'Troop Zero' Is The Latest Amazon Movie That's Warming Our Hearts

Troop Zero’ Is The Latest Amazon Movie That’s Warming Our Hearts

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Christmas Flint–what a name–wants nothing more than to win the opportunity to be recorded on NASA’s Golden Record. Ever since her mom passed away, she’s been fixated on all-things-outer-space, including aliens, stars, and planets. In order to win, she has to accomplish a nearly impossible task–recruit Birdie troop members and a leader, help each of her friends earn at least one badge, and then find $500 to attend the Jamboree competition.

This is no easy feat. There’s another troop in town, led by Miss Massey (played by Allison Janney) that collectively has the faux sweetness and poise required of young ladies in 1970s Georgia. However, Miss Massey’s troop is anything but kind. One Massey member cuts off one of Christmas’ braids, while others relentlessly makes fun of Troop Zero’s members. They. Are. Ruthless.