They say that you shouldn’t meet your idols and, for eight of these celebrities, that’s totally true! While they might put on a good face for publicity and to keep getting gigs and earning the big bucks, eight of the celebs on this list are known for being major league jerks! Owing to an inflated ego, too much cash, a bad attitude, and blatant ungratefulness for the people who got them to where they are today, those eight celebrities are without a doubt horrible!

Fortunately, with the bad comes the good, and we’ve also got nine beloved celebrities that actually are as awesome as they seem! From their charity work and activism to their down-to-earth attitude and refusal to sip the Hollywood Kool-Aid no matter how big they get, the other nine people on this list have managed to endear themselves to the public, fans, and critics for years! We don’t always get to know our favourite famous people in an up-close-and-personal way, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re rubbing elbows with the rich and the famous, you’ll know who to look forward to meeting and who to avoid!

17 HORRIBLE: Jennifer Lopez

Look, when you’ve made a living and a name for yourself as a triple threat, you’re bound to have some diva behaviours, and unfortunately for Jennifer Lopez, it’s made her a pain to work with and a prickly celebrity for fans to interact with. While nice guy Keanu Reeves loves talking to “normal people”, Jennifer will only interact with those she considers beneath her through her assistant. Despite spending time at a five-star luxury hotel, Jennifer will send along a rider insisting on various demands, including but not limited to: two humidifiers, two oscillating fans, white or red roses, and plain M&Ms.

Oh, and did we mention that she’s made a staffer cry on set and got a maid fired? The former was during a tour, when clearly Miss Lopez didn’t enjoy the work being done, and had a few choice words for the woman, and the second was after a maid had tried to get an autograph after she’d cleaned the star’s room from top to bottom. She didn’t get the autograph, and J.Lo had her fired the very next day.

16 NICE: Chris Pratt

We know he broke all our hearts when he split from Anna Faris, but Chris Pratt really is a genuinely nice guy, we promise! In addition to being a really cool guy to work with who appreciates his fans (multiple reports have stated that Chris goes out his way to meet with his fans, even when he’s in a rush), he also spends a lot of his time visiting children’s hospitals, often in character as his Guardians of the Galaxy alter ego, Peter Quill.

The kind of down-home country boy that can seem out of place in Hollywood, Chris has made it big as an action hero in recent years but started his career as a lovable goofball that still translates today. He manages to always make fun of himself, despite regularly topping the “Most Hottest” lists, and showed his nice guy roots when he told Jimmy Fallon, “You deserve all your success because you were nice to me, and nice people deserve success.” Takes one to know one!

15 HORRIBLE: Jonah Hill

Unlike funny guy Jack Black, Jonah Hill has earned himself a reputation for being a jerk, so much so that he was even teased about becoming a d-bag in the film This Is The End. While Jonah has a host of goofy roles under his belt – indeed, they’re what put him on the map – it was after his Academy Award-nominated stint opposite Brad Pitt in Moneyball that his ego really inflated and made him a major jerk!

Now, claiming to be a “serious actor”, Jonah refuses to deal with any inane interview questions (which we can understand), but he also comes across as a jerk when compared to all the other chill comedians he used to call friends. He’s been known to lash out at paparazzi and rather than take photos with fans or provide an autograph, he instead opts to hand out business cards that simply read, “I just met Jonah Hill.” Er, thanks?

14 NICE: Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis took a while before he finally got noticed in Hollywood, thanks to his endearing turn in The Hangover. Since then, he hasn’t slowed down in the movie-making department and has chosen to use his newfound success for good! When he was still struggling to break into showbiz, Zach met a woman at a laundromat in California and the two became unlikely friends. Fast-forward to years later and although the two lost touch, Zach learned that this woman (named Elizabeth “Mimi” Haist) had become homeless and jumped to the rescue, buying her an apartment to live in, taking her to multiple red carpet events, and even producing a documentary for her called Queen Mimi. Adorable, right?

In addition to that major nice guy move, Zach never turns down a fan request for an autograph or a photo, refuses to flash his wealth, and even insists on driving the same car he used to before he was famous.

13 HORRIBLE: Justin Bieber

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Justin Bieber is a jerk – he’s made it well-known throughout his career! After growing up and getting way too much cash too fast, Justin went into a downward spiral that saw him get arrested, trash his car, egg a neighbour’s home, spit on his fans, refuse to play concerts, and more.

His hatred of his fans is pretty intense, especially considering so many of them are younger girls who idolize the pop star. One such example was when he reportedly called a fan who approached him in a bikini a “beached whale” and suggested she try to become a contestant on The Biggest Loser! We’ve also recently seen his elaborate rider for a short stint in India while on tour, which included such lavish requests as a Jacuzzi, a “yoga casket” filled with essential oils and incense, and gourmet meals – named after his most popular songs, naturally.

12 NICE: Jack Black

Another humble movie star, Jack Black seems like a nice guy even in the roles he plays, so it doesn’t totally surprise us that he’s a down-to-earth sweetheart in real life. Jack seems like the type to be comfortable poking fun at himself, and that ability to not take himself too seriously has given him a well-deserved reputation as a likeable and nice guy in Hollywood.

According to a childhood friend, Jack decided to hide candy all around the playground of his elementary school for other kids to find, which is adorable if not entirely safe or sanitary. And, on Reddit, the Holy Grail for all instances of celebrity encounters – bad or good – one user stated that he saw Jack at a movie theatre where he was working, and Jack proceeded to accidentally spill popcorn all over the floor. Before the employee could move to pick up the spilled food, Jack had already begun to clean it up himself! Pretty nice if you ask us!

11 HORRIBLE: Ariana Grande

Well, what did you expect when you combine a powerful voice with a pint-sized diva? Someone not so nice, that’s what!

Ariana Grande has a well-deserved reputation for being a big B-word, beginning with her treatment of her fans. Upon heading backstage after forcing her way through smiles during a meet-and-greet, Ariana was overheard to have said that all the people who paid money to see her should just “f***ing die” – and it doesn’t stop there. Upon meeting the singer, two young girls took a photo with her and asked to keep it, but Ariana was having none of it and ordered one of her security team to delete it. Supporting acts have called the little girl with the big voice “stuck up” and “disrespectful”, and she solidified what she thinks of the entire country she calls home after being recorded saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” (This was in the same tape where she was seen licking doughnuts in a shop’s case, if you were wondering.)

10 NICE: Lady Gaga

She has a big heart, and one she willingly shares with her fans, whom she affectionately calls her “Little Monsters”. Lady Gaga has been through a lot, but despite being a massive success, she hasn’t let the fame go to her head and seems genuinely happy to be in the position she is, which certainly contributes to the overall perception that Stefanie Germanotta is a very nice lady!

Outside of her outlandish costumes, Gaga stays pretty stripped down, which we think adds to her appeal, but she honestly cares for her fans, including starting her own charitable foundation, Born This Way, which encourages young people to be kind to themselves and to one another. She’s been outspoken of her support of the LGBTQ+ community and used her platform to advocate for survivors of s*xual assault, lending her voice to the song “If It Happened To You” from the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Hunting Ground.

9 HORRIBLE: Carrie Underwood

Chris Pratt was the guy who has held onto his country roots but Carrie Underwood, not so much. Despite trying to position herself as America’s Sweetheart, with cowboy boots and big blonde hair, the singer has been reported by fans and staffers to be rude, arrogant, and standoffish.

Her public persona is that of the golden girl, but anyone who’s been in a conversation with Carrie knows that that is not the case. Apparently, during the 2010 Country Music Awards, Carrie pushed fellow singer and Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester out on stage to present with the encouraging words, “Get out there and don’t f*** up.” She later shrugged off criticism over her remarks, saying that Meester would “get over it”. Despite her well-publicized mean streak, Carrie decided in 2013 to tweet at critics of her Sound of Music performance, writing, “Mean people need Jesus”. Maybe she should take her own advice?

8 NICE: Mark Ruffalo

Another card-carrying member of the Nice Guy Club, Mark Ruffalo has never had a bad thing said about him, by fans or coworkers! All reports have said that the real-life Incredible Hulk is funny, enthusiastic, and just as willing to geek out as the biggest nerds among us. Additionally, unlike many celebrities who prefer to stay mum and cash a paycheck when it comes to politics, Mark is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and regularly contributes his time, efforts, and dollars to multiple causes, including pro-choice efforts, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-fracking campaigns, and organizations like We Are Change, which works to expose corruption and The Solutions Project, which aims to make the United States a 100% renewable-energy country. Phew, that’s a lot!

A dedicated husband and father, a woke activist, and an endearing actor who is beloved by his fans, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Mark is considered by all to be one of the nicest in Hollywood!

7 HORRIBLE: Tobey Maguire

Don’t be fooled by his boyish looks: Tobey Maguire is a big ol’ jerk! According to one casting agent, Tobey is “the worst little monster you’ve ever met”, and clearly the word has been passed along, because when was the last time you saw him in a movie?

On film sets, Tobey has been reported to ordering everyone not to look him in the eyes, and even weirdly insisted multiple times – on set and off – that people call him “Tugboat Maguire” or “Tugboat Tobey”.


Apparently, Tobey has insisted on the name because he is “small but strong”, and got into such a tizzy about it that he threw a fit at the Teen Choice Awards and was forcibly removed by security! Then, in a Vanity Fair interview in 2013, Tobey refused to answer any questions until the interviewer called him by his ‘proper name’, and even fired his publicist mid-interview for apparently not informing the reporter of this requirement! No wonder his wife left him!

6 NICE: George Clooney

You’d think all the fame, fortune, and good looks would go to his head, but instead, George Clooney has continued to solidify his reputation as one of the nicest mega-stars in Hollywood – and maybe it’s because he’s rarely there. Splitting most of his time between England and Italy, George has stayed out of much of the petty drama that happens in Tinseltown, which we think has helped his stellar attitude.

Fans of all ages have reported that George is approachable, funny, and friendly, and while he’s stepped out of some major Hollywood moments as of late, he’s dedicated himself to political and economic causes, including the Darfur crisis and the Armenian genocide recognition. Considered to be effortlessly charming, he’s recently stepped into the role of dad and done something few celebrities parents do nowadays – given his children normal names, which is one of the nicest things he could do as a new dad!

5 HORRIBLE: Ellen DeGeneres

She may seem like a kind, fun-loving woman with a penchant for breaking out the dorky dance moves, but as it turns out, Ellen DeGeneres is not nearly as nice as she seems. Those who work behind the scenes on Ellen’s daytime talk show have reported that the host is a tyrant, demanding that drinks be a certain temperature and that the air cannot be too hot or too cold. Rumours have also stated that Ellen’s had a controlling hand in wife Portia de Rossi’s career, ordering her to play housewife so that the comedian can be the breadwinner in the relationship.

But it’s not just anonymous sources who claim that the affable TV host is really a mean girl in disguise. In 2016, fellow comedian Kathy Griffin revealed that she had been banned from ever appearing on Ellen’s show since 2006, and that she thinks their competing careers are to blame. “Guys in comedy are so good about sticking together,” Griffin said. “I feel sad that women don’t support each other the way the guys do.”

4 NICE: Ed Sheeran

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Ed Sheeran is as lovable in real life as he seems – how else do you explain his ability to stay at the homes of multiple celebs for months at a time totally rent-free? Ed has gone out of his way multiple times to endear himself to the world, including: visiting fans in a hospital after they were unable to attend his concert; helping a man propose to his girlfriend; crashing a wedding only to become the wedding singer; donating all his clothing to charity shops in his home town; rescuing a kitten that was about to be put down; and making all his concert tickets the same price in order to allow his fans equal access to seeing him live.

Honestly, the guy seems super down to earth and unwilling to let his massive amount of fame go to his head, and what we’ve listed are only a few reasons as to why he’s so beloved and considered one of the nicest guys to make it big!

3 HORRIBLE: Demi Lovato

She may speak out against bullying, but many people from her past allege that Demi Lovato can be a huge bully herself! There isn’t a Twitter feud she hasn’t backed down from, and more often than not her foot should be placed firmly in her mouth to shut up some of the nasty things she’s said. Even major mean guy Simon Cowell has called his former co-judge mean-spirited and “b****y”!

With her recent foray into body positivity, Demi still seems like a major jerk even though she supposedly preaches self-acceptance. Back in 2016, a teenage artist uploaded a drawing of his to Instagram of the singer as a mermaid, but Demi was less than pleased about her half-fish likeness: “Is that how my boobs should look?” she wrote in the comments. “It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body.” Further to her hypocritical stance, Demi has allegedly called fans “fat” despite her own history with eating disorders, so we’d say she’s definitely on the “not nice” celebrity list!

2 NICE: Tom Hanks

The world’s dad, Tom Hanks, has earned his spot on the nice list after years of endearing himself to audiences, fans, and critics everywhere. Despite having two Oscars under his belt and a filmography stuffed with famous credits, Tom has been able to poke fun at himself, engage adorably with his fans, and keep up his long-running successful marriage to actress Rita Wilson.

Enthusiastic about meeting fans after decades of doing so, Tom isn’t shy about joking around with them. For example, the above photo was when he ran into a couple fans and their drunk friend at a bar, so he decided to have a little fun with them! He is regularly considered the nicest guy in Hollywood and the stories of how he’s made fans’ days are too numerous to mention, but all add to his good guy appeal. It’s nice when one of the coolest-seeming guys in showbiz actually turns out to be as awesome as we’d all hoped!

1 NICE: Keanu Reeves


Forget Sad Keanu, apparently it’s Nice Keanu! According to multiple fan encounters, Keanu Reeves is the nicest Hollywood guy around, with one story standing out that states that Keanu apparently gifted $20k to a set worker while filming The Matrix after he heard that the guy was having family problems!

Despite having some major blockbusters under his belt, Keanu has never earned the reputation of most Tinseltown actors and tends to keep things pretty low-key. He’s so chill that there have been numerous reports of the movie star and action hero taking the subway, and video footage of him offering up his seat to someone in the crowded car! Tons of Reddit accounts who have met the John Wick star in person have espoused how incredibly kind and genuine he is, and for a guy who’s taking home millions of dollars on a regular basis, you have to admire the care and consideration he gives to us regular folk!

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