Ludwig II, Count of Württemberg-Urach

Ludwig II, Count of Württemberg-Urach

Ludwig II (April 3, 1439 in WaiblingenNovember 3, 1457 in Urach), Count of Württemberg. The son of count Ludwig I and Mechthild of the Palatinate. He reigned from 1450 until 1457.

After the division of the County of Württemberg, by the Treaty of Nürtingen in 1442, he was raised in Urach, capital of the newly created County of Württemberg-Stuttgart. After the early death of his father, Ludwig I, a conflict over his tutelage arose. In the end, the count of Württemberg-Stuttgart, his uncle Ulrich V, won influence. Finally Ludwig II was declared full of age and took responsibility for the government at the age of 14.

Due to his ill health he died prematurely, 1457, at the age of 18.

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