How much did Kristen Stewart make in Twilight? - Answers


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How much did Kristen Stewart make in Twilight?

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probably alot of money considering she play Bella

Answer#2:She got paid $2 million dollars for playing in twilight.

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How much does Kristen Stewart make in a month?

Now it is big money, after Twilight... :)

How much did Kristen Stewart make for her role as Bella Swan in the movie Twilight?


What kind of make up does Kristen Stewart wear?

Kristen Stewart is down to earth. She doesn't wear much in Twilight, but then again the make-up people are professionals. Kristen wears make-up that matches her skin and her eyeshadow is very light that makes her look beautiful in Twilight.

How much money did Kristen Stewart earn for the movie twilight?

20 million.

How much money did Kristen Stewart make in twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn part 1?

A lot

How much does Kristen Stewart make in a year?

Kristen Stewart makes over 6 million dollars a year

How old was Kristen Stewart in Twilight?

Kristen Stewart was born April 9, 1990 and was 18 when the film was released in November 2008. She was 17 during much of the filming, which ended on May 2, 2008.

What is Kristen Stewart best knwn for?

The film Panic House and Twilight. twilight gve her so much fame dat she never thought about it even in her dreams

How much did Kristen Stewart get paid for Eclipse?

Kristen Stewart gets $12 million for playing in Eclipse

How much money did Kristen Stewart make last year?

Kristen made $34.5 million dollar's last year

How much money did Kristin Stewart make in twilight?

1,000,000 dollars!

Is Kristen Stewart from Twilight a Christian?

yes, she has never smoked pot in her life. that wasnt her in the pic she is very much christian. and so is rob.

How much money does Robert pattinson have now?

Well, depending... Kristen Stewart made $2,000,000 off of TWILIGHT, so Rob probably made that much as well.

Does Kristen Stewart were a wig in Twilight?

No, Kristen Stewart did not wear a wig in Twilight, but she did wear a wig in Eclipse because she had to cut her hair for the movie The Runways. Her hair didn't have time to grow back before she started filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. But also Kristen wore hair pieces in some parts of her hair because then they wouldn't have to take up so much time on doing her hair, therefore they had more time to shoot the movie.

Is the intensity the same way in twilight as it is in public for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsons?

I guess most of Robert and Kristen fans did read the Twilight Saga.But I think as long as they represent the saga on screen, they really got more attention, much more response from public.

How much does Kristen Stewart get paid?

This is not a public information.

How much money does Kristen Stewart make?

$25 million for the last film i'v heard, so much more..

Does Kristen Stewart love Robert Pattenson?

Yes Robert Pattinson does love kristen stewart with all of his heart ... look at the videos on youtube ... I wish i was Kristen Stewart she is so lucky ... I wanna be an actor when i grow up and my dream is to meet the twilight cast ... especially nikki reed and Robert Pattinson , Kristen Stewart and also Ashley Greene.. Kristen Stewart is One of the most pretiest girls in the whole world ... thats what it says on the internet ... no wonder why Robert loves Krosten so much have you seen her ... she must be proud of her looks xxx ... Love you Kristen babe xxOh definetly they realy have a kid together im allmost don with eclipse

What color are Kristen Stewart eyes?

They are pretty much hazel

How much is a movie premier to see Kristen Stewart?


Is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Engaged?

They are very much engaged.

How much does Kristen Stewart weight?

There are rumors that her weight is 152 pounds.

How much would a copy of twilight signed by Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Nikki Read and Rachelle Lefevre sell for?

Alot, everyone in my school is crazy about Twilight.....Some people i know have read the whole series 10 times

What kind of haircut does Kristen Stewart have in the messengers?

She has a medium length , long layers sort of a side fring but not to much if it I know it's not much but I hoped this helped :) ps j have meet Kristen Stewart she told me this

How much money did Kristen Stewart make in new moon?

As a individual she gets 14$million and as a whole the movie make's 140million$