Jackie Gingrich Cushman is asking for donations.
May 13

So many friends have expressed an interest in helping families in need during this crisis. As an advisory council and previous board member at Our House, Inc.

I’m asking my network to join me in supporting children and families experiencing homelessness in Atlanta. My goal is to raise $1K by May 30. You can make an online gift today by visiting

President George Washington's Farewell Address
Jeane Kirkpatrick delivered a speech at the 1984 Republican convention in support of then president Ronald Reagan. Referred to as "Blame America First" speech, she warned that a country that continually blames itself will "lack the energy and conviction to defend itself." #America #EssentialAmerican
Love President Teddy Roosevelt and his focus on the strenuous life. Yes we fail, but better to fail than to stand aside and make fun of those trying! #iAmerica #essentialAmerican #inspiration