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Ancient History

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Ancient History Questions and Answers

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How was the Epic of Gilgamesh preserved by Ashurbanipal?
How did Ashurbanipal die?
What is the Library of Celsus?
What is the Library of Ashurbanipal?
When was mythology created?
What is ancient history?
Why study ancient civilizations?
What are the similarities between ancient Egypt and ancient Greece?
What are the ancient civilizations of the world?
How are ancient and modern civilizations similar?
How was Rome different from the city of Mohenjo Daro?
Why did the Roman Empire fall?
What were the chief economic activities of the Romans?
Which of the original Seven Wonders of the World still exist?
Where are the Seven Wonders of the World?
What is the symbol of Ceres?
How many cohorts were in a Roman legion?
What philosopher referred to human beings as a social animal?
When did Plutarch live?
Who in the Roman Empire engaged in scientific research?
What sea was known as the heart of the Roman Empire?
Which empires overlap with the Roman period?
Where was Zucchabar during the Roman Empire?
Where was the center of the Roman Empire?
When did Greece become part of the Roman Empire?
When did Judea become part of the Roman Empire?
When did the Roman Empire invade Britain?
What was Spain called during the Roman Empire?
What protected the borders of the Roman Empire?
What made the Roman Empire so powerful?
What means did the Roman Empire use to grow?
What made the rapid expansion of the Roman Empire possible?
What countries did the Roman Empire conquer?
Was Egypt part of the Roman Empire?
Was France part of the Roman Empire?
How was the Roman Empire Latinized?
How many countries were in the Roman Empire?
How many soldiers were in the Roman Empire?
How long did it take to build the Roman Empire?
How long did the Roman Empire last in Britain?
How did wise rule make the Roman Empire very powerful?
How did the Roman Empire expand?
How did the division of the Roman Empire affect religion?
Did the Roman Empire have a flag?
Did the Roman Empire become the Catholic Church?
How did the Romans promote economic growth in the areas they conquered?
How did Pythagoras influence Plato?
who is thomas hobbesWho is Thomas Hobbes?
What was the leader of ancient Rome called?
Did ancient Rome have a flag?
What was the capital of ancient Rome?
What subjects were taught in ancient Rome schools?
Who invaded ancient Rome?
When did slavery end in ancient Rome?
What rights did slaves have in ancient Rome?
Was ancient Rome a country?
What were the major contributions of ancient Rome to medicine?
Why was the Roman Empire important?
Who were the Caesars?
Who were the leaders of the Roman Empire?
What was the Roman Empire?
What effect did Roman conquest have on language?
What happened to the seven wonders of the ancient world?
What was the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus made of?
How were the seven wonders of the world chosen?
Define classical age
For Aristotle, where do forms reside?
Define praetor
Define Colossus of Rhodes
How was the appointment of two consuls during the Roman Republic an example of a democratic principle?
How did Roman laws influence democracy?
According to Hippocrates, a quick-tempered disposition is associated with a. yellow bile. b. blood. c. phlegm. d. black bile.
In the Bible, _____ was the tax collector who went through a spiritual conversion experience and was motivated to return all the money he had taken by fraud. A) Zaccheus B) Jonah C) Jacob D) Jairus...
If there is conflict, the Bible's direction is to first attempt resolution by speaking to the other party in private. Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
Who among the following was a wealthy tax collector who sold a portion of his goods when he met Jesus? A) Joseph of Arimathea B) Zacchaeus C) Gideon D) Saul of Tarsus E) Hezekiah
Which was made first: the Julian calendar or the Egyptian calendar?
What is Linear B?
Where was Linear B created?
Using genres, classify Mathew 28:1-25.
Explain the principles of mercantilism. How did the Europeans benefit from this economic policy?
Explain the principles of mercantilism. How did Europeans benefit from this economic policy?
Under Mercantilism, the wealth of a country could be increased by: a. increasing the inflow of gold b. decreasing the inflow of gold c. Decreasing the outflow of gold d. Increasing the outflow of g...
Three major government types that the Greek city-states experimented with were autocracy, oligarchy, and democracy. What are some possible pros and cons of each government type? If you were foundin...
Who was Jean-Francois Champollion?
How did Jean-Francois Champollion decipher the Rosetta Stone?
What is Jean-Francois Champollion famous for?
When did Jean-Francois Champollion translate Egyptian hieroglyphics?
Who is Tuya in Egyptian history?
How did scholars learn to read the Egyptian hieroglyphs?
How were Southwest Asian empires connected with East Asia and South Asia?
Under Great Britain's policy of mercantilism, the American colonists were encouraged to
Hesperia is another name for _____?
Compare the differences between statues of the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the Amarna period in Egypt.
What was the ultimate goal of education in ancient India?
From which language did the Romance languages evolve?
Did pharaohs have divine right?
Discuss the pros and cons of using anti-austerity measures in Greece.
Who was Democritus?
The mercantilism policy failed to generate gains from trade for countries which adopted it because of (blank).
In chapter 4 of The Bronze Bow, one of the final sentences says, ''In the dim light he could see the white gleaming arc that split the shadowy face.'' What does this sentence mean?
In The Bronze Bow, why does Simon say they have to wash in the pool before they go to the village?
In chapter 16 of The Bronze Bow, what does the phrase ''he bent his neck to the Roman yoke'' mean when Daniel and Thacia carry the soldier's pack?
What is an event where Samson stood out in The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare?
Describe Daniel bar Jamin from The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare.
Where in the Bible is The Bronze Bow to which the book's title refers?
What do the numbers written on Arnold Friend's car (33, 19, and 17) signify in 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?'?
The theory of value on which most modem economists base their analyses is _____.
What ancient civilizations were ruled by dynasties?
What role did economics play in the Age of Exploration, and why was economics important?
What does The Da Vinci Code claim about the Bible?
True or false? Mercantilism (economic nationalism) as an economic philosophy is no longer used by countries today as free trade has replaced it throughout the world.
Which line of economic thought came first in economic history? A. Mercantilism B. Free trade C. Marxism D. They all appeared about the same time.
Is the Vedic religion monotheistic?
How many Greek cities are mentioned in The Iliad?
What are the four humors in The Canterbury Tales?
Who was the king of Pergamon?
Was Polybius Greek?
How did Herodotus describe women in Ancient Greece?
Who named the Arctic Ocean?
Who held political power in Ancient Greek city-states?
Why does the holy Bible exist?
Why was the Northwest Passage important?
When was The Cactus published?
Did Simon the Leper have leprosy in the Bible?
What are the Servant Songs?
How is a Commonwealth government a responsible government?
Why was Samarkand important to the Silk Road?
Where was Samarkand on the Silk Road?
Did Daniel die during the Babylonian Captivity?
What did the Parthian Empire trade?
When was Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions found?
What is Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions made of?
What did God promise King David?
What are the three major concerns of literary and historical studies of biblical texts?
What is the theological importance of the biblical flood story?
How do the stories about Joseph differ from the other patriarchal stories?
A human is about ................times larger than a frog egg.
Who wrote Systematic Theology?
How do religious studies scholars approach the doctrine of inerrancy?
Where are Frankish knights from?
What divided the Frankish kindgom into three parts?
Name two actions taken by the British that reactivated Mercantilism in the 1760s and describe how colonists reacted and why they were justified to take the actions they did.
Compare and contrast cuneiform and hieroglyphics.
What is Meroitic script?
How many female monarchs did Meroe have?
Was Meroe located in Africa?
Was the Mexican hairless dog important to Zapotec culture?
Who was Quetzalcoatl to the Teotihuacanos?
Why were the Teotihuacanos dependent on obsidian?
Is Tlatilco modern-day Mexico City?
Did Teotihuacanos wear earrings?
What caused the Teotihuacanos to vanish?
What did Teotihuacanos called themselves?
Why is Teotihuacan called the city of mystery?
Did Teotihuacanos sacrifice humans?
What city is Teotihuacan in?
What is the name of the largest pyramid in Teotihuacan?
What state is Teotihuacan in?
When was Teotihuacan discovered?
Where are the pyramids of Teotihuacan?
Who built the city of Teotihuacan?
Who built the Teotihuacan pyramids?
Who discovered Teotihuacan?
How was Teotihuacan built?
How long did the Teotihuacan civilization last?
How many apartment compounds are there in Teotihuacan?
How many people were sacrificed at Teotihuacan?
How many pyramids are there in Teotihuacan?
How many temples are there at Teotihuacan?
How old are the pyramids of Teotihuacan?
How old is Teotihuacan?
How steep are the Teotihuacan steps?
How did the Teotihuacan influence the Aztecs and Toltecs?
How high is Teotihuacan from sea level?
How big are the pyramids of Teotihuacan?
How big was the Teotihuacan Empire?
How did Teotihuacan grow in number and size?
How did Teotihuacan influence modern business?
How did Teotihuacan rise?
How did Teotihuacan shape the history of Mesoamerica?
How did the ancient Teotihuacan bury their dead?
Did the Toltec build Teotihuacan?
Has any of Teotihuacan been reconstructed?
Have the Teotihuacan pyramids eroded?
Have archaeologists finished exploring Teotihuacan tunnels?
Did the Mayas build Teotihuacan?
Did the people of Teotihuacan have a written language?
Did the Teotihuacan have iron tools?
Did the Teotihuacan have obsidian?
Did the Teotihuacan live in villages?
Did Teotihuacan have running water and sewer lines?
Did the Teotihuacan maintain great power by controlling the obsidian trade?
Did the Teotihuacan use irrigation?
Did the Aztec worship the Teotihuacan?
Did the Aztecs build the Teotihuacan pyramids?
Did the Aztecs live in Teotihuacan?
Did anyone plunder Teotihuacan?
Did the Mayas invade Teotihuacan?
Did a meteor destroy Teotihuacan?
Did Teotihuacan have access to raw materials?
What was the first major city in Mesoamerica?
What does the phrase "eye of the needle" mean?
What pyramid did Imhotep build in ancient Egypt?
Where was Hippocrates born?
What did Galen base his principles on?
What were the ancient Greek's most important economic activities?
What economic activities developed in Egypt?
The theory related to the balance of the four body fluids was called: A) Humorous Theory. B) Trephination Theory. C) Ayurveda. D) Humoral Theory.
What yagna and yaga were important during the Vedic Period?
Who were the Panis in Vedic Period?
Why is the pre-Vedic Period important to ancient India?
Why were yajnas performed in the early Vedic Period?
What was sabha in the Vedic Period?
What was the plough known as during the Vedic Period?
What happened in the pre-Vedic Period?
Who was the village officer during the early Vedic Period?
How was society divided in the later Vedic Period?
Was India unified under the Vedic Period?
Was sati prevelant during the Vedic Period?
Where have excavations taken place in connection with the Vedic Age?
Which peoples occupied the Indus River Valley during the Vedic Age?
Why is the later Vedic Age called the Epic Age?
Is Vedic civilization older than Mesopotamia?
What was the early Vedic Civilization?
Where did the Vedic Civilization develop?
What were the untouchables of the later Vedic Age?
How were the Hindus so advanced in the Vedic Age?
Was thye caste system prevalent during the Vedic Age?
Was the Vedic Age known for creating the number zero?
What are some technologies of the Vedic Age?
What happened during the Vedic Age?
What is the later Vedic Age?
What is the age following the Vedic Age?
What is the Vedic Age known for?
What kind of goods were traded in the Vedic Age?
What is the early Vedic Age?
What is the Vedic Age?
Did the Vedic Age have good roads?
How were women depicted in the Vedic Age?
How did kingdoms form during the Vedic Age?
What are three characteristics of Harappan culture?
Did the Tang Dynasty lose power over the Silk Road?
Did the Tang Dynasty destroy the Silk Road?
Did the Song Dynasty lose power over the Silk Road?
How valuable was the silk industry in Imperial China?
Why did Han Wudi promote the Silk Road?
What did the Han Dynasty trade?
What is a Greek culture trait?
How did mercantilism affect the economy of New Spain?
What is the history of Greece?
What did mercantilist economic theory stipulate?
What does the parable in Matthew 25 mean?
What is an archaeological feature?
What are the archaeological sources for the Vedic Age?
How is colonization a natural extension of mercantilism?
What effects did colonization have on mainland Greece?
What is the relationship between colonization and mercantilism?
What was in the Library of Timbuktu?
Which pharaoh built the Great Sphinx?
Is the Colosseum in Greece?
What are some misconceptions about the Silk Road?
Where was Twosret buried?
When did Twosret die?
How did Sobekneferu die?
Did Senusret build the White Chapel?
What happened to Ramses in the Bible?
What are the accomplishments of Ramses II?
Was Ramesses III murdered?
How did Neferefre become a pharaoh?
Why was the Pyramid of Menkaure important to ancient Egyptians?
Who built the colossal statue of King Menkaure?
What makes Khafre Enthroned unique?
When was Khafre Enthroned discovered?
What is the statue of Khafre made of?
What is Khafre Enthroned?
In what art period was Khafre Enthroned created?
Is Khafre Enthroned stylized?
Is pharaoh Khafre the same as Khafra?
Is ''Khafre Enthroned'' naturalistic?
What did Egyptian pharaohs demand from conquered kingdoms?
When did Ahmose rule Eygpt?
Why was Menes important?
When was King Menes born?
Where was Menes buried?
What did Menes do for Egypt?
Was Djoser polytheistic?
What did Djoser accomplish?
Why is Service Efforts and Accomplishments reporting especially important for local governmental and not-for-profit entities?
How did the Navigation Acts hurt the colonies?
What did the Navigation Acts require?
What is the World English Bible?
Why was overseas expansion so important in mercantilism policy, during the rule of King Louis XIV?
According to the definition of mercantilism, was King Louis XIV following the policy?
What are five contributions that the Greeks and Romans gave to us?
What did Galen discover about the circulatory system?
Why did Galen want to become a physician?
How did Galen contribute to medicine?
How did Galen die?
How many books did Galen write?
Did slavery begin in, before or after the Medieval Era?
How did trade and the exchange of ideas (cultural diffusion/blending) increase and spread between 600 and 1650?
What is "the tree of knowledge" a metaphor for?
What was a chiton in Ancient Greece?
Where did the Ancient Greeks meet and conduct business?
What were Ancient Greek ships called?
What was Ancient Greek jewelry made out of?
What did the Ancient Greeks call themselves?
What fighting events were there in the Ancient Greek Olympics?
What did an Ancient Greek city-state include?
How were Ancient Greek athletes treated?
How did the ancient Greek alarm clock work?
How long did the ancient Greeks live?
How did the ancient Greeks get around?
Why was olive oil important in Ancient Greece?
Why were settlements isolated from one another in Ancient Greece?
Are modern Greeks related to ancient Greeks?
Did Ancient Greeks have last names?
Why was ancient Greece so successful?
Who invented the watermill in Ancient Greece?
Who was the most famous actor in Ancient Greece?
Who founded Ancient Greece?
Who conquered Ancient Greece?
Where was Ithaca located in Ancient Greece?
When did Ancient Greece began and end?
Where was Delphi located in Ancient Greece?
Where was Hellespont in Ancient Greece?
What were all the city-states of Ancient Greece?
What were slaves called in Ancient Greece?
What was the population of Ancient Greece?
What was the most popular food in Ancient Greece?
What rights did women have in Ancient Greece?
What was a monarchy in Ancient Greece?
What was a pedagogue in Ancient Greece?
What is the history of ancient Greece?
What different forms of government evolved in Ancient Greece?
What did slaves do in Ancient Greece?
What did people eat in Ancient Greece?
What are some achievements of Ancient Greece?
What are the four periods of Ancient Greece?
What continent was Ancient Greece on?
Was Ancient Greece an empire?
Was slavery illegal in Ancient Greece?
How long did Ancient Greece last?
How long did the Olympics last in Ancient Greece?
How was Ancient Greece founded?
How did people in Ancient Greece travel?
Did Ancient Greece have kings?
How big was Ancient Greece?
Who wrote the first eight verses of the Song of Solomon?
What is the garden in Song of Solomon?
What genre is the biblical Song of Solomon?
Did Jesus quote from the Song of Solomon?
When was the Ancient Greek Era?
Why was the trip over the Silk Road so expensive?
Who wrote The Silk Road?
Why did people risk travelling on the Silk Road?
Why did the Silk Road cross over Central Asia?
Why did the Silk Road get safer over time?
Why was the Silk Road an important part of Chinese history?
Why was the Silk Road so important in China's development?
Who discovered the Silk Road?
Who profited from the Silk Road and why?
Who traded the most along the Silk Road?
Who traded spices on the Silk Road?
Where did the Silk Road begin?
Where did the Silk Road end?
Where did the Western Silk Road end?
Who built the Silk Road?
Who controlled the Silk Road?
Who did China trade with on the Silk Road?
What were the benefits of the Silk Road?
What were the dangers for travelers along the Silk Road?
What were the two ends of the Silk Road?
When did the Silk Road begin?
When did the Silk Road end?
What was silk used for on the Silk Road?
What was the greatest impact of the Silk Road?
What was the Silk Road made of?
What replaced Silk Road?
What role did camels play in Silk Road trade?
What spices were traded on the Silk Road?
What was the Silk Road was intended for?
What time period was the Silk Road used?
What did Venice trade during the Silk Road?
What diseases were spread along the Silk Road?
What Chinese dynasty created the Silk Road?
What did the Middle East trade on the Silk Road?
What did the Romans trade on the Silk Road?
What did Turkey trade on the Silk Road?
What did Europe trade with China on the Silk Road?
What did India produce to trade along the Silk Road?
What did India trade on the Silk Road?
What did Japan trade on the Silk Road?
What did Kucha trade on the Silk Road?
What did Persia trade on the Silk Road?
What did Europe trade on the Silk Road?
What did Central Asia trade on the Silk Road?
What did Chang'an trade on the Silk Road?
What did China import on the Silk Road?
What did Damascus trade on the Silk Road?
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