Henriette, Countess of Montbéliard

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Countess of Montbéliard, suo jure
29Württemberg und Mömpelgard Henriette von Mömpelgard.jpg
Died(1444-02-14)14 February 1444
Noble familyHouse of Montfaucon (by birth)
House of Württemberg (by marriage)
Spouse(s)Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg
FatherHenry of Orbe
MotherMarie de Chatillon-Blaigny

Henriette (1387 – 14 February 1444) was Sovereign Countess of Montbéliard from 1397 until 1444.

She was the daughter of Henry of Orbe (died 1396), and the heiress of her grandfather, Stephen, Count of Montbéliard.[1] Her great-grandfather was Henry I of Montbéliard. She married Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg and governed the city of Montbéliard together with her husband.

It was because of this marriage that Montbéliard became a part of Württemberg. At his death in 1419, she took over the regency for her son Ulrich. In 1420 her daughter Anna (1408–1471, Countess of Katzenelnbogen), married Count Philipp of Katzenelnbogen in Stuttgart, one of the most magnificent medieval weddings, with a dowry of 32,000florins.[2]


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Henriette, Countess of Montbéliard
House of Montfaucon
Born: 1387 Died: 14 February 1444
Preceded by
Count of Montbéliard
Succeeded by
Louis I