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Back in June I discussed the amazing story of a Liberia Ball negro whose attempt at "dating" went horribly wrong. Instead of snow hoes, it blundered upon a cross-dressing sodomite freakazoid and the tar creature was not happy when the deception was finally revealed. A mentally defective degenerate who thought the anus was a sex organ was battered into sugar candy mountain by a creature straight from a nightmare and the kosher system that must simultaneously promote "butt play" and the negro as your g*d didn't know how to respond. Jump forward a few months and here we are, with the dusky Mister Touchdown preparing to face the "racist" justice system that routinely gives much harsher sentences to the "African-American" for the exact same crimes. The showdown between Afromania, the sodomite agenda and the eroding rule of law is finally here and we're fortunate to get to witness this incredible convergence of jew-promoted spiritual leprosy and cultural rot. 

The second-degree-murder charge against suspended Virginia Tech football player Isimemen Etute was certified by a Montgomery County judge to a grand jury Thursday morning.

This is a clear example of an innocent good boy being persecuted for the color of its skin. On the other hand, it must be severely punished for attacking our national sacrament of buggery. On the third hand, punishing brown aliens for crimes is "racist" and wrong. But sucking off a Rwanda Rugby groid while crudely disguised as a parody of a woman is "love" and a brave and noble act of courage. It's time for my head to explode from all the cognitive dissonance. 

Etute appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Sept. 23 in connection with the death of 40-year-old Jerry Paul Smith of Blacksburg on May 31.

"Blacksburg." You're not kidding.

Make sure to wear your face diaper to save us from a deadly virus.

The Commonwealth called three detectives of the Blacksburg Police Department to the testify about the homicide investigation, such as the description of the crime scene, the process of identifying the victim after he sustained such trauma to his face and neck, and the interview with Etute.

Gott damm, he/she gawt awl swole awp. Our nation-shaped sewer has never been healthier. Barkevious beat the brakes off a man who got aroused by human, or in this case animal, waste. Taste the rainbow, mudda fudda.

According to investigators, Etute and Smith — or rather Etute and “Angie,” the woman Smith had been posing as — matched on Tinder on April 10 and had a consensual sexual encounter that day in Smith’s apartment.

Sheeet, eye bee giddin awl duh wite beeches. Diss "Angie" bee juan fyne azz motah scootah.

However, on May 31, police say Etute went to Smith’s apartment with two friends to determine whether Smith was a man or a woman, but the apartment was minimally lit and Smith was concealing his face.

Gentlemen, I propose we combine our impressive intellects to determine the sex of my current fornication vector. Regrettably, the ambient light is quite feeble in my mouth masturbation pleasure palace and the visage of my paramour is obscured. Can Sherlock Homeboy and the ghetto irregulars solve The Case of the Oscar Mayer Wiener? Stay tuned! 

However, security cameras show that the other two people stayed outside the apartment and that Etute was the only one who went inside with Smith.

Stay out here, Watson. Be ready to perform the Jesse Owens Act.

After Etute discovered that Smith was indeed a man, Etute reportedly punched him multiple times and Smith fell to the floor.

My suspicions have been confirmed. Time for completely one-sided fisticuffs. 

When asked if Etute stomped on Smith — as the prosecution previously alleged — the detective said that Etute told him he was stepping over Smith and accidentally stepped on him in his “slide shoes.”

Muh "Air Force Ones" performed an emergency landing on the face of a confirmed bachelor.

After the defense asked one of the detectives whether Etute knew what happened to Smith after he left the apartment, the detective said that Etute started crying, breaking down both physically and emotionally upon hearing about Smith’s death.

A 65 I.Q. monster tried to approximate human emotions. It was all busted up. No more making other coal creatures "hurry" on the Sudan Soccer field; I'm breaking down.

During the hearing, the defense asked to drop the second-degree-murder charge and downgrade it to voluntary manslaughter, but the prosecution said there was no evidence for such a charge. In the end, the judge overruled the defense’s motion and decided that the murder charge will proceed to the grand jury.

This is the worst "racism" I've ever seen. This is little more than a lynching. We need to get rid of police and laws.

Smith’s family friend, Rebecca Snavely, described Smith’s death as “premeditated,” saying that “because Etute plays for Tech, they’re [referencing Etute and the two friends who went to Smith’s apartment with him] going to get away with it.”

I don't know where a "student athlete" would get a crazy idea like that, especially living in a White supremacist nation where innocent "blatts" are routinely given comically severe sentences for minor offenses by "racist" kkkorts.

Emotions escalated both during and after the hearing, with one of Smith’s supporters storming out of the courtroom during the proceedings. Then, after the hearing, a family friend of Smith yelled, “he did not deserve to die,” as Etute and his family were leaving. 

That's certainly debatable.

Full Story.

Bloated Fag Hag yells at groids.


  1. In these conflicts between protected classes, the only firm rule is that, if a jew or jewish interest is involved, it will prevail.

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  3. I do not know how to embed links so I hope we can all get a laugh next week after our fearless leader gets a load of this 'hey jig watcha doin'?

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      HTML Links shows how to do it -- see 'HTML Links - Syntax'

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  4. Play stupid games.....

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