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Copper engraving with the portrait of Joachim Ernst from the Theatrum Europaeum from 1662
Tomb of the margrave in the minster Heilsbronn

Joachim Ernst von Brandenburg-Ansbach (born June 22, 1583 in Cölln an der Spree ; † March 7, 1625 in Ansbach ) was Margrave of the Franconian Principality of Ansbach from 1603 to 1625.



Joachim Ernst was a son of Elector Johann Georg von Brandenburg and his third wife Elisabeth von Anhalt-Zerbst . In 1603 he took over the government in the Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach after the Ansbach-Jägerndorfer branch of the Franconian Hohenzollern line had expired with the death of Georg Friedrich the Elder . The Ansbach branch of the younger line of the Franconian Hohenzollern was founded by him.

Succession regulation

His predecessor Georg Friedrich had regulated the succession in his two Franconian possessions Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Kulmbach in the Gera house contract concluded in 1598 . According to the provisions of this treaty, Joachim Ernst was able to take over the rule in the Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach, while his brother Christian took over the neighboring Brandenburg-Kulmbach (later Brandenburg-Bayreuth).

Founding document of the Protestant Union in Auhausen an der Wörnitz on May 14, 1608 (today in the Bavarian State Archives): Joachim Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg (in the middle)

Protestant Union

In the religious conflicts at the beginning of the 17th century, Joachim Ernst tended mainly towards the Protestant-Calvinist camp, which is why he also supported the Dutch struggle for freedom. He took an active part in the formation of the Protestant alliance of the Union , which was founded in 1608 on his territory in the secularized monastery of Auhausen near Nördlingen . In view of the military superiority of the imperial camp, however, the union dissolved again in 1621 after the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War . After the self-dissolution of the union, Joachim Ernst was made jointly responsible for the outbreak of the war by the Catholic side and then largely distanced himself from his previous allies.


He was married to Sophie von Solms-Laubach (1594-1651) since 1612 . This marriage resulted in:

  • Sophie (1614-1646)
⚭ 1641 Margrave Erdmann August of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (1615–1651)
  • Friedrich III. (1616–1634), Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach
  • Albrecht (* / † 1617)
  • Albrecht II (1620–1667), Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach
⚭ 1. 1642 Princess Henriette Luise von Württemberg-Mömpelgard (1623–1650)
⚭ 2. 1651 Countess Sophie Margarete von Oettingen-Oettingen (1634–1664)
⚭ 3. 1665 Princess Christine of Baden-Durlach (1645–1705)
  • Christian (1623-1633)


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  1. compare also the list of the Hohenzollern family

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