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Reference no.DE: 27228
Physical characteristics
 • locationNot far from the Stegskopf in the High Westerwald (above Emmerzhausen)
 • coordinates50°42′24″N 8°01′29″E / 50.706704°N 8.024584°E / 50.706704; 8.024584
 • elevationca. 574 m above sea level (NHN)
 • location
On the eastern edge of Alsdorf into the Heller
 • coordinates
50°46′54″N 7°53′34″E / 50.781774°N 7.892868°E / 50.781774; 7.892868Coordinates: 50°46′54″N 7°53′34″E / 50.781774°N 7.892868°E / 50.781774; 7.892868
 • elevation
ca. 196 m above sea level (NHN)
Length16.029 km (9.960 mi)[1]
Basin size53.283 km2 (20.573 sq mi)[1]
Basin features
ProgressionHellerSiegRhineNorth Sea

The Daade (also called the Daadenbach) is the largest tributary of the River Heller, in the district of Altenkirchen in the northeast of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It flows through the northeastern part of the Westerwald. It is 16.027 kilometres (9.959 mi) long and has a catchment area of 53.28 km2 (20.57 sq mi).[2]

The Daade Valley Railway runs along the Daade from Daaden via Alsdorf to Betzdorf, on the main line from Cologne to Siegen.


The villages on the Daade are:


The tributaries of the Daade (in downstream order) are the:

  • Derscherbach (left, 3.9 km, 9.3 km²) (GKZ 272282)
  • Birenbach (right, 2.0 km, 2.3 km²) (GKZ 2722832)
  • Friedewalderbach (left, 4.9 km, 8.1 km²) (GKZ 272284)
  • Dreisbach (left, 5.6 km, 8.4 km²) (GKZ 272286)
  • Schutzbach (left, 3.1 km, 3.6 km²) (GKZ 272288)

All left tributaries have their sources on the Neunkhausen-Weitefeld Plateau, but cut deep valleys in the Heller Upland.

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  • Touristik-Information: Grubenwanderweg (PDF; 232 kB) „Vom Erz zum Eisen im Tal der Daade und Heller“
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