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Old 09-23-2021, 09:35 PM   #1
Janice Johnson
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Default Insight for my stories! :D

Part one.

Darryl, Sean, Julian, and Mario were actually my spin on Michael Jackson's Darryl Character from Bad, the 17 minute Version of a Teenage Boy who is originally from the Hood and goes to a Private School in an upscale location and goes back home on a break and his Hood Friends want to mug a man in a Subway. Darryl feels bad for man and tells him to run and he does. His Friends accuse him of being soft and he tells them off and for some weird reason he turns into Michael Jackson and sings the bad song His Friends accept that he has changed.

My Darryl Johnson Character was a Teenager Thug who mugged People and hijacked cars with his three Friends and was sent to Boarding School by his Mother. Marshall Johnson Academy in Jacksonville, Florida is the Boarding School he was sent to. I

In one Darryl story, I wrote that Darryl was dared by his Friends to shoot a man while home from a school break to show them he was still tough. He pretended to shoot the man, but to his Horror, the man fell down, seemingly dead and Darryl was wracked with guilt. His Friends ran off and abandoned him. I later said that it was actually a prank that was set up by his Mother, Friends, a Policeman, and the Man. Darryl was relieved and was like,"Don't you ever pull a prank on me like that! They all laughed. " This story got a lot of constructive criticism, saying something like,"No one would shoot someone just because they got dared to, and Darryl shouldn't be LAUGHING at this prank. He should have been knocking them all out. And they shouldn't have been laughing at the fact that Darryl really would have shot someone in their POV. They should be HORRIFIED.

I redid that Darryl Story and made it a real Murder with Sean going around shooting random People because he snapped after Darryl went to the boarding School. This remade Story was taken much better. Someone shooting random People because he straight up snapped seemed more plausible than someone doing it from a POV as a dare. Darryl was left as the fall guy when Darryl tried to stop Sean from shooting his latest victim. Sean hit Darryl who fell helpless and then Sean shot and Murdered the poor latest Victim. Darryl called Police and Paramedics to try to save the Victim's life, but Paramedics said that The Victim had died.

Sean had called Darryl an IDIOT right after Darryl had called the Police and Paramedics and left with Mario and Julian. Sean had threatened Mario and Julian to keep quiet about his shooting game by Blackmailing them with crimes they had done themselves.

Darryl was the Suspect and ran and decided to turn himself in and ratted out Sean who visited him in jail and Julian and Mario came along too. The Police released Darryl as he was a Witness, not the Murderer. Sean went to Darryl's house thinking he was still in jail and attempted to steal $300 from him. Darryl who had been hiding came out and confronted him and asked Sean to give him his money back. Sean gave him his money back and Darryl gave him $40. I wanted to show that Darryl still cared about Sean even though he did a lot of bad things to him.

In my mind, Sean and Darryl were the closest of the four Friends which showed a lot in another Darryl story where Sean never murdered anybody. Sean talked them into trying to burglarize a wealthy house and Darryl tried to use a credit card to break into the house and was given a horrible lectrical shock by a Security System. Sean felt horrible about getting Darryl shocked and tried to make him feel better.

In Marshall Johnson Academy, Darryl met Dave Winston, his Gay Roommate. Dave and Max Cartwright, their Dorm Parent were a secret Couple in the All Boys School. Dave mentioned how nice Max was looking sentimental and Darryl wondered if Max and he were dating. He said,"Are you and Max um?" Not wanting to ask outright. Dave claimed they weren't dating but he just admired Max's sweet nature. In MJA, Gays were shunned. Dave opened up to Darryl that he was a former Cocaine Addict. I later wrote Dave's story about him being a Cocaine Addict. This was the first time ever that my side character got a full on story based on a background story. Dave and Darryl were best Friends in MJA.

Darryl opened up about being a Thug in North Miami where he was from. North Miami is also the place I have lived in for 23 years. Dave promised not to tell anyone about Darryl's Thug Life and Darryl believed him.

Darryl was one of the few Black Students in NJA which is a Predominantly White School. Rob Patterson and George Wright, Presidents of the PBA, a Fraternity called Darryl a Big(The full word was automatically blocked when I originally wrote it as it is a Racial Slur. So I chose Nig instead) and told Darryl to go back where he came from. They were both sneering at him when they told him this.

Darryl called them the Sneerys bases on their Sneers. He called George Sneery Right and Rob Sneery Left. When Darryl refused to leave MJA, they beat up both Darryl and Dave. Dave for being Friends with a Nig and Darryl for not leaving. Sneery Left (Rob) who was beating on Dave told him if he called Darryl a Nig, he would stop beating him up. Dave refused to call Darryl a Nig as Dave was his best friend. So Rob kept beating him up as Sneery Right(George) beat up Darryl. The other Students just watched as George and Rob beat up Darryl and Dave, reluctant to stop the beatings as Rob and George were huge People and intimidating. I wrote that Dave's head was repeatedly slammed on the ground and Dave's blood was already coming out of his head. I had an image of the Teacher's head being slammed on the ground in Lean On Me as I wrote that

Later, Dave and Darryl were checked out by a Nurse after a beating. Darryl thanked Dave for not calling him a Nig and Dave was like, "I made a promise when I was young to not use that word once I was told how horrible it was.

About Dave and Max being a secret Couple, I had them hide their relationship due to Max being 18 and Dave being 16 and his Dorm Charge and the Gay Shunning thing. Darryl later on found out that Dave and Max were dating after Max came over while Darryl was supposedly asleep and they talked about their Relationship and made out Multiple times. They had kept their Relationship a secret for two years and Darryl had his suspicions from the very first day.

Darryl wanted Dave to open up to him after he found out that Max and Dave were a Couple, so he mentioned he felt he could tell Dave anything without Dave judging him and told Dave he could tell him anything and he wouldn't judge him. Dave said,"I have a Boyfriend," which is one of my favorite things about this story. I felt and still feel that Dave admitting he had a Boyfriend waas a crowning moment in this story. He still didn't tell Darryl that Max was his boyfriend however even though Darryl asked him who his Boyfriend was.

He later walked in on Max and Dave making out and Max and Dave knew they were busted but Darryl agreed to keep their secret for them. Their secret was figured out when Max got shot by a random bullet and told Dave he loved him. Dave told him he loved him too and Max was rushed to the Hospital where he luckily survived. The other Students heard Max and Dave telling each other they loved each other and wondered. Max and Dave admitted that they were a Couple and Max was changed to Dormparent for another Hall but still allowed to date Dave. Other Gay Students decided to "Come out," after Dave and Max admitted they were a Couple and the Gay Shunning was lifted as being discriminatory.

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Janice Johnson
Commercial Lover
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Posts: 3,919

Part 2.

I decided to make Dave the Main Character as I felt Dave was a much more interesting Character than Darryl was and was my original Character and not slightly based on my twist on a Michael Jackson Character.

I made a whole story out of Dave telling Darryl he used to be a Cocaine Addict. The Cocaine Addict was part of a Trilogy that I didn't think it would turn into at first. In the Cocaine Addict, Darryl got hooked on Cocaine after his Friend, Freddie gave him a little Cocaine when he realized Dave wasn't really enjoying himself at a party. I originally envisioned Dave hesitating to take Cocaine, but I wrote that Dave immediately said,"Sure," and Freddie gave him some to get him to enjoy himself more at the party.

Dave felt GREAT after taking some Cocaine and quickly warmed up, felt alive, and became the life of the party, enjoying himself. After the party, Dave asked Freddie where he got the Cocaine and Freddie mischievously asked him if he wanted more. Dave tried to deny it, but Freddie knew he wanted more and told him he got it from a Drug Dealer named Mr. X and Dave questioned the name and Freddie pointed out that Drug Dealers don't use their real names which Dave understood and Freddie asked Dave if he wanted to meet Mr. X. Dave once again tried to deny it, but Freddie once again knew he wanted to and Dave kind of implied he was interested.

Freddie led him to a shady looking man in his 30's who was wearing a Hoodie. Freddie told him his Friend Dave was interested in trying Cocaine and Dave once again tried to deny that he wanted to try Cocaine, but Mr. X saw right through it and gave Dave a free line of Cocaine. Dave snorted it and felt GREAT again and greedily asked for more. Mr. X said only the first line was free, but he'd sell him a bag of Cocaine for $10. Dave gave him $10(I had no idea how much a bag of Cocaine was as I had never bought Cocaine and still haven't, so I thought $10 was a good estimate. I was later told a bag of Cocaine is a LOT more than just $10 and is more like $100, .

Dave snorted that bag in his Dorm and was getting REALLY addicted. He even dreamed about Cocaine. He bought more bags from Mr. X, using extra money his Parents sent him. When that money ran out, he stole from his Schoolmates to buy more bags of Cocaine. He was snorting about 20 times a day, going to the "Bathroom," way more often than he usually did. Teachers were getting suspicious, but he claimed he had a Bladder Control Problem and they didn't completely believe him, but let the matter drop.

George and Rob caught Dave snorting Cocaine and mocked his drug addiction saying something like,"That's where the stolen money went to. Let's beat the stolen money out of him!" Dave tried to run but George and Rob quickly caught up to him and beat him up. Dave snorted more Cocaine to feel better.

One day, he had a trace of Cocaine that he forgot to snort that was on his Bookbag. Dean Riley, the Headmaster of MJA confronted Dave about the Cocaine. Dave claimed that the Cocaine wasn't his and he didn't know who's Cocaine it was. Dean Riley let it go for a couple of days before he saw Dave snorting Cocaine. Dean Riley told Dave he had a problem.. Dave feebly claimed he was snorting Baby Powder and then convulsed for a few seconds (I was not nor am I a Cocaine Addict, so I just guessed that maybe Cocaine makes people convulse, )

Dean Riley searched Dave's Dorm and found 5 more bags of Cocaine and questioned the "Baby Powder," Dave looked at the ground and asked if he was going to go to jail. Dean Riley said he wasn't going to go to jail, but he would be going to Drug Rehab. Dave begun to move around like a madman and screamed at Dean Riley to give him his Cocaine and burst into tears, acknowledging that he was a Drug Addict. Dean Riley wiped his tears and threw away Dave's Cocaine. Dave tried to go into the garbage to get the Cocaine back but Dean Riley stopped him and said something like,"You have proved you have a big problem." You're going to Drug Rehab tomorrow. I'll tell The School you are on Vacation. They don't have to know you are in Drug Rehab.

Dave reluctantly agreed, and the next day, Dean Riley put him in Drug Rehab and paid for it. At Dave's first meeting, he claimed he wasn't a Drug Addict and didn't know why he was there. The Counselor pointed out that everybody in the group were Drug Addicts and wouldn't judge him. The other Drug Addicts confirmed they were Drug Addicts and wouldn't judge Dave and Dave let his guard down.

The other Drug Addicts admitted that they turned to drugs because of rape, neglect, and abuse. Dave claimed he became a Drug Addict because Freddie offered the Cocaine to him and felt kind of bad because he became a Drug Addict because it was offered to him by Freddie whereas the other Drug Addicts had better reasons for becoming Drug Addicts. The Counselor asked Dave if there was a deeper reason and Dave mentioned that George and Rob were bullies who constantly beat him up and the Counselor was like,"George and Rob are the real reason you became a Drug Addict. He said that George and Rob were Dave's real X Factors for his drug Addiction, negative things.

Max and Dave's Parents were his A Factors, Positive things in his life. Dave claimed that Max was his Best Friend. Later Denny(I was hungry and Denny's Restaurant and a Grand Slam were on my mind when I named this Character, saw Dave kiss a picture of Max and Dave blushed and Denny told him not to worry about it as they really didn't care about Sexual Preferences or Orientations, just cared about beating Drug Addictions. Dave once again relaxed and Denny mentioned Max was cute(I wanted to put a possibility that Denny himself was Gay, and Dave laughed and pointed out that Max was his.

Dave stayed in the Drug Rehab for 2 weeks before the was deemed basically a non Drug Addict, and was basically deemed ready to "Graduate," from the Drug Rehab but his Final Test was REALLY hard. I wrote that the Rehabilitation Staff left something that looked suspiciously like Cocaine to see if Dave would snort it. In my mind, this was NOT Cocaine, it was actually baby powder, but if Dave would snort the baby powder, it would prove he wasn't fully Rehabilitated yet and was still a Drug Addict and would have to stay longer. He thought of how he could go home today to Max, who he really missed of he resisted the urge to snort the baby powder which looked like Cocaine.

He willed himself hard to not give in and snort it and didn't do it and got his Diploma, "Graduating," and went home to Max where he lost his virginity to. I made it tender, with them kissing, caressing, etc, and then the real lovemaking happened and Dave was happy he did it and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, George and Rob made fun of Dave for being a Drug Addict and claimed he was a drug addict and Dave honestly replied he wasn't and they asked if Dave was in Drug Rehab for those two weeks. Dean Riley told the school that Dave was on a Vacation and Dave upheld the Vacation lie claiming he went to vacation in the Caribbean and went swimming in the Caribbean Sea, ate Griot, sucked on sugar canes, and danced in different Caribbean Countries knowing it was a lie.

Max got Dave to admit to him that he was in Rehab for those two weeks, not on Vacation in the Caribbean and got him to admit he stole $500 from the Students for his Drug Addiction. Max suggested he get a part time job in the School Library in order to pay back the students. Dean Riley confirmed he thought this was a good idea and Dave worked in the School Library and paid back the Students anonymously. Max was proud of him and the Students were delighted to get their money back.
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Janice Johnson
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Part 3

In The second Sequel of the Trilogy called The Protest, Dave becomes Friends with an openly Gay 14 year old boy named Jack. Jack felt that coming out as Gay in MJA was liberating. But the MJA Students were big on shunning Gays, so one day at lunch, an entire table full of Students got up and left as soon as Jack sat down to eat. He begun eating with a dejected look on his face. Dave felt really bad for him and sat down and had lunch with him. Jack was grateful to have someone have lunch with him. Other Students wondered if Dave was Gay. Dave claimed he wasn't Gay, and was actually Asexual and didn't like either boys or girls.

Later on, Jack was being bullied for being Gay and his Bullies were throwing his books around and taunting him. Dave felt bad for him as Jack felt harrassed and came to his rescue. Jack's bullies said if Dave didn't stop helping bout Jack, they would start a rumor that Dave was Gay himself. Dave didn't want Jack being Bullied anymore so he pulled Jack away from his Bullies, telling them to leave Jack alone. The Bullies called Dave a "Fa," for helping out Jack. Dave ignored them and gave him back his books.

The next day, Jack was getting bullied by new Bullies
Dave once again came to Jack's Rescue and Jack's new Bullies directly implied that Dave was Jack's lover and Dave surmised that the rumor flew quickly. He still continued to help out Jack. Jack asked Dave if he was Resentful of having to come to Jack's Rescue Multiple times. Dave implied he wasn't bothered and said he saw so much of himself in Jack and said it was a good thing.

One day at lunch, Rodney, Dave's closest Friend and Dave were having lunch together and Jack asked if he could join in. Dave mentally rolled his eyes and thought that Jack was being a Tagalong. Rodney REALLY rolled his eyes. When I wrote this, I had just had an exhausting day at work and was in a frustrated mood and channelled this into Dave and Rodney feeling resentful of Jack being a Tagalong. Dave, not wanting to hurt Jack's feelings said,"Sure," and Rodney gave a Grimace which he turned into a forced smile when Jack looked at him.

Jack was feeling bad vibes from Rodney and wondered if he should leave. Dave said,"No, it's just that Rodney has a bad stomachache." Rodney said,"Yeah, I have a bad stomachache, " and winced in a non believable way. Dave thought he was a bad actor..Rodney claimed he was going to get some medicine for his stomachache and DASHED out the door. Which someone who had a Legitimate stomachache most likely wouldn't do, which Jack pointed out. Dave didn't want to hurt Jack's feelings, so he claimed that Rodney just wasn't comfortable around new People. Rodney came back a little while later and said, "Oh Jack, you're STILL here! My Stomachache us back and ran out the door again and Jack wondered if Rodney was uncomfortable around Gay People and Dave thought,"Rodney's gay himself! You're being a Tagalong! " But once again didn't want to hurt Jack's feelings so he kept quiet. They finished lunch.

On a side note, Dave was proud of Jack for coming out in a school that shunned Gays and wished he had that same courage to do so.

After school, Rodney went to Dave's Dorm and complained to him about Jack being an annoying Tagalong and Dave confirmed that Jack was a little annoying but reminded Rodney that Jack was just an awakward and nervous 14 year old boy and teasingly reminded Rodney that when Rodney was 14 Rodney followed Dave around like a lost puppy and Rodney said teasingly that he begged Dave to go on Field Trips, eat lunch, and Sleepover with him and Dave obliged him. I put it as a "Remember the 14 year old who did this?" Obviously meaning Rodney and Rodney added to it. Dave finished by implying that Rodney and he were close Friends and Rodney smiled. Dave suggested that he be nice to Jack the same way he was nice to Rodney and Rodney agreed. Rodney left.

Later on, Jack came to Dave's Dorm crying and scared. Dave immediately felt concerned for Jack and Jack told him that someone had vandalized his Dorm. He led Dave to his Dorm and Jack's dorm was trashed and someone wrote,"Go home Gay Bitch! This school is only for Straight boys. " Jack cried more and Dave pointed out he couldn't stay in that Dorm and suggested he stay with him in Dave's Dorm and Jack agreed.

Dave suggested they do a Protest because of all the unfair crap Jack was getting just because he was gay. Jack reluctantly agreed to a Protest.

The next day, Dave gathered 9 of his Friends and Max who were all Gay themselves. I wondered if I REALLY should have had ALL of Dave's Friends be Gay and wondered if I should have at least given him one Straight Friend, but I decided that all Gay Friends would solidify the Gay Bonding/Gay Protest thing. Dave propose that they do Gay Protests because of Jack being bullied and his Dorm being trashed JUST because he was Gay.

9 Friends agreed to Protest, but Max decided not to because he didn't want trouble. Dave was understandably upset and pointed out that Max was Gay and yet didn't want to stand up for Gay Rights. Max said he cared more about his life than standing up for Gay Rights and left. Dave couldn't believe his Boyfriend betrayed him like this.

Luckily, Todd, Randall, Randy, Rudy, Sam, Mark, Jack, Steve, and Rodney agreed with Dave that they should fight for Gay Rights.

All 10 of them went to Dean Riley's Office and demanded that Jack's Vandalizers be brought to justice. Dean Riley refused to bring Jack's Vandalizers to Justice. Dave thought,"If Jack had been in his Dorm at the time of the Vandalizing, he could have been attacked. Dave pointed this out to Dean Riley. He pointed out that this was a matter of School Security and I personally had Dave say to the reader that "No Dean wants to hear about Matter of School Security." Dean Riley dismissively said,"But Jack's fine. He wasn't physically hurt. No matter of School Security.

Jack's mouth was in a hard line. So, what would have been a matter of School Security? If I had been knocked into a Coma?" Dean Riley answered,"Yes. But you weren't knocked into a Coma." Jack cussed him out and Dean Riley told them to leave. All 10 held hands and shouted,"No! We will not leave! This is a Protest!" Dean Riley got scared and called Hank, the Security Officer to get them to leave. They refused to leave, so Hank took out his nightstick!

Rodney said,"What are you going to do Hank, beat us? That's Assault and you know you can't do that. All 10 smirked and Hank out away his nightstick. I envisioned Hank pulling out his nightstick to intimidate them into leaving, not actually planning to beat them with his nightstick.

The Police were called and Dean Riley claimed that 10 Intruders were in his office. Dave pointed out that they were Students and were wearing MJA Uniforms. The Police admitted that was a good point. Dean Riley lied and said,"They stole them." Dave screamed at Dean Riley for lying and Dean Riley got scared and begged the Police to get these 10 Intruders off of MJA Property. " The Police put all 10 of them in Handcuffs and begun to escort them off of MJA Property.

Max saw them in Handcuffs and being led away. Max asked what was going on and the Lieutenant said,"These 10 are Intruders. " Max stayed silent for a few seconds. Dave desperately said,"Max, come on, you know we're not Intruders!" Max finally admitted that they were NOT Intruders and were Students. Enraged, the Lieutenant asked Dean Riley if this was true.

Dean Riley admitted he lied about Dave and the other 9 Protesters being Intruders and said he wanted them off the Property because they wanted to do Gay Protests for Gay Rights." The Lieutenant said disgusted,"You pulled this lying stunt because they wanted to do Gay Protests for Gay Rights? I'm Gay myself and I'd do the same thing in their shoes. I wanted to put a Police Officer who would be on their side on this since he is Gay too.

The Lieutenant and his Employees unlocked the handcuffs and Dave and his Friends all smirked at Dean Riley who looked ashamed of himself.

Jack admitted he liked standing up to Dean Riley and Dave agreed.

The next day, Dave gathered his 9 Friends and they planned another Protest, this time, in a Classroom, like a Sit In Protest. Dave said something like,"At 3 P.M, we attack!" Like a Dictator. Lol. :Lol: Then in a calmer voice, he said something like,"Let's do it at 3. They all agreed.

At 3, the 10 Protesters did their Sit In Protest. Dean Riley knocked on the locked door and pointed out they weren't supposed to be in a Classroom after school hours and told them they needed to get out of there. They screamed that this was a Sit In Protest and they would not leave. Dean Riley took a few running steps back, Dave mentioned that they heard the running steps back and Dean tried to open the lock door by running into it.. It didn't work and Dean Riley groaned in pain Dave and his Friends laughed as they were winning.

Dave heard Dean Riley say something to Chancellor Murray and Dave surmised Dean Riley was talking about a key. Dave told his Friends his feeling, and they pushed a dresser against the door. Sure enough, Dean Riley tried to open the lock with a key just minutes later, but couldn't open the door due to the dresser. Dave and his Friends laughed, but then one of them realized Dean Riley and Murray could still enter through the Window as they were in a first floor room. They ran to the Windows and locked it. Chancellor Murray and Dean Riley showed up just seconds later, trying to open the window, but couldn't, so they both just yelled unprofessional expletives (I was thinking more of a bunch of F words, and left.

Soon, Randall claimed he needed to pee REALLY badly. Dave, kind of Dictator like screamed at him l,"Hold it in! You'll ruin everything!" Randall said,"Please Dave, it feels like I'm about to explode!" Dave curtly said,"Fine, go use the bathroom, but when you come back, your password to come back is two short knocks." Randall agreed, they moved the dresser, and Randall left, looking for sweet freedom. Steve said,"Whoa, harsh Dave," and Dave hissed,"I told everyone to use the bathroom before we did the Sit In Protest." A little while later, they heard two short knocks.

"That's Randall, Dave said, and they moved the dresser and let Randall in who looked a lot better after peeing.

About an hour later, they decided they were done with the Sit In Protest and Dave said,"This was great," they all agreed and left.

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