Get to Know Your Neighborhood with Convenient Map Features

Have you ever looked at moving to a new town or a new neighborhood and wished you knew more about the area? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the information right at your fingertips as you search on the map?

Well, now you can have a personalized guide through our new map layers.  

It’s like having your own personal tour guide showing you where the best local coffee shops are, the best schools, how safe a neighborhood is, and how close you are to the nearest bike route or subway stop.

Here’s how it works:

When you search for homes using the map view on® you can now enable different layers on the map around a specific home or the homes in the neighborhood you are searching.

The map layers on the left-hand side let you search by school, show crime on the map, look up local lifestyle amenities and transit options.

The map layers on the left-hand side let you search by school, show crime on the map, look up local lifestyle amenities and transit options.

Simply click on one of the different toggle options on the bottom left-hand side of the map view. You’ll be able to view schools and their public school ratings, a crime heat map, different lifestyle points of interest and transit details.

Your map view will change depending on what option you click in the bottom left-hand side toggle menu.

Educate yourself on local schools

To see schools on the map, just select the school overlay in the bottom left-hand side menu, and check the boxes for the types of schools you are interested in.

When it comes to school ratings, we give you the ability to sort and view schools by ratings on the map on the® desktop version. For example, if you only want to see schools that carry a “Great Schools” rating of 7 and above, you can do that. Simply move the slider to your desired school rating and the map will automatically update. 

See schools instantly by using the “school” map overlay.

We even give you the ability to only show elementary, middle, high school, private, and even district offices if you want to make your home search more specific around a type of school. Once that is done, move the slider to your desired school rating and the map will automatically update.

You can narrow your search by sorting by school type and rating.

Once you’ve found your ideal school you can take your search one step further with school search. Simply search by typing the specific school in the search box on mobile or desktop to see all of the homes in that school’s specific boundary. Tap on any listing to instantly see home photos and details.

Search by your preferred school and see all homes in that school’s boundaries on our mobile app. Download the® app on iOS and Android.

Play it safe using our crime heat map

The crime heat map will give you a good sense of the safer neighborhoods when searching for a home.

Our crime heat map allows you to get a good sense of what neighborhoods are the safest. If you’re not familiar with a city or a neighborhood, this tool can be very helpful in choosing which home you want to buy.

You can also use the crime heat map to search for homes on mobile. Download the® app on iOS and Android.

Getting around with transit

Clicking on the transit later of the map will show you options for transportation, including updated traffic, public transportation, and bike lanes.

On desktop, we also have integrated a few transit options that you can layer on the map to help you figure out the best way to get around. We allow you to include real-time traffic data from Google so you can see how busy the roads are and how long your trip might take.

Take your search even further by selecting options to show you traffic, public transit, and bike lanes.

Would you prefer to stay green and use public transportation or bike to work? We’ve included those overlays as well so you can see how close a bus stop is to your home or how your bike commute will be to work. This is great for those of you who live in a big city where public transportation is much more prominent.

Once you’ve found your dream home or a home you’re considering, click to view the home’s details and you can even see what the commute time to work would be for your new home.

Within the listing details page with all of the home’s info, you can get additional details on your commute time.

Local lifestyle amenities

The lifestyle map overlay on desktop shows you all kinds of amenities in the area.

Are you a coffee snob who wants a home right down the street from a good local coffee shop? We’ve got you covered. For the lifestyle map layer on desktop, we offer a wide variety of local options that populate on the map provided by Yelp.

See grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and more using the map filter.

Do you want to know how close grocery stores or restaurants are to your prospective home? We can show you those, too. These are just a few of many options we can show you with our new lifestyle overlay.

We think these great map features will enhance your home buying process by giving you more information at your fingertips. Here at®, we are always looking to bring you new features to delight your home search and make it as simple as possible.

Give these new features a try on® and on our Android or iOS mobile app today!

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