'Dungeons & Dragons' TV Series In The Works With 'John Wick' Writer

While everyone was busy arguing what the next “Game of Thrones” might be, the answer seems to have been under our noses all along — “Dungeons & Dragons.” We already knew that a feature film based on the insanely popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game was in the works, but now “John Wick” creator and writer Derek Kolstad has been tapped to write a potential series based on the “Dungeons & Dragons” franchise.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, even as Paramount and Hasbro’s film studio, eOne, are casting their live-action film about dragons and dungeons, eOne also tapped Kolstad to pen and develop a pitch for a potential live-action show based on “Dungeons & Dragons.” Note that this is a pitch, so things are very early on in the development process, and nowhere near a confirmation that we’ll get a show anytime soon. The report also notes that “multiple writers” are working on developing “various projects set in the fantasy universe,” meaning it is very likely that eOne is planning a whole cinematic universe based on the D&D franchise, and even if Kolstad’s show doesn’t get greenlit, we could get another one down the line.

Even if you’ve never played “Dungeons & Dragons,” you probably have seen at least one depiction of it in a movie or show, like “Stranger Things” In short, it’s a vast and infinite fantasy world that wouldn’t immediately make for an easy adaptation. We already got one horrible film adaptation in 2000, so it’s easy to be skeptical.

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The problem with “Dungeons & Dragons” is that its appeal is in players creating their own world and stories, rather than following one established story. At the same time, there is a ton of lore and history to the multiverse of the game, so a potential TV show could simply take bits and pieces and tell its own standalone story.