirley OR Sierra OR Sonia OR Sonya OR Sophia OR Stacey OR Stacie OR Stacy OR Stefanie OR Stephanie OR Sue OR Summer OR Susan OR Suzanne OR Sydney OR Sylvia OR Tabitha OR Tamara OR Tami OR Tammie OR Tammy OR Tanya OR Tara OR Tasha OR Taylor OR Teresa OR Terri OR Terry OR Theresa OR Tiffany OR Tina OR Toni OR Tonya OR Tracey OR Traci OR Tracie OR Tracy OR Tricia OR Valerie OR Vanessa OR Veronica OR Vicki OR Vickie OR Vicky OR Victoria OR Virginia OR Vivian OR Wanda OR Wendy OR Whitney OR Yesenia OR Yolanda OR Yvette OR Yvonne OR Zoe)


8. Top Female Conferences: 

(WITI or “women in” OR “grace Hopper” OR “anita Borg” OR “girl geeks” OR “ACMW” OR SWE or “Society of women” OR WIGI OR “Digitaleve” OR Systerz OR “women Gamers” OR “The Women’s Circuit”)


9. Diversity Groups within Tech Companies:


[email protected], Hispanic Googlers Network  (HOLA), Black Googlers Network, Trans at Google, Gayglers, Google American Indian Network


[email protected], [email protected] (BAM), GLEAM (Global LGBTQIA+ Employees and Allies at Microsoft), Hispanic/Latinx Organization of Leaders in Action (HOLA)


[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


LadyEng, UberMosaic, Los Ubers, UberHue, Women of Uber, UberPride


UpLyft Women, UpLyft Forward, LyftOut, UpLyft Unidos


Glam, [email protected], Black Employee Network, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Women in Finance Initiative


Want to go more advanced? I give over 100+ Boolean String suggestions in this book:


You can purchase a digital or paperback copy on Amazon (here)


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Jonathan Kidder

9 Comments on “Top Boolean Strings to Find Diversity Candidates Online

  1. I don’t see anything ‘diverse’ about female only sourcing techniques, unless of course you are using male only techniques too.

    Business / Industry cannot create qualified females in areas they have chosen / not been encouraged / been discouraged from studying in, eg Engineering. This needs to be dealt with at an academic level. If you look to Eastern Europe for an example, there is a much higher ratio of females in what might be considered male dominated roles in Western Europe – Romania is a great example for this. This is not because of some phony diversity sourcing tactic used to hire female senior engineers, but because girls are allowed equally as much as boys to choose the ‘manly’ subjects from a young age.

  2. Excellent starter strings to save time for those who haven’t used comprehensive diversity keyword searches before! I would also recommend adding some Native American fraternal orgs (see list at ). Only relatively minor concern is to watch out for false positives on words like “miss” (the uses unrelated to female) and “Wellesley” (it’s also a town in Massachusetts and elsewhere).

  3. I’m sure you know this, and not to be “that guy,” but just for the sake of helping people who are copy/pasting – there is an OR missing in #5: NIS-WEST “National Institute for Supporting Women in Science and Technology”

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