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King James may refer to:



English and Scottish[edit]

  • James VI and I (1566–1625), sponsor of the eponymous Bible translation, reigned as King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England and Ireland
  • James II of England (1633–1701), reigned as King James VII of Scotland and King James II of England and Ireland
  • James Francis Edward Stuart (1688–1766), Jacobite pretender


People nicknamed or under the pseudonym "King James"[edit]

  • James Strang (1813–1856), founder of the Strangite Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who was crowned king of Beaver Island in Lake Michigan
  • "King James", a nickname for basketball player LeBron James
  • "King James", a nickname for music producer James Worthy
  • King James (singer) (born 1990), Rwandan singer and performer




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