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Harriet Beecher Stowe is one famous Harriet.
Meaning"home ruler"
Other names
Related namesHenry, Henriette, Henrietta, Harry, Henrik, Hattie, Hatty

Harriet is a female name.

The name is an English version of the French Henriette, a female form of Henri. The male name Harry was formed in a similar way from Henry. All these names are derived from Henrik, which is ultimately derived from the Germanic name Heimiric, derived from the word elements heim, or "home" and ric, meaning "power, ruler". The male name Henry was first used in England by Normans.[1] Popular nicknames for Harriet include Hattie, Hatty, Hetty, Hettie, Hennie, Harry, Harri, Harrie, and Etta or Ettie. The name can be lengthened to Harrietta, Henriette, or Henrietta.

The name was the 73rd most popular name for baby girls born in England and Wales in 2007. It last ranked in the top 1,000 most popular names for girls in the United States in the 1960s.[2]


  • Drika (Dutch)
  • Endika (Basque)
  • Enrica, Enrichetta, Errichetta (Italian)
  • Enriqueta (Spanish)
  • Etta (English)
  • Etti (English)
  • Ettie (English)
  • Etty (English)
  • Haliaka (Hawaiian)
  • Halle (English)
  • Hallie (English)
  • Hani (Australian)
  • Hariala (Hawaiian)
  • Hariata (Hawaiian)
  • Harrieta (English)
  • Harriet (English)
  • Harriët (Dutch)
  • Harriett (English)
  • Harrietta (English)
  • Harriette (English)
  • Harriot (English)
  • Harriott (English)
  • Hat (English)
  • Hatsy (English)
  • Hatt (English/Scots)
  • Hatti (English)
  • Hattie (English)
  • Hatty (English)
  • Hazza (English)
  • Heike (Dutch, Frisian, German)
  • Heinrike (German)
  • Heintje (Dutch)
  • Hendrika (Dutch)
  • Hendrikje (Dutch)
  • Henka (Polish)
  • Henna (Finnish)
  • Hennie (Dutch, English)
  • Henny (Dutch, English)
  • Henrieta (Polish)
  • Henrietta (English, Hungarian)
  • Henriette (Danish, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian)
  • Henriikka (Finnish)
  • Henrika (Swedish)
  • Henrike (German, Scandinavian)
  • Henriqueta (Portuguese)
  • Henryka (Polish)
  • Hetta (English)
  • Hetti (English)
  • Hettie (English)
  • Hetty (English)
  • Jetje (Dutch)
  • Jindřiška (Czech)
  • Έρρικα (Errica, Errika) (Greek)
  • Riette (English)
  • Rika (Dutch, Swedish)
  • Rike (German)
  • Riikka (Finnish)
  • Yetta (English)
  • Yettie (English)
  • Harrie (English)
  • Hari (English)

As a given name[edit]



  • Harriet (tortoise), a Galápagos tortoise which had an estimated age of 175 years at the time of her death

As a surname[edit]


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