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The Meaning Behind The Song: ​ice cream man by YUNGBLUD


The Meaning Behind The Song: ​”ice cream man” by YUNGBLUD

Below is a table with key information about the song:

Title Artist Writer/Composer Album Release Date Genre Producer
ice cream man YUNGBLUD YUNGBLUD & Matt Schwartz “weird!” (Japanese Edition) (2020) December 4, 2020 Alternative rock Neal Avron

“ice cream man” was originally an unreleased song that YUNGBLUD performed back in January 2019. Although it didn’t make it on any official releases at first, YUNGBLUD kept it on his setlist throughout a few tours and would occasionally perform the song on stage. It gained a certain level of popularity among fans who attended his shows.

The song explores themes of isolation, self-doubt, and a sense of not fitting in. In the first verse, YUNGBLUD expresses his feelings of being left out and disconnected from his friends. He wonders if they think he hates them because he hasn’t been in touch for a couple of days. This highlights the struggle of trying to maintain relationships while dealing with inner turmoil.

The chorus of “ice cream man” further emphasizes this feeling of detachment and dissatisfaction. YUNGBLUD compares himself to an ice cream man who takes away his dreams and locks him up inside his van. This metaphor suggests a loss of hope and a desire to escape from the expectations and pressures of society.

The second verse delves deeper into YUNGBLUD’s emotional state. He describes himself as feeling used up and empty, with “bumper cars” inside his chest that don’t hold back. This imagery conveys a sense of chaos and internal conflict. YUNGBLUD also mentions his mother’s concerns about his well-being, adding another layer of complexity to his struggles.

YUNGBLUD makes reference to his refusal to conform to societal norms and expectations. He repeats the line “I won’t ever be like the others” and humorously adds “Hate myself and marry my cousin” as an exaggerated example of his defiance. This highlights his determination to be true to himself and not succumb to societal pressures.

The bridge of the song, with the repeated phrases “Give me champagne and TV, to make sure I fall asleep,” reflects a desire for escapism and temporary relief from the challenges and complexities of life. It portrays a longing for distractions and a break from reality.

Overall, “ice cream man” captures the struggles of self-identity and the pressure to conform to societal expectations. YUNGBLUD’s raw and introspective lyrics, paired with the energetic and catchy sound of the song, create an emotional experience for listeners.

My Personal Connection to “ice cream man”

This song has resonated with me on a personal level. As someone who often feels disconnected from the world and battles with self-doubt, I find solace in YUNGBLUD’s honest and relatable lyrics.

The line “I’m sitting on my own again, wondering what all my friends did last night” strikes a chord with me. It reminds me of those moments when I feel left out or left behind, questioning my place in my social circle. It’s a reminder that I’m not alone in these emotions.

The chorus, with its vivid imagery of being locked up inside an ice cream van, encapsulates the suffocating feeling of societal expectations and the desire to break free. It’s a reminder to embrace individuality and resist the pressure to conform.

Despite its introspective themes, “ice cream man” also delivers a powerful and energetic sound that allows me to channel my emotions and find a sense of release. The anthemic nature of the song makes it an empowering soundtrack to embrace one’s unique identity.


“ice cream man” by YUNGBLUD delves into the struggles of self-doubt, isolation, and the pressure to conform. Its raw lyrics and energetic sound create an emotional and empowering experience. The song serves as a reminder that it’s okay to be different and to challenge societal expectations. It has resonated with many fans, including myself, who find solace and strength in its relatable themes.

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